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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!




Episode 180 “Pineapple Inc.”

0:15 We’re Live! Guess where John is at? John talks about his experience with fondue in Switzerland. Did they dye this lake…Lake Geneva. 3:00 Chuck talks about finding a getaway. EntreProgrammers talk about stupidity in everything. John talks about forming a secret society and such. Secret society of Anti fill-in the blank. 8:30 Derick congratulate Chuck on being like Jerry Springer. John say that Europe is a bunch of rule following pricks. Derick raises a questions about why rules are...

Duration: 01:07:28

Episode 179 “Starting to Sound Like a Country Song…”

Episode 179 “Starting to Sound Like a Country Song…” 0:15 We're Live! Just Chuck and Josh today. EntreProgrammers talks about fireworks, 4th of July, and state holidays. Where do we buy legal fireworks? Chuck is at a coffee shop and talks about his week paying bills. Dead AC issues. 5:00 Chuck talks about all the problems happening around him. Tons of personal issues and some business issues. Funny thing , Chuck says he is not discouraged. Chuck talks about his deal with MicroSoft...

Duration: 01:12:41

Episode 178 “Will Code For Food”

0:15 Chuck says he could try to convince John to fire himself from Simple Programmer. Chuck says he is tried of writing show notes. Chuck has been trying to catch up. John pops in! Chuck gives an more detailed update on his podcasts situations. Chuck lays down the rules on his podcast production. 5:00 Josh gives some feedback on the workflows that Chuck has recently implemented. Things are looking better. Chuck say he does not have to have these people like him. Josh say they will like...

Duration: 01:11:21

Episode 177 “Entrepreneurial Cxck Blockxr”

0:15 Chuck wants to shake some people. Chuck talks about his podcast show notes backup. Josh ask about what the back up might be. Chuck talks about his frustrations with episodes not be released on time. 4:00 Josh stay to him, Chuck need to hire new writers. John talks about asking why things were not getting done. John says he needs to set a deadline, and expectation. John, also mentions that he need to tell new hires that “They Never Miss A Deadline” 9:00 Chuck talks about he is going...

Duration: 01:06:54

Episode 176 “Monkeys In Suits…”

0:15 We’re are live! When there are 5 it is really 4. Derick is back! WooHoo! Derick says he was sleeping the whole time. In the good news, Derick mentions getting a distribution deal with Manning Books. Manning Books is picking ups some of Derick’s screencasts for distribution. Derick also has built some new video animation material for branding. 3:00 In the downer news, Derick says that his business had been tanking.Derick openly talks about is depression and therapy visits. Derick...

Duration: 01:13:08

Episode 175 “Veiny 2.0”

Episode 175 “Veiny 2.0” 0:15 We're Live! Yay. John talks about a video of a father burning his kids XBox. John talks about reasons why Derick might not be showing up for the master mind call. EntreProgrammers talk about destroying their video games consoles. 2:45 John updates us on his fitness levels and goals, and cracking the diet 2.0. John talks about dropping weigh after cutting all sugar, including fructose and artificial sweeteners. Josh chimes in a what he has notice about...

Duration: 01:15:14

Episode 174 "Ratchet It Up"

0:15 We’re Live! Barely alive… John talks about Josh asking questions about the lighting in John's space. John talks about his new video projects and equipment. John continues to talk about setting up a new Rode shotgun mic for better audio quality on his videos. Josh talks about considering a hair light. 6:30 John mentions that he spent 2500 on the equipment. Not a bad investment, considering that John does many videos for Simple Programmer. Josh says that John needs to make it to...

Duration: 01:13:03

Episode 173 “John’s Law”

Episode 173 “John’s Law” 0:15 Simple Programmer Edition of EntreProgrammers. John talks about his visit at Fit Con. Highschool party? John talks about feeling like the “old pervert” at this conference. John talks about how 14 year old girl articulate building a following on Youtube. John goes on to talk about trying to network with a young crowd. John goes on the talk about traveling to and from the conference. 7:30 John talks about possibly going to another YouTube conference. John...

Duration: 01:01:50

Episode 172 “Kiss off Mickey”

Episode 172 “Kiss off Mickey” 0:15 We’re Live! Chuck immediately says he world is blowing up. Chuck mentions having to find ways to pay things, such as server hosting. John says it is good that things blow up early, to figure out how to not go into the hole bad. 3:30 Chuck talks about how some of his revenue is not till a few weeks away, according to to sponsor payment cycles. “Its just freaking hard.” Chuck talks about an upcoming conference he is coordinating for quick...

Duration: 00:56:37

Episode 171 “Veiny Bastard Program”

Episode 171 “Veiny Bastard Program” 0:15 We’re Live. EntreProgrammers talk about trying to not discuss anything before they air. John shares information on his body fat measurements, at 11 percent. John talks about low hanging fruit and having a lot of room to grow. Be harsher on yourself as you measure your goals. John get off his soapbox. 5:00 Josh share his encounter with a very strict diet, and measuring his calories. Josh talks about the mental aspects and reaching the goals. Josh...

