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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!

Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!
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Entreprogrammers is the podcast for developers that are striking out on their own! Join John Sonmez, Josh Earl and Derick Bailey and be a fly on the wall as they talk about everything that they are going through - the ups and downs, the highlights and depressing lows. Nothing is spared in this no-holds-barred look at what it really takes for 3 developers to engage in entrepreneurial activities!




Episode 202 “I Am Leaving Simple Programmer”

0:15 We’re Live! Chuck is coming in from Las Vegas. Big news! John says he is leaving Simple Programmer. In other words, John says he is leaving the CEO role, but still doing the videos. John says he wants to take time to try other things and take a break from the programmer world. 4:30 Josh mentions the talk John and he as and the notice things changed after the book launch and the Europe trip. Josh talks about his plans as with Simple Programmer as they have continuous growth and...

Duration: 00:56:28

Episode 201 “T Rex and Velociraptor”

0:15 We’re Live. Technical difficulties, what? John mentions he is sitting again because he has been running 5miles in the morning. Josh says the pine box is the solution to standing desks, and such so call health alternatives to work. 2:00 Chuck mentions he was on .NetRocks podcast. Chuck mention they talk about the Finding A Job course he created a while back. John talks about being on .NetRock podcast to gain some traffic to products, but it was not a whole lot...

Duration: 01:15:30

Episode 200 “Drunk Uncle Sam”

0:15 We’re Live! The EntreProgrammers talk about how the mixer idea with the rest of the EntreProgrammer Sub Groups was a great idea. John talks about falling off the wagon with his diet for the last 2 weeks. John also mentions winning another cruise package in a Poker tournament on the cruise. 5:00 Josh mentions doing nothin and disengaging from work during the new years. Chuck mentions doing 2 podcasts and getting work done. Chuck mentions hiring a new business coach for direct coaching...

Duration: 01:06:53

Episode 199 “Consulting Talk with Rick”

0:15 We’re Live ! Josh and Chuck speak with special guest, Ricky of the Poodle Team. Josh mentions that John is on a cruise with no internet connection. Josh and Chuck talk with Rick about the funny name of the subgroup Poodle Team. 2:00 Rick explains how the team came up with the team name. Josh talks about not having time to participate in the team mixer. Chuck and Rick talk about when they first met at the code camp conference. 5:00 Rick talks about running a software consulting...

Duration: 01:13:39

Episode 198 “People Flexing”

0:15 We’re live! Josh points out most people have profiles pictures of themselves in the driver seats of their cars. Chuck talks about acquiring sponsorship for NG Conf Atlanta. So his idea to get it paid for is working out. Chuck talks about the logistics of the sponsorship and possibly getting a DSLR camera for the recording. 4:45 Josh jokes about the details of Chuck's sponsorship. Chuck talks about doing professional videos for the interviews. Chuck discusses what the rest of the...

Duration: 01:07:00

Episode 197 "Die Trying"

0:15 We’re are alive! EntreProgrammers joke about ending on episode 199 with some cliffhangers. EntreProgarmmers talk about BS TV show endings that suck. 3:30 John mentions hiring a new SEO person and soon a writer to join Simple Programmer. Josh talks but some new on search formats on Google mobile. Josh says this is a tactic from Google to only click on Google Ads, rather than clicking through to actual sites. 8:00 Josh talks about, what if ISPs charges to be on YouTube. Thinning of...

Duration: 01:09:15

Episode 196 “Money Is Good”

0:15 We’re Live. John says it was weird to be live with a shirt on. John recaps the “Cyber” Monday sales, with 17K in the bag. Josh gives details report on the task he executed during the sales. The revenue generated is 7K more than last year. Also, some reports of the sales on from their products on Plural Sight. Most of which were renewals of subscriptions to Plural Sight. 7:00 Surprisingly, John mentions a good turn out on the offers on the Sublime email list. Josh and John discuss...

Duration: 01:13:15

Episode 195 “Are You a Bulldog or a Chew Toy”

0:15 EntreProgrammers share that they are getting sick during Thanksgiving. Chuck talks about knowing what his Christmas present is going to be this year. EntreProgrammers share their experience with cleaning meat smokers. 3:00 Chuck say his smoker should be medical equipment since he is on the Keto diet. Chuck talks about finding a great new hire who is willing to go beyond the task he needs. Josh mentions that when they ask questions you have to think about, then they are worth the...

Duration: 00:49:49

Episode 194 “F-U I’m A Podcaster Now!"

0:15 We’re Live! Discussion about autoplay in progress. Chuck hates Thunderbolt 3 because there is nothing available for it. Apple trashing and Apple praising going on concerning the iPhone X and newer MacBook Pros. Josh talks about the wireless charging feature possible wiping out credit cards. 7:30 EntreProgrammers trash the chip feature on credit card or debit cards. Is it really faster? John says phones need a backup battery to help the Apple Pay feature works during...

Duration: 01:11:38

Episode 193 “Josh & Chuck Land”

Episode 193 “Josh & Chuck Land” 0:15 Josh and Chuck talk about their late start and new Apple hardware. Josh talk about his iPhone 8 plus and Kindle reading. Josh talks about selling his Apple Watch because some features do not work for him anymore since the latest iOS update. 5:30 Chuck talks about his Fitbit Blaze, and some talk about pebble watch features. John talks about open enrollment for health insurance and increasing premiums. 8:00 Josh further digs into the healthcare from...

