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Mastering Sports Banter, Pizza Crust Etiquette, Plane Tales, Anti-Vaxxers

Well, if you wanted us to really tackle the big issues, this is the episode. A hot new intro awaits you as well, a cappella style. Nick gives a master class on sounding like a sports guru. We break down the issue of pizza crust. Horror stories of flying are shared, and finally we let you know our stance on anti-vaxxers. The beer this week is Tropical Itch from Evil Twin Brewing


Korn Manson Bizkit, Brunch, Micheladas, Gas Station Stories

We start off the podcast hitting relevant topics of 2018 like Fred Durst, Korn, and Marilyn Manson. We spend time trying to figure out if we like our beer of the week, an Amber Wheat Ale from Carson’s Brewery in Evansville, Indiana. After that we talk about brunch guidelines and some local spots who are doing it right. Tyler discusses his love of micheladas and the guys share some interesting gas station stories. We hit two beers this week from Carson’s Brewery: Red Dawn Amber Wheat Ale...


Fast Food Rankings, Dentists, Eddie Murphy’s Career, Sugar Ray Creed

To be honest, a good chunk of this podcast is just us discussing fast food, and it’s worth it. We hash out who sits atop the mountain of trash. We briefly move on to dentistry and then discuss Eddie Murphy’s terrible career decisions. To wrap it all up we go over the hits of Sugar Ray and Creed. The beer this week is Cigar City Brewing’s “Tampa-Style Lager,” and there were things to be said about it for sure. It’s what you’ve come to expect from the podcast fans have said is “mediocre at...


Gym Etiquette, Extreme Cheapskates, MLM Scams, Justin Trudeau

We start with a sample of the hottest new EDM intro you’ll ever hear and then immediately enjoy some whiskey. The high notes of discussion are in the description, but we also spend a good chunk of time discussing a “company” (and we put that in quotes because they are not one) that uses podcasting as a form of multi-level marketing. Scammers are scum, so we trolled them this previous week. All that gets discussed over some Rod Bender Red Ale from 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Petersburg,...


Winter Olympics, Wine Etiquette, Ash Wednesday, WWT, Rock Town Distillery Recap

We kick it off by trying to get a Schwan’s sponsorship. From there we go into disparaging the Winter Olympics. After that we try one of the best imperial stouts we’ve had called Lord God from Flyway Brewery in North Little Rock. Tim shares a good story about hipsters at the legendary White Water Tavern and we wrap it up with a recap of our trip to Rock Town Distillery. Good times as always. Thanks for listening, sharing, and all the words of encouragement.


Sloe Gin, Applebees, Valentines Day Horoscope Game, Coffee and Creamer, Gender Reveal Parties

We get on a roll quick with this one and don’t stop. Normally we sift through our buck slips and discuss the happenings of the previous week. There was no room for that on this episode. It’s the podcast with the bar talk you wish you could chime in on to tell us how we’re wrong. Thanks for all the support folks!


Door Knockers, Sloe Droops, Three Beer Reviews, Reggae Music, Modern Church

We had such a fun time with this episode. Flyway Brewery Free Range Brown Ale, Einstok Arctic Berry, and a fine imported Canadian brew called Labatt Blue get reviewed. We talk reggae music, how to handle religious door knockers, modern church and how it’s changed, and many other topics including “Sloe Droops.” What are those you might ask? Download and check it out. Thanks for all the support guys. We enjoy making these podcasts.


XFL, IPA’s, Gluttony, Death Arrangements, NY Pizza and Bagel Debate

We lobby for a Little Rock XFL team. Mark bashes IPA’s. We go over our recent assignment from Nick of watching “7 Deadly Sins” and discuss the Gluttony episode. The guys give their take on how they want to be treated when they die. And we all discuss why NY is not the epicenter of pizza and bagels.


Epizootics of the Blowhole - Nick’s Puerto Rico Trip Beer Nu-Metal Girls Hobodom

All four of us are here to ease you into the work week. Nick talks about his trip in Puerto Rico and how he stumbled onto what appeared to be an illegal marijuana farm. Beer is reviewed. PBR is called into question. We discuss the perfect Midtown burger. The struggles of hobodom are discussed. It’s what you’ve come to expect.