Duration: 01:15:38

Episode 170 “Cheap Bastard”

Episode 170 “Cheap Bastard” 0:15 We’re Live! Derick is frozen, kinda. Chuck wants to rant about having a cancelled guest because of sponsors. John talks about finding a pattern of refunds form a particular customer. 5:00 Josh talks about his reasoning for asking for a refund. Chuck, said that John should go to a movie, and if it was not a good, to as for a refund. Chuck talks about taking the EntreProgrammers advice about doing an urgent time sensitive deal for sponsor slots. Chuck...

Duration: 01:06:32

Episode 169 “Short on Top, Long on Sides?”

Episode 169 “Short on Top, Long on Sides” 0:15 Chuck mention he would not mind being a pig farmer. Entrepreneurship is taking a toll these days. Derick cracks jokes about John’s situation at Simple Programmer, and Josh’s Apple Air Pods. 3:45 Chuck talk about having to pay taxes, paying a lot of money out, and maybe having to do something desperate. Chuck talks about his email conversation with a former sponsor. 7:00 Chuck talks about having to do some deep discounts and other...

Duration: 01:24:37

Episode 168 “Shock Collar!”

Episode 168 “Shock Collar!” 0:15 John talks about take your iPhone 7 into the shower. John talk about every time they hire an expert, they John and Josh still know more than them. John says to only thing they lack is the time to get to all the ideas they have. John explains that the more money they have, the more issue that have getting too extend their business into new areas. 8:00 John mentions that he made the same mistake he tell Chuck not to do.John says you either implement it or...

Duration: 01:00:16

Episode 167 “Turning Sh!t Into Shitake!”

Episode 167 “Turning Sh!t Into Shitake!” 0:15 We’re live and there are 4 of us! John tells us about a strange phenomenon and his video responses. Crazy stuff. John talks about receiving his Apple Air Pods in another strange event. 6:28 Derick tells a story about about a double from amazon. Derick talks about his strange coincidence. Derick asks about a tale about at Simple Programmer. John shares about working with someone to create a course for Simple Programmer. John talks about a...

Duration: 01:16:35

Episode 166 “Salted Pork”

0:15 Live on a Monday! Weird.. Luis gets ahold of Chuck after hearing the podcast. John talks about running 20 miles. John is still training for the marathon, that is going to happen in the next month. Chuck stalls on the Keto Diet. Chuck mentions using the internet and researching what he need to do to bring down his blood sugar. 4:30 John talks how what Chuck need to do to possibly bring down is blood sugar. Josh suggests taking MCT oils or brain octane oils by Dave Asprey. Josh...

Duration: 01:04:32

Episode 165 “Random Dude”

Episode 165 “Random Dude” 0:15 John mentions looking at book cover designs, and not sure about the design or creativity. Josh describes the designs and issues and challenges with the book cover. John talks about the 99 designs contests for the book cover. John talks about using 99 designs for a lot of projects and how they should be sponsors. 6:00 Chuck chimes in on his thoughts on the contest of using 99 designs. Josh mentions using Facebook ads to promote the book. Josh think a cover...

Duration: 01:05:43

Episode 164 “I Need a Job, Come Work For Me”

Episode 164 “I Need a Job, Come Work For Me” 0:15 Derick mentions that he needs new clients. Need help wth Docker..? Josh mention that he needs to email some 12000 people for clients and building his business. 4:00 Derick mentions creating 15 emails for he launch sequence. Derick talk about doing a Jeff Walker type of launch for his project. 7:40 Derick mention that Monday is launch day, with 40 percent off for his mailing list. Derick also talks about the mistakes and challenge he...

Duration: 01:14:34

Episode 163 “That was Vegas…”

Episode 163 “That was Vegas…” 0:15 We’re Live and Alive! Josh talks about his flight with an annoying lady. John crack jokes about United Airlines. 3:30 Josh talks about how John won 2 awards in a row at MicroConf. John talks about going to nightclubs in Vegas, and getting girls to go to a club. 7:00 Chuck talks about how he has no interesting nightclubs. So that was Vegas… John ask how Chuck like MicroConf. EntreProgrammers talk about their thought about the events at...

Duration: 00:54:24

Episode 162 “Live From Vegas!”

Episode 162 “Live From Vegas!” 0:15 EntreProgrammers minus Derick, Live from Vegas! Chuck talks about the recent retreat he attended by Jamie and some notable marketers. Chuck talks about getting help with how to create more revenue with podcast and sponsorships, all mapped out by Jamie. 5:00 Chuck talks about getting some direction for the marketer’s perspective. Chuck talks about not being able to walk after doing some martial arts. Chuck says he is still looking for a good CRM. Josh...

Duration: 01:16:25

Episode 161 “Quality Check…”

Episode 161 “Quality Check…” 0:15 EntreProgrammers joke about Chuck’s microphone issues and the usual technical podcasting challenges. Derick mentions he had a hold lot of nothing happening and only 6 hours of work. John talks about the issues with their newest white label launch. Quality Check anyone? 4:00 Josh say he was too focus on the marketing to worry about the quality of the product. John says he is going to have the author go back through the product quality to make sure is it...

Duration: 01:30:22

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