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How Noah Kagan Would Launch a Business With $1k Anonymously

Today I’m talking to Noah Kagan, a successful entrepreneur and founder of two multi-million dollar businesses including AppSumo, Sumo and Briefcase. Noah is someone who does marketing all day long, but rarely calls it marketing. He has a successful blog, podcast, YouTube channel, and over 700,000 subscribers on his email list. He has worked for Intel, Facebook and before striking out on his own. Listen in as Noah takes us through how he would launch a business with $1000 anonymously...


How to Blow Shit up and Make a Difference

My guest this episode is Cindy Gallop, a former advertiser who has worked for brands such as Coca-Cola, Ray-Ban and Polaroid. In 2009 she launched to make real world sex socially acceptable and shareable. If you are dissatisfied with your marketing 9-5 job, or want to transform your business, this is the episode for you. Listen in to learn how to “blue-sky” your dreams and take your work to the next level. Topics Discussed in this Episode: The state of modern...


3 Steps to Write Copy That Converts with Joanna Wiebe

Today I’m talking to Joanna Wiebe, Co-Founder and Head of Growth for and the co-founder of She is a master conversion copywriter who has worked with companies like Wistia, Buffer, Crazy Egg, Shopify, InVision and many more. If you’ve ever struggled to write copy for your landing page, Joanna is here to help you start writing and make sure people care about what you write. Listen in for a detailed step-by-step guide to better customer research, more authentic...


How to Send Emails with 83%+ Open Rates (Not a Clickbait)

My guest this episode is master copywriter and email marketer André Chaperon. André will teach us his system to send emails that people are actually interested in, gain their trust, and raise email open rates. He has tips to improve your email marketing by segmenting people the right way, removing the wrong people from your list, and using autoresponders to send the right email at the right time. André owns, and also has a course called AutoResponder Madness....


Online Advertising Is Dead; Long Live Traditional Advertising?

In this episode we are challenging the current model of online advertising and making a case for the traditional methods advertising. Bob Hoffman is my guest, author of the popular blog The Ad Contrarian and has been named one of the most influential advertising bloggers by Business Insider. He’s been the CEO of two independent agencies and has worked with major brands such as McDonalds, PepsiCo, Bank of America, Toyota, AT&T and many more. Today he will explain why digital marketing is...


How to Turn Website Data into Insights You Can Actually Use

My guest this episode is Adam Greco, a web analytics expert who has worked for companies such as Omniture and Salesforce. Most people are easily overwhelmed with data analytics and don’t know where to start. Many organizations also function in a vacuum with each department using their own data and not sharing their findings across the team. As users we don’t want reports, we want insights to help make decisions. This episode we’re going to talk about how to turn that data into insights...


What to Expect in 2018: Future Guests & Improvements

This week we have another special edition episode of Everyone Hates Marketers. I am glad to share my future plans for the podcast including guests to be interviewed next and those already recorded that will be published soon. We’re also going to talk about what will change going forward, what won’t, and upcoming topics you will hear about. I am working on improving some aspects of this project and continue to appreciate all the feedback I receive. Don’t forget to check out our last episode...


2017 in Review: Stats, Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned

Today’s episode is a special edition of Everyone Hates Marketers where I will share behind the scenes knowledge such as the story behind the podcast, never before shared listener stats, and go through the main lessons I’ve learned since starting the show. I’ll also make special mention to those who have reached out to me and given feedback to help improve the podcast along the way. Topics Discussed in this Episode: My career history and why I started this podcastSide projects and getting...


How to Track the Right Metrics & KPIs Throughout Your Funnel

This episode I’m talking to Dan McGaw, former Head of Marketing at Kissmetrics behavioral analytics solution company. Dan is now the CMO of Effin Amazing, an analytics and growth consultancy company. Dan is an analytics expert and has consulted for companies such as Wistia, Contactually, CrowdRise, and many more. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of data you need to track and don’t know where to start, then this episode is for you. Listen in as Dan walks us through a step-by-step...


How to Start a Marketing Agency (a Practical, No-Bull Guide)

My guest today is David Baker, author of The Business of Expertise and speaker, who has worked with 750+ firms and in house departments and is an expert on our topic today. David will share with us a practical, no bullshit guide to starting a marketing agency and wisely choosing your target market. He brings so many different ideas and approaches to this discussion that you will not want to miss it and his remarkable advice. Topics Discussed in this Episode: Why agencies are bad at...


