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Black Holes Part 2 – Slow Motion Somersaults in Space - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

In part 2 of their exploration of these space oddities, K+K talk to guest host Emily Gilliland about what would happen if our sun spontaneously imploded, how anyone falling into a black hole would turn into spaghetti, and what it means to exist in time, but not in space. They even attempt to explain how, to an observer moving faster, time (literally!) moves slower, by making Emily do (proverbial) back-flips in space.


Black Holes 1 – Infinite Gumballs in the Frosting of Spacetime - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

Have you ever been falling into a black hole and thought, "how did this infinite curve in spacetime even get here, anyway?" Well, the next time you're on your way down toward the Singularity at the center, which exists only in time but not in space and is possibly a hole in the 4-dimensional universe, you can listen to this episode! In Part 1 of their journey through outer space, K+K explore how Black Holes are formed, discuss the recent detection of their gravitational waves, and...


The First Life on Earth - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

It's 4.5 billion years ago. The Earth is a hot, bubbling sphere of lava & hostile gases. And then suddenly... THERE IS LIFE! But how did this first Earthly organism show up on our planet? And who was (s)he? A Giant Virus? An archaea cell? If our earliest ancestor was indeed, as research suggests, a simple strand of chemicals that randomly happened to smush together in the perfect shape for fabricating its own decedents (also strands of chemicals) floating in a swamp of primordial ooze that...


Hibernation: sleep ’til the pizza trees bloom - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

We’ve all been there: winter gets dark and cold, and the urge to curl up in bed and sleep through the harshest of seasons grows strong. Unfortunately, if that’s how you tried to cope, you’d go from cold as a stone, to stone cold dead. Human biology just isn’t cut out for the task. Bears on the other hand, are masters of hibernation. With the help of guest host David Zimelis, K + K show you why hibernation is more than just a snooze, and explore the incredible things bears do that allow...


Una-peel-ing Produce, Lettuce Help You - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

Are you afraid to admit to your friends that you don't REALLY like kale? We’ve all come across tough and bitter vegetables, and flavorless, mealy fruits. No matter how dedicated you are to getting all your vitamins, you just don’t want to eat unappetizing produce!


DMT & Dying -with Dr. Rick Strassman - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

Many years ago, Keera almost died. We're glad she didn't, but we have always been curious about the biological basis of what she experienced. Was her "journey outside of this reality" real? Or was it a vivid hallucination caused by DMT, the psychoactive molecule theorized to flood your brain at the time of death? To find the answer, K+K talked to Dr. Rick Strassman, author of the book DMT: The Spirit Molecule, and one of the leading experts on how the molecule affects our moods, thoughts,...


Death: La Frontera Final (Part I ) - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

Today is a day about Death. It's Día de los Muertos, the Latin American holiday that honors the souls of loved ones that have passed away, and celebrates death as an essential and natural part of life. For a science show, death is a tricky subject to tackle, because no one has really been able to define what it is. But that won't stop K+K from trying! In this episode, they explore Creatures whose existence blurs the line between living and nonliving How we know our bodies are meant to die,...


Science Fact or Science Fiction? - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

2016 has been such a crazy year, its hard to keep up with technology has become a reality, and what still only exists in the minds of science fiction writers. Today, K+K quiz the XRAY DJs to see if they can tell science fact from science fiction. (And who knows, maybe by the time you hear this, all of these things will have become a reality. The future is now!!) How far has technology come in the realms of: Star Trek -esque replicators Quantum spin liquid Digital tattoo ink Cut-and-paste...


You Myoclonic Jerk! (The Hiccups Episode) - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

When's the last time you experienced a synchronous diaphragmatic flutter? Or your diaphragm underwent a myoclonic jerk? On today’s show, K+K take a look at hiccups: why we get them, what’s happening in our bodies when we do, and what the scientific reasoning is behind those crazy cures that seem to work.


Polyamorous Progeny – Can a Baby Have 3 Biological Parents? - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

We've all learned about the birds and the bees at some point: when a man and a woman reeeaally love each other, they deposit chromosomal genetic material into a recipient egg cell to create another, smaller human. But what happens when THREE humans decide to make a baby? Is it possible to possess DNA from more than two parents? (Spoiler: Yes. Yes it is.) Join K+K in their first of many explorations into the weird world of human genetic anomalies.