Duration: 00:58:24

Episode 192 “Sexy Voice”

0:15 We’re live! Chuck talks about his old MacBook Pro dying, and replacing it with a new version. Josh talks about the selling price of old MacBooks. Chuck mentions that his MacBook was unrepairable, because of missing parts. 4:50 Chuck talk about having a bad week and being rear-ended, the internet went out, and a disconnecting Windows machine. Chuck mentions having trouble with the Air pods. John say you can fix magic. 8:15 Chuck mentions having a getting away with his wife over...

Duration: 01:05:21

Episode 191 "You're Kinda Like a Pimp"

Episode 191 “Your Kinda Like A Pimp” 0:15 We’re Live! Chuck give an introduction to the podcast directory for DevChat TV. Chuck talks about how the directory works for sponsorship slot purchases. Chuck talks about talking to people at Libsyn about the directory. 3:50 Chuck talks about the inner workings of the directory and things that need to be fixed or refined. Chuck talks about speaking with React Native Radio to get a set schedule. Also, some talk about the new workflow for the...

Duration: 01:21:52

Episode 190 “Lets Take Our Shirts Off and Talk About…”

0:15 We’re live! Let take our shirts up and talk about X. John talks about his recent shit storm rant on YouTube. John mention some had told him about starting a Twich channel. John says he likes doing the live videos and he gets great audience interaction with live video. 5:00 John talks about doing a live show called “Let Take Our Shirts Off and Talk About…” The Ted talks about Simple Programmer. 6:30 Josh mentions catching up on sleep after a trip to Wisconsin, for a Perry Marshall...

Duration: 01:11:56

Episode 189 “Video Starts at 0:00”

0:15 We’re live! We are here, and we need a fourth. John mentions causing a shit storm on the internet. John talks about saying something about comments on his videos, based on the opinion of when relevant content starts in his video. 7:00 John talks about starting a live stream to talk about the issues people had about the comment. And he as able to reverse the negativity and downvotes. 10:00 John mentions he started a cult in support of “video starts at video 0:00." The...

Duration: 01:05:01

Episode 188 “Get To Coding”

0:15 We’re Live. John mentions that he was in Las Vegas during the shooting last week. John talks about the chaos in Las Vegas and the many different quick decisions he had to make. 6:00 EntreProgrammers talk about the past visits to Las Vegas, and John continues to talk about the coaching he was trying to do, and being hit on at the lounges. 10:00 John talks about how great the Thrive conference was in Las Vegas. John talks about meeting and seeing people like Grant Cardone, Ty Lopez...

Duration: 00:57:41

Episode 187 “Josh & Chuck Show”

0:15 We’re Live! Josh turned 37 this past week. Josh says he is so mad at some idiot. Josh talks about getting a message from John about an issue with he book on Kindle. Josh talks about what he thinks happen for this book to be taken down. 8:00 Josh mentions the book was losing ranking because sales were lost. Josh talks about issues when getting John’s book republished. Josh they may have to do another promotion to gain the ranking back. 11:00 Josh says this book is not their...

Duration: 01:27:30

Episode 186 "Gaining Momentum"

0:15 We’re Live. John is back and exhaust from all the traveling. John mentions that he did not miss a workout during the whole trip. John says he did gain about 20lbs, but has force himself to get through the grind. John describes how people get into depression or gain momentum into positivity. 8:00 Chuck compares he recents trails to what Johns was just talking about. Chuck also talks about the book You Are The Placebo. Chuck says looking over the abyss and considering the walk back...

Duration: 01:15:16

Episode 185 "Got This Nut Cracked"

0:15 We're live. Just Chuck and Josh. Josh talks about a Chrome bug that is not letting him use his good mic. Also, some tech tech about Josh’s new screen. Chuck says it is rain and he is not going to fix this leaking pipe. 2:30 Chuck says he was doing Angular Dev Summit all week, and gain some 700 emails for his list. Chuck say it was a good summit ad great talks. Chuck mentions that he is home alone with he kiddos. 5:00 Chuck talks about working with Fulcrum an automation tool....

Duration: 00:57:14

Episode 184 "Leaky Pipes"

0:15 We’re Live! Just Josh and Chuck today. Josh is calling in form a rotary phone. Chuck mentions he had to write show notes. Chuck is firing again. Chuck talks about a high utility bill and trying to find out why? Leaking pipes! Murphy lives here. 7:00 Chuck mentions getting a new sponsor and getting some help to fund the month till sponsors pay. 10:00 Chuck says he is going to hire 4 writers to be responsible for the show’s notes. Also Chuck is working to keep production ahead so...

Duration: 01:07:22

Episode 183 "I Don't Owe You S&%$"

Episode 183 "I Don't Owe You S&%$” 0:15 It appears that we’re live.. John in Tuscany…somewhere. John says is no AC at the gym. And some talk on about superstitions on opening windows. 5:00 Chuck talks about maybe visiting Italy one day. John talks about the outdoor activity and site seeing. John talks about practicing his Italian, because less people speak Italian. 8:00 Chuck talks about going to Las Vegas with his father in-law. Chuck one the a conference and made some connections...

Duration: 01:13:42

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