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A look at the users of geospatial technology; professional, intermediate and the everyday guy on the street.

A look at the users of geospatial technology; professional, intermediate and the everyday guy on the street.
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A look at the users of geospatial technology; professional, intermediate and the everyday guy on the street.






Jenny Williams - KEW Gardens

We are off to Jolly ‘ole England for a whirlwind of an interview! In Episode 14, I get to talk with Jenny Williams from the Royal Botanical Gardens of Kew, located about 30 min from Central London. Jenny shares with us her experience and work with remote sensing and how imagery is helping Kew map out various ‘bits-n-bops’ plant species around the globe. As well as modeling the extent of coffee plant in the African nation of Ethiopia.

Duration: 01:02:06

Everyday Geo - Darren Platakis: Geospatial Niagra

In episode 13 of Everyday Geo, I learn more about the non-profit organization Geospatial Niagara. This NPO is founded and headed up by Darren Platakis who is in St. Catharines, Ontario where the legendary drummer, Neil Peart, for the rock band known as RUSH was raised and within view of the city of Toronto where the other members originated. Ahhhh the memories I have of listening to RUSH…. But I digress… However, Darren did send us a link to a map he created in Carto showing all the shows...

Duration: 01:01:59

Everyday Geo - Ron Cook

In this episode I go North, to the land of lumberjacks & double-doubles. Ron Cook, who is the Geospatial and Planning Services Coordinator in the City Planning Branch, City of Edmonton, Canada. For once, an episode that is not Esri focused!!

Duration: 00:53:55

Everyday Geo Podcast - Michelle Matix: GeoMattrix

In this episode Michele Mattix of GeoMattix, a woman owned SBA geospatial consulting company, takes some time out of her schedule to discuss with me what she has been up to since we last spoke together some 12 years ago. Learn how she got her start as a small business owner and online instructor for a community college. Listen as she shares some of the projects she has enjoyed working on in and around Sedona AZ, as well as her love of teaching.

Duration: 00:50:20

JBGeo - Open Mic #1

In this first Open Mic session, I discuss a the Hexagon purchase of Luciad. OpenGate and what it stands for and what this group is doing and then I just yak a little about some of the things I found very interesting recently on the net

Duration: 00:22:51

Everyday Geo Podcast - Robert Wood

In this episode of Everyday Geo I get to talk to family! I am spending a little time in this show with Robert Wood, who is my cousin and recently graduated from Texas Christian University with an applied geoscience degree. I get to learn a little about how he got into the geospatial field, his work as in intern while in school and what is like working in the field right out of college.

Duration: 00:21:51

Everyday Geo Podcast - Trent Pollard

In this episode I talk to Trent Pollard; a recent University of Oklahoma geospatial user. We discuss a little GIS, how he got into drones and collecting data as well as the millions of listeners I have...heheh...

Duration: 00:26:06

Everyday Geo Podcast - Rebecca Firth: HOT

In this special edition of Everyday Geo, I talk to Rebecca Firth who is the Community and Partnership Manager for HOT or the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. The team is preparing for hurricane Irma and its landfall in the Caribbean, Cuba and Florida. We discuss the group, what they do and their needs... and they need VOLUNTEERS!! Those that can do various mapping tasks or those who can do translations of material into various languages. Listen and lean more about this group and how you...

Duration: 00:48:14

Everyday Geo Podcast - Malcolm Williamson & Brian Culpepper: CAST

In this episode, I am in NW Arkansas... Razorback country on the main campus of the University of Arkansas. I had the opportunity to sit and talk how the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies (CAST) is using geospatial technology for education and research. Malcolm Williamson and Brian Culpepper are my guest as we talk thing geospatial... and of course we have to talk a little football / basketball as well.

Duration: 01:07:13

Everyday Geo Podcast: Chris Owens - PAGIS

In this episode I am in Little Rock AR learning how one agency can be a hub for geospatial data for multiple city agency's as well as different municipalities inside Pulaski Co. Arkansas. Chris Owens is the Technical Manager for PAGIS (Pulaski Area Geographic Information Systems)

Duration: 00:31:52

Everyday Geo - An Introduction

Welcome to Everyday Geo! Well... what is Everyday Geo to begin with? It is a podcast for and about the everyday user of geospatial technology. In this first episode, learn what Everyday Geo is about as well as who the host, JB, is and why he is venturing into the realm of the podcast universe. Enjoy and we hope you listen often as more episodes are produced.

Duration: 00:11:17

Everyday Geo Podcast: Sharon Hawkins - AR DOT

I discuss with Ms. Sharon Hawkins of the Arkansas Highway & Transportation Department (AR DOT) on how she got started with geospatial technology and how she has applied that technology into various projects done for the highways and roads of the State of Arkansas.

Duration: 00:44:39