Disc-World - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

A scientist's greatest dream is to change the way humans understand reality, by deriving new theories and debunking old ones. But for this dream to come true, the theories have to be backed up by a lot of measurements & evidence, and also be mathematically provable. Journey with K+K across the surface of a scientifically impossible Flat Earth... and see why it belongs in Fantasy Fiction novels, not textbooks.


He’s One Fungi - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

They're not animals, they're not plants, and they're delicious in stir-fry. Despite the fact that mushrooms have been used in medicine for thousands of years, they still remain a bit of mystery to us humans. The more research we do, the more we realize that fungi might be our greatest tool in the quest for saving the world. A special thanks to Dr. Ann Rasmussen from the University of Oregon for lending us her mycological expertise!


When A Wolf Swallows the Sun (Information About the Solar Eclipse) - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

Chances are you're just as excited as we are for the Total Solar Eclipse coming up on Monday, August 21st. So, here's some handy science knowledge to help you make the most of the experience: How does an eclipse happen? Here's a super zoomed out visual of what will be happening in space during Monday's total solar eclipse. How should I watch the eclipse? First of all: DON'T LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN. Except if you're in the path of totality. Then you can look at the sun, with your naked...


It’s A Gas, Gas, Gas - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

It's all around you, in your lungs, inside that balloon, it even comes out of your youknowwhere... It's gas! The invisible, but incredibly important, substance that makes life on Earth possible! But what exactly is a gas? So glad you asked! K+K have the background story on why gas behaves the way that it does, and the fun things you can do with it. They even get Jefferson to let them make a cloud, and light a fire, IN THE STUDIO. Man, this job is awesome.


Did We Start the Fire? If Not, How Long HAS It Been Burning? - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

Humans love fire, in the form of BBQ or combustion engines. A raging forest fire, however, can be devastating for our flimsy wooden human houses. Why then, is it so important that we let them burn? In this episode, the Science Ladies uncover: How fire has been shaping ecosystems since long before any human ever lit a match The forest-dwelling pyromaniacs that thrive in the flames, and why these species need fire to survive What fire really is, and how it burns The science behind putting...


The Placebo Effect - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

It's not just conjecture: placebos work. The question is... how? Why is it that many diseases and physical ailments can be cured just as well with a sugar pill as they can with clinically tested medicine? K+K examine a case of mysteriously healed Parkinson's Disease, talk about a doctor curing chronic pain with peppermint candies, and take a look at what happens in a person's brain when they believe they're receiving medical treatment... but aren't.


The Eyes Are The Window To The Retina. - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

Human eyes are pretty impressive, but let's be honest, our ocular organs don't hold a candle to the eyes of animals like owls, mantis shrimp, cats, eagles, dragonflies, octopuses, bees, parrots, goats, chameleons... Ok, maybe human eyes aren't all that impressive after all. Today K+K discuss: The anatomy of the eyeball Color and light wave perception (what is a color, really?) How to see with amazing precision at a distance, or at night (hint: become an owl) The amazing mantis shrimp (who...


I Used to Call You On My Cellphone. - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

Isn't it wonderful that we can own cellphones, use them to call our mothers and look up photos of dogs in hats and locate the Chipotle nearest to us, and we never even need to know how they work? (Spoiler alert: we'll tell you how they work in this episode.) Join K+K to explore: Where the your voice goes when you speak into your cell phone How sound waves become light waves just to become sound waves again The language of satellites and cell phones Why Drake is so sad What the heck...


Human Evolution (A Brief Overview) - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

We humans are pretty fortunate. Our intelligence and physical features are a result of the evolutionary hand we've been dealt, and are what have allowed us to build an advanced society with sophisticated infrastructure. Despite what you may have learned from 2001: A Space Oddysey, genetic changes, which produce physical and behavioral changes, don't happen overnight, propelled by the power of a giant Monolith. Adaptations like walking upright, dexterity, and large complex brains, took...


6th Grader Questions, Part 2 - Everything Is Interesting -With Keera & Kira

In a special "Listener Question" episode of Everything is Interesting, K+K answer some excellent inquisitions, sent in by the kids from Mrs. Pace’s 6th grade class at Pleasant Valley Middle school in Vancouver, Washington. The question writers brought up some super interesting topics, and we wanted to answer them all, so we broke this one up into 2 separate episodes. On today's show the science ladies tackle: -How the Earth was formed -Why the Earth's axis is tilted -Where Earth's water...


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