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ENP 5.5 Virgin Islands National Park: History and Tips from a Park Ranger

Description: Bryan speaks with Park Ranger Alanna Smith about the history of the park and tips for visitors. This interview was recorded in 2017 prior to Hurricane’s Irma and Maria. Although the island of St. John has changed and is still recovering, this information is still useful now and in the future. Discussion includes the following: · A brief history of the park - history of the island, cultural influences and significance for establishment and protection of the park. (1:46) ·...


ENP: 5.4 Virgin Islands National Park: Coral Reef and Snorkeling in the Post-Hurricane Environment

Description: In today’s episode 5.4 Danielle speaks with Jeff Miller, fisheries biologist for the National Park Service about the coral reef and snorkeling around Virgin Island’s National Park following Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Even though the island has changed due to the storms, the water is still blue and there are beautiful things to see. Discussion: · Jeff’s experience waiting out the hurricanes at home on St. John (2:08) · Jeff describes what he does as a fisheries biologist...


ENP: 5.3 Virgin Islands National Park: Archeological Evidence of a Long Cultural History

Description: Bryan talks with archeologist Ken Wild about the rich human history of St. John, where the oldest known site goes back to 800 BC. Ken is the Cultural Resource Manger and Archaeologist for the Virgin Islands National Park and Virgin Islands Coral Reef National Monument. Discussion includes the following: Ken’s experience during and post-Hurricanes (1:25) Ken’s silver lining perspective (4:03) Archeological Museum at Cinnamon Bay and Artifacts (5:46) Cultural History in...


ENP: 5.2 Virgin Islands National Park: Park Status Post-Hurricanes

Description: Bryan talks with Acting Superintendent Darrell Echols of Virgin Island National Park about the hurricane damage to the park, recovery efforts, and expected progress in the coming months. The island and people of St. John are resilient. The sentiment of the local community, even if they lost their homes, is positive, “I’m alive. Life is great. I’m very happy.” Discussion includes the following: Status of park as of January 2018 (0:55) Where was park staff during the...


ENP: 5.1 Virgin Islands National Park: Trip Report and Hurricane Recovery

Description: Bryan and Danielle talk about their family trip to Virgin Islands National Park in St. John prior to the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The National Park announced on December 20, 2017 that all beaches, trails and roads are reopened. Check the website for the latest hurricane recovery status. You may support recovery efforts by donating to Friends of Virgin Island National Park or St. John Rescue. Discussion includes the following: Danielle’s introduction about...


ENP 4.8 GYE: Yellowstone: A Glimpse of the Cosmos in One National Park

Description: Visitors to Yellowstone are witnesses to one of the most dramatic natural laboratories on the planet, which provides answers to the origin of life on earth, to the diversification of life, to solutions to modern day problems faced by society. Bryan talks with scientist Bruce Fouke about his study of Mammoth Hot Springs and how his research is applied to challenges faced by society, now and in the future and how to use your visit to Yellowstone to better understand the Cosmos...


ENP 4.7 GYE: Yellowstone and Native Americans

Description: Bryan talks with historian Mark David Spence about Native Americans in Yellowstone. People have been coming here for thousands of years. It connects you to hundreds of generations of people. That’s what Yellowstone can do. When you talk to native peoples, you realize it is a landscape full of stories, full of features that people wouldn’t recognize otherwise. Keep in mind the worldview you bring coming into the park and then acknowledge there are stories here you have never...


ENP 4.6 GYE: Yellowstone: Wolves and Bears

Description: Bryan talks with Jim Halfpenny about wolves and bears in Yellowstone. Jim is an author, scientist, educator, and tracker. Jim has written over 25 books and videos including, "Yellowstone Wolves in the Wild" and “Yellowstone Bears in the Wild.” Jim is co-owner of A Naturalist`s World, dedicated to providing educational programs and materials about natural history and ecology. Discussion includes the following: · Description of A Naturalist’s World. (1:21) · How are the new...


ENP 4.5.2 GYE: Yellowstone: Planning Your Trip (Part 2)

Description Bryan talks with MacNeil Lyons about planning a trip to Yellowstone with kids. MacNeil is a published writer, photographer, naturalist and owner of tour company Yellowstone Insight. MacNeil previously worked for the National Park Service as an Interpretive Park Ranger beginning in 1996. Discussion includes the following: · Yellowstone for Families program (1:34) · Yellowstone Insight tours for families (7:14) · Tips for avoiding crowds (10:55) · What kids like most on...


ENP 4.5.1 GYE: Yellowstone: Planning Your Trip (Part 1)

Description Bryan talks with Jess Haas from Yellowstone Forever, the official nonprofit partner with the National Park Service in Yellowstone National Park. They help with educational programming, funding research, and bookstores in the park. Then Danielle talks with her friend, Alex about the tour she did with her family through the Yellowstone Forever Institute. Discussion includes the following: · What is Yellowstone Forever (0:25). · How should family approach planning a trip to...


