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For lovers of the Euro Championships and comedy, Listen to the Our Lot in Block 5 podcast boys take on this summer's tournament with Euro Lot in Block 5. Listen every week throughout Euro 2016.




Episode 10 - Arsene Wenger Opens His Wallet

The final was covered in moths. Now mothballed for 4 years, we discuss the Euros, the best goals, villains, worst players and prepare for the new season - which starts in 22 days. We present the Super Victor Trophy to Nick for his win and then go on the open bus tour with him in Hampton.

Duration: 00:54:35

Episode 9 - Who's Got a Semi?

We are down to the final four of the Euros and John and Stuart predict a winner for the tournament. We also test our knowledge of what's been going on in the transfer window while our heads have been turned to France.

Duration: 00:57:22

Episode 8 - Iceland's Toilet Paper

John gives us the lowdown on Iceland's performance, including the fact that you really should microwave their food for longer than the stated time. We talk about the last eight, get the stickers of our lives and hear about Stuarts adventure when he fell asleep on the train on Saturday.

Duration: 01:22:16

Episode 7 - John's Last 16 Special

'Only Sixteen!' as Sam Cooke once sang and in this Rube Special we find out who John fancies for the tournament. It will come as no surprise that it is someone from his group!

Duration: 00:52:03

Episode 6 - Smuggling Flares

Congratulations to the home nations who all qualify for the last 16. We probe the issue of where to hide a flare on your person, what would happen if it went off and what John would be wearing in a ladies darts match.

Duration: 01:09:10

Episode 5 - All Hail the Irish!

Ice to see Northern Ireland get a win today after a last gasp winner for England broke welsh hearts. Surely the most pissed podcast on iTunes this one... that's what happens when you skive off on a Thursday afternoon.

Duration: 00:51:17

Episode 4 - Who will Brexit first?

We see who likely to go in or out of the Euros in the first round of games as we discuss all the excitement of the tournament's first 4 days. We discuss ugly footballers and why the German manager can't keep his hands where we can see them...

Duration: 01:06:13

Episode 3 - Euro Lot or Euro Not?

Join the boys from block 5 this week to see who has been named in the squads and who is not going to Euro 2016. More stickers and chat about groups D, E and F. We find out why John is annoyed with Turkey (or to be specific, Bernard Matthews) and Nik auditions for QI or the Holiday Programme. Bill tells us why you shouldn't do your shoelaces up in Spain.

Duration: 01:34:27

Episode 2 - Will Grigg's on Fire!

Listen to the funniest Euro 2016 podcast with the Our Lot Boys - Joined by Palace fan Bill (for balance) - we discuss groups A, B and C this week and find out who will win the tournament, what stickers are in Matt's packet this week and Euro anthems of the past

Duration: 01:30:15

Episode 1 - Euro going to love it

A quick preview of the funniest Euro 2016 podcast on this summer. Football lovers of all countries can get involved. Follow @ourlotpod and subscribe to our new pod and the old one too.

Duration: 00:07:15