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72. How to be an UnStepford wife with blogger Penne FitzGerald.

Penne grew up in Western Queensland on a sheep and cattle station. Being too far from school she was home-schooled until 10 years old when she went to a boarding school. Later on in life she got a job as a research assistant in London but after losing her brother through a traffic accident she felt she needed a change and got a job as a nanny in Austria. After trying this job and deciding it was not for her she went traveling with her friends in Europe Egypt but ended up working for 6 months...

Duration: 00:23:45

71. The importance of being the architect of your vision in order to find your true life purpose, with Elliot Carlyle.

Elliot Carlyle is a creative director, speaker, publicist and life coach.As a child he was very involved in music, singing in the church choir and performing at school. Although enjoying his love of music and even got a scholarship to attend College, Elliot one day decided to walk away from it all and found his new life purpose in business. Today Elliot Carlyle is standing in his passion and purpose coaching big brands and entrepreneurs. He is also an in demand speaker, a philanthropist,...

Duration: 00:37:35

70. What is DRY JULY and what really happens when we stop drinking?

What is DRY JULY and what really happens when we stop drinking? What are the effects? Are they positive or negative? In today's episode I have teamed up with Jennifer and James again and we'll discuss the topic DRY JULY and what happens when we stop drinking, and the effects of it. Enjoy! // Yenny EVERYDAY LIGHT WARRIORS WEBSITE RATE AND REVIEW ON APPLE PODCAST (ITUNES)

Duration: 00:13:06

68. Is self-care selfish?

In today's episode I have teamed up with Jennifer and James and we'll discuss the topic self-care and try to answer some of the questions such as: Is self-care selfish? What is self-care? Is self-care going to the spa, take a vacation or just a simple thing as saying no to commitments that overwhelm you? We’ll chat about this and much more. Enjoy! // Yenny DIRECT LINK TO OUR SHOW-NOTES PAGE RATE AND REVIEW ON APPLE PODCAST (ITUNES) Get in contact with today’s co-hosts: James Reynolds -...

Duration: 00:16:47

67. Is love love and why do we need to vote for same sex marriage?

In today's episode I have teamed up with Jennifer from Jennifer Timmins and James Reynolds from Totem Wealth. As Australia is just about to vote on Same Sex Marriage we thought the topic be relevant. RATE AND REVIEW ON APPLE PODCAST (ITUNES) WEBSITE LINK

Duration: 00:11:16

66: From selling lemonade to motivating young entrepreneurs creating a strong online business.

At a young age Trevor always knew that he was going to be an entrepreneur. As the years passed by, Trevor and his love of entrepreneurship grew exponentially. At age seventeen, he imported phone cases and sold them to all of his friends and family. Today Trevor is a podcaster, author and creator of Become The Lion, a place where he and his business partner inspire and help young entrepreneurs under 19 years old to start and grow their online business. Trevor talks about: • Growing up in...

Duration: 00:34:12

65: From losing her identity to finding her strengths, with Alissa Daire Nelson.

About Alissa: Alissa is a dynamic and inspiring speaker, success coach, and podcast host of the StrengthsFinder-based podcast, Maximize Your Strengths. She helps entrepreneurs and small business owners catapult their businesses without sacrificing their sanity, integrity, or personal lives. Alissa guides her clients identify and live out their Strengths, and crush their goals. Alissa talks about: Living in Minnesota and how it was growing up in a family of 7 kids, The joy of gymnastics...

Duration: 00:45:33

64: How to shine a light on your life with Karen Gunton

Creator and author of Lighthouse Revolution, Karen Gunton talks about how she met her husband, moving from Canada to Australia, that “sliding door” moment and the importance of always push yourself to grow. Karen Gunton talks about: Growing up in Canada Studying science at University and later became a Science teacher which she really loved doing How she met her husband at science camp one summer Moving to Adelaide, Australia from Canada How she started Build A Little Biz The...

Duration: 00:39:56

63: The day I got a gift that changed my life with podcast host Yenny Stromgren


Duration: 00:06:30

62: From sports nerd to dating coach with Damien Diecke.

Damien Diecke, head dating coach and founder of School Of Attraction, shares his story of being a sports nerd at school, suffering from generalised anxiety disorder, and why he feels so passionate about helping men connect better with women. Damien talks about: DIRECT LINK TO OUR SHOW-NOTES PAGE LISTEN, RATE AND REVIEW ON APPLE PODCAST

Duration: 00:50:51

61: 8 self-care hacks that helped me through my separation.


Duration: 00:12:16

60: Artist and designer Jamie Flunder talks about how he picked his wife up at a dinner party, the loss of his dad, and how he started to create artworks on his daily commute to make himself happy.