ENP 4.4 GYE: Yellowstone Education Programs and Tips for Families

Description Bryan talks with Matt Ohlen, Education Specialist in the Division of Resource Education and Youth Programs of the National Park Service at Yellowstone National Park. Bryan and Matt talk about school programs and tips and recommendations for families planning a trip to Yellowstone. Discussion includes the following: · Expedition Yellowstone - Curriculum based education programs for school groups (4:20) · Expedition Yellowstone Sample itinerary (16:54) · How should a...


ENP 4.3 GYE: Yellowstone and its future with David Quammen

Description Bryan talks with David Quammen, author of both fiction and non-fiction, and the sole writer of National Geographic Magazine’s May 2016 issue on Yellowstone in honor of the centennial of the National Park Service. He also published Yellowstone: A Journey Through America’s Wild Heart” in August of 2016. They talk about a number of issues affecting the park. Discussion includes the following: · Is Yellowstone too small? Yellowstone National Park as a part of the Greater...


ENP 4.2 GYE Part 2: Grand Teton Trip Report

Description: This is the second episode in a series about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Bryan and Danielle talk about the second leg of their trip in Greater Yellowstone to Jackson, Wyoming and Grand Tetons National Park in the wintertime. They talk about snowshoeing (4:44), the National Elk Refuge (9:22), Dornan’s Restaurant and Million Dollar Cowboy Bar (12:15), wildlife viewing (14:50), and cross-country skiing at Teton Pines Nordic Center (22:10). Resources: Grand Tetons...


ENP 4.1 GYE: Yellowstone Trip Report

Description: This is the first episode in a series about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. First, Bryan talks about how listeners may help the victims of Hurricane Irma on St. John, home to Virgin Islands National Park (0:28). Next, Bryan and Danielle talk about their trip to Yellowstone National Park in the wintertime, including logistics of getting there (4:40); preparing for the cold temperatures (10:59); seeing wildlife from the snow coach (13:45); the Snow Lodge, food and amenities...


ENP 3.5 Zion National Park: Archeology

Description: Bryan talks to Russell Cash, park ranger and archeologist with the National Park Service, about the archeological background of Zion National Park. Russ talks about search and rescue efforts in the park (0:30); Native American history in Zion (10:28); the archeology trail (16:10); petroglyphs, pictographs and vandalism (19:20); what happened to Native people (23:57); protected rock art in the back country (31:54); and Mormon pioneers (35:25 ). Resources: Zion National Park app...


ENP 3.4 Zion National Park: Geology

Bryan speaks to Dave Sharrow, hydrologist and natural resource manager at Zion National Park. Dave explains the erosion we see in Zion, which creates the spectacular, scenic canyons (2:16); the Colorado Plateau (7:06); hikes to see geological history (10:36); natural events, such as rock falls and flash floods (22:03); and what is happening to the cottonwood trees (30:10). Resources: Riverside walk https://www.citrusmilo.com/zionguide/riversidewalk.cfm Kolob Terrace...


ENP 3.3: Zion National Park: Nature/Hiking and Backpacking Tips

ENP 3.3: Zion National Park: Nature/Hiking and Backpacking Tips Bryan talks with his first guest, Cass Bromley, Chief of Resource Management and Research at Zion National Park about animals and plants found in the park. In particular California Condors (1:25), different habitats (4:24), what animals can one expect to see (6:06), how best to see wildlife (16:24), threatened and endangered species (17:28), and wildflowers and other plant life (20:24). Bryan’s second guest, Corey Cronin,...


ENP: 3.2 Zion National Park: Expert Tips from an Outfitter

Description: Bryan talks to Bailey Schofield of Zion Adventure Company about the company’s services (2:00), back-country hikes and canyoneering (6:26), kid-friendly hikes (18:45), being prepared for hiking the Narrows (22:30), differences between Zion’s east side and main canyon area (33:49), and visiting Zion in different seasons (38:18). Resources: Zion adventure company http://www.zionadventures.com Backpacking permits https://www.nps.gov/zion/planyourvisit/backpackingpermits.htm The...


ENP 3.1: Zion Trip Report

Description: Bryan talks with his friend Dave about their trip to Zion National Park. Dave describes the Scenic Drive (4:46). They discuss observations and lessons they learned on the hikes they did, including Emerald Pools (8:10), The Narrows (13:50), Watchman (23:42), Angels Landing (27:08), Pa’rus trail (44:35) and Kolob Canyon (46:40). Lastly they discuss Watchman Campground (50:24) Resources: Cliffrose Lodge https://cliffroselodge.com Zion National Park...


ENP 2.4.2: Shenandoah History: Part 2

This is the second of 2 parts on Shenandoah’s History, which will end our series on Shenandoah National Park. We hear from 3 historians: Sara Gregg from the University of Kansas focuses on land use policy. Katrina Powell at Virginia Tech researched letters written by families displaced due to the parks creation. Audrey Horning is an Anthropology and Archeology Professor at William and Mary in Virginia. She conducted a multi-year Survey of Rural Mountain Settlements in the Virginia Blue...


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