Epizootics of the Blowhole - Jimmy Swaggart Public Restroom Convo Raccoon Murder New Year Resolutions

Hey we’re back for 2018. We kick the new year off talking about anything and everything like we always do. Good stories await about conversations in an airport bathroom, killing rodents, and cleaning up a dirty park, plus more. Plus, we have some announcements for this year at the end of the episode.


Epizootics of the Blowhole - Christmas Special

You know how we do it at this point. We loosely skirt around the topic of Christmas. Tyler has no idea what song Tim and Mark are referencing. We’ve had nog since then. Listen to find out more. We make all your Christmas dreams come true.


Epizootics of the Blowhole - Tim’s Dream Astral Projection Branson Sommeliers Drug Reps

Nick redeems himself with a solid intro. Tim dreams about getting lucky in the back of a Chinese restaurant. Tyler informs us of the hot spots in Hot Springs. Mark rants about Branson. It’s what you expect from us by now.


Epizootics of the Blowhole - Limp Bizkit Pogtacular Rock Town Distillery Throwdown

Mark, Tim, and Nick are on this episode enjoying some local whiskey, hot pog talk, reminiscing about Limp Bizkit, and laying it down about folks who post too much political nonsense on social media.


Epizootics of the Blowhole - Christmas Ale Pogs DMV Meth Storm Documentary

Hey, we put all the nonsense in the title so we don’t have to worry about a description. However, we do go pretty in depth on the DMV stories and the new HBO documentary covering meth in Arkansas. Thanks for listening folks!


Epizootics of the Blowhole - Thanksgiving Special

The Thanksgiving special. All bases are covered per usual. ProPirateMedia on Facebook, IG, and Twitter


Epizootics of the Blowhole - Bums Vapes Beers Steakhouses Gay Bars Cheese Dip

Our friend Nick sits in with Mark, Tim, and Tyler to discuss any and everything. Easily one of our favorite episodes. Our website is up and functional. All the bells and whistles will be coming soon. If you like what you hear leave us a review on iTunes and follow us on Facebook, IG, and Twitter @ProPirateMedia


Epizootics of the Blowhole with Mark & Tim - Left Lane Drivers Kevin Spacey Again Church of Christ Nonsense

Tim and I are back again. On this episode we enjoy the Salted Caramel Brown Ale from Horny Goat Brewing while we wax on about slow drivers in the left lane, new Kevin Spacey developments, the new Starbucks holiday cup, fentanyl, and our backgrounds growing up in the church of christ, among many other random asides. Join us and have a good time. Thanks for listening folks. If you enjoy us and other episodes from Professional Pirate Media go like us on Facebook, IG, and Twitter...


Big Mouth in the Midsouth - Frank Whitmore

On this episode my buddy Frank Whitmore “Mr Symmetry” comes on the show. Frank is a natural bodybuilder in Little Rock who is about to make his pro debut in March. He has a very inspirational story on how he got to where he is now. From foster care, being malnourished, and being one of the smallest guys all through high school and college, to champion in men’s physique. It’s a very interesting story and Frank is….Frank. You just gotta know the guy. We both had such a good time on this...


Epizootics of the Blowhole with Mark & Tim - Tyler Chili’s Grocery Cart Etiquette Nose Picking Terrible Movies…yeah

I don’t know why I bother putting a description. Look, we had a great time recording this. Tim and I are kicking around a few ideas for this podcast. Let us know what you think about this episode. We’re just a few dudes living in Arkansas talking about everything you probably talk about. Hit us up @ProPirateMedia on Faceboook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Epizootics of the Blowhole with Mark and Tim - Halloween Songs Kevin Spacey Prince Fielder Body Issue

What can I say that sums up this episode more than what the title suggests; how about the 15 other topics we talked about. I have no idea what all we covered because Tim and I engage in a stream of consciousness that does not warrant a desription. Happy Halloween. Thank you to everyone listening to this nonsense. We’re doing it. Share it and give us a like, listen, shoutout, whatever on FB, IG, Twitter. @ProPirateMedia


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