“I have got 80 minutes of commuting time. Drawing is something that has been with me forever and this little slot of time is perfect for squeezing something that makes me happy. That is how “Doodles In Transit” drawings started.” - Jamie Flunder Jamie Flunder talks about: Dugite snake“Doodles In Transit” DIRECT LINK TO OUR SHOW-NOTES PAGE LISTEN, RATE AND REVIEW ON ITUNES GET A FREE AUDIBLE BOOK

Duration: 00:34:42

59: The day I found my key strengths and fired my weaknesses.

Yenny talks about: The importance to work on your strengths and not your weaknessesThe Strength Finder Online Test 2.0Alissa Daire Nelson who inspired Yenny to do the Strengths Finder TestAlissa’s book: “From Frustrated To Frickin Awesome”The interview with entrepreneur Geoff McDonaldsSelf-care and gratitude DIRECT LINK TO OUR SHOW-NOTES PAGE RATE AND REVIEW ON ITUNES FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM

Duration: 00:05:09

58: From property investing to teaching gratitude and positive phsycology in schools. Ashley Manuel shares his life journey and how and why he started Growing With Gratitude.

Ash Manuel is the founder and CEO Growing With Gratitude. The Growing With Attitude Program aims to help teachers, students and families easily develop the habits of gratitude, kindness and mindfulness that have been identified as the stepping stones to greater happiness and success. “When you practice gratitude on a regular basis, your thinking speeds up and, you can put things in a different perspective to overcome diversities.” - Ash Manuel Ash Manuel talks about: Wanting to become...

Duration: 00:43:26

57: 3 top self-care hacks to create an abundant life.

Yenny talks about: 1. Exercise …and how important it is to move your body everyday to get your breathing going. I also talk about my favourite sport Land Paddling which has made a huge difference in my life. Here is a link to a FREE E-BOOK about Land Paddling I have created. 2. Eat You are what you eat they say. I try to do everything in moderation, but the most important is to stick to 3 meals a day but also allow you to eat “naughty” food too:) 3. Sleep Can’t stress enough how...

Duration: 00:02:54

56: How being fired inspired Katie to start planet friendly EcoBling, why she gives generously to people in need and why she was motivated to plant over 15,000 trees.

“I thought, I am going for it. I am not waiting to I retire to have a happy, nourishing and abundant life. I am going to create it now, every step of the way. Sure it is going to have its ups and downs. Essentially I am going to choose life for me.” Katie talks about: DIRECT LINK TO OUR SHOW-NOTES PAGE RATE AND REVIEW ON ITUNES GET A FREE AUDIBLE BOOK

Duration: 00:37:09

55: Why I think about bad experiences as being poo that needs to be flushed away, and why it is the best advice I ever have been given this year.

Yenny talks about: Podcast interview with Jacqueline ChapplePodcast interview with Jacqueline Murray DIRECT LINK TO OUR SHOW-NOTES PAGE RATE AND REVIEW ON ITUNES

Duration: 00:05:43

54: Marketing strategist Kamila Gornia talks about being obsessed with Manga as a child, emigrating from Poland to America as a teen, and the importance of working on your blockages to create an abundant life.

“The biggest thing of why people don’t get to the next level in life or business, is that they don’t even know what the blocks are. When we shine a light on them, that is when we can start healing.” - Kamila Gornia Kamila talks about: - Growing up in Poland and emigrating to America when she was 13 years old - The challenges of being an immigrant in a new country and how she acclimatised - Being obsessed with Manga and the character Sailor Moon - Starting a website at the age of...

Duration: 00:33:23

53: 5 self-care hacks of how to boost your Vitamin N, by podcast host Yenny Stromgren

Yenny talks about: How to boost your self-care and happiness with Vitamin N (Nature) Aimee and Clint from Primal Influence, podcast episode #17 Foraging Fitness and using nature as a gym Anne Gibson from the Micro Gardener, podcast episode #7 Creating your own micro garden Gratitude Self-care The book: Vitamin N, by Richard Louv Green means go! Yenny’s 5 self-care hacks to boost your Vitamin N Take your shoes off and walk on the ground (dirt), grass or sand. It makes you...

Duration: 00:07:43

52: Visibility expert and podcast host Nicole Holland talks about her brother being diagnosed with cancer, how it was working in a prison and the importance of being authentic in life and business.

“Everybody is so different. Honouring your own strength and your own self, and not trying to fit into anyone’s box, is very important” - Nicole Holland ABOUT: Nicole Holland helps small business owners and subject-matter experts increase their visibility exponentially through Podcast Guesting so they can make a greater impact, influence, and income. Proud to have been named in the Huffington Post as one of “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs in 2017” alongside female powerhouses...

Duration: 00:44:40

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