4 Vital Things To Do Before Marketing Your New Startup

Today I’m joined by my guest Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré, an esteemed SaaS consultant, customer service evangelist, writer and community moderator. Her work has been featured in leading industry media such as Hubspot, Moz, CopyHackers, Forbes, Canva and more. Nichole is going to walk us through the four things you need to do before you can start marketing your startup or new business. Founders tend to skip the basics of marketing foundations, and this crucial step can make or break your...


7 Steps To Launch Your First Outreach Marketing Campaign

My guest today is Kai Davis, founder of Double Your Ecommerce and Double Your Audience, host of the Make Money Online and Get More Clients podcasts, and author of The Outreach Blueprint and Podcast Outreach. In this episode Kai will teach you the importance to building relationships with people and the 7 steps to launching your first marketing outreach campaign. Marketing outreach is one of the most important marketing skills today, so listen in to learn the best ways to approach it as...


Oli Gardner's Blunt Advices to Becoming a Great Marketer

This episode is a special Facebook Live interview with Oli Gardner, international marketing speaker and Co-Founder of Unbounce landing page software. Today we are talking about marketing bullshit and how to fight it together. Oli shares his experiences growing Unbounce, how he measures marketing success and his advice to become a better marketer and drive more sales without compromising your values. Topics Discussed in this Episode: New Business idea challenge - $1000 and 6...


What Motivates Human Behavior: 5 Drivers You Should Know About

My guest today is Susan Weinschenk, behavioral scientist, author, speaker, consultant and mentor. She is an expert in understanding, predicting and directing human behavior. Her books include How to Get People to Do Stuff, 100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know About People, 100 Things Every Presenter Needs to Know About People, and Neuro Web Design. In this episode we’re going to talk about what motivates people in this complex modern world, and how we can use behavioral science to...


Website Personalization: What Is It And How To Get Started

This episode is all about website personalization: what it is, how it works, and how to get it started in your business today. My guest to discuss this and and his new website personalization tool is Brennan Dunn of Double Your Freelancing and RightMessage. Brennan explains the benefit of a personalized approach and shares specific ideas you can implement in any size business to get results. Topics Discussed in this Episode: The problems in broad messagingPersonalizing your website to...


How To Calculate The Value Of Your Leads Overtime

My guest today is Keith Perhac, of and Segmetrics. Keith is a developer and marketer, and he is here to teach you how to calculate the value of your leads over the long-term. Focusing on lead value over time will enable you to know what is working and generating revenue, and what is not. Listen in as Keith shares his step-by-step guide to tracking lead value and tailoring your marketing to the most valuable leads. Topics Discussed in this Episode: The importance...


How To Use Jobs To Be Done to Read Your Customers' Minds

On today’s episode I’m joined by my guest Claire Suellentrop, a messaging and conversion expert at Claire is also a published author and the former Director of Marketing for Calendly. In this episode she will introduce us to the “Jobs to be done” methodology that is replacing the old method of creating customer personas. Listen in for a step-by-step practical guide on this method, why you should be using it, and how you can implement it in your business. Topics...


Why People Don't Connect With Your Marketing & How To Fix It

My guest today is Dave Gerhardt, Director of Marketing at Drift, a conversation-driven marketing and sales platform that works as a virtual assistant for your website. Dave joined Drift as their first marketer two years ago, and he’s also the cohost of the podcast Seeking Wisdom with Drift CEO David Cancel. Dave is a true no-nonsense marketer, and on today’s episode you’re going to learn how to actually connect with people in your marketing and drive sales for your company. Topics...


Overwhelmed? How to Overcome Marketing Information Overload

On this episode I’m talking to Yam Regev, CMO and Co-Founder of, a place where marketers can discover quality peer-reviewed content. Yam is based in Israel and has 10 years experience in marketing, previously serving as CMO of Webydo web design platform. Today you’re going to learn how to overcome information overload as a marketer. Join us as we navigate the abundance of content available online, and listen in for Yam’s solutions to find valuable content and avoid the fear of...


SaaS Content Marketing: Why Education is a Powerful Approach

My guest today is Shayla Price, a content and email marketing consultant for SaaS businesses. She has worked with companies such as Leadpages, Agorapulse,, Kissmetrics, Shopify Plus and more. She has published many articles in her work and is also involved with aspiring women in the SaaS marketing community to help them excel. In this episode you’re going to learn why education and not hardcore sales is the best way to do content marketing, especially in SaaS. Listen in as...


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