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Everything is Awesome is the show where we talk to awesome people about awesome things!






Everything is Awesome Remembers Robin Williams (2017)

Kev and and Mike's Pridgeon reminisce about the life and career Robin Williams.

Duration: 01:13:37

Everything is Awesome Episode 78 – It’s Electric! (LIVE from The Philadelphia Podcast Festival)

LIVE from The Philadelphia Podcast Festival, it's Everything is Awesome LATE NIGHT! Special guests: Noah Houlihan and Brian Durkin, co-host: Mike DeAngelo and your host, Kevin Gallagher!

Duration: 00:56:59

Everything is Awesome Episode 77 – We Got This

We're wrapping up our celebration of the 5th annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival as we talk with the one and only Hal Lublin from We Got This with Mark and Hal!

Duration: 01:09:31

Everything is Awesome Episode 76 -The Dungeon Festival Gamer

James D'Amato and his Dungeon Dome on Kickstarter, The Philadelphia Podcast Festival, and Noah Houlihan's Game the Gamer on Kickstarter.

Duration: 00:26:31

Everything is Awesome Episode 75 – 10 Years of Podcasting

Taking another slight detour from our celebration of the 5th annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival, we're taking a moment to celebrate a HUGE milestone—Kev's 10th anniversary of podcasting!

Duration: 02:36:12

Everything is Awesome Episode 74 – Philly Podcast Fest Special 4 – South Street

We're back with our celebration of the 5th annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival and have our very good friend, Steve Harner, in this week. Steve is the owner of BridgeSet Sound, which has been VERY friendly to the podcasting community, and Everything is Awesome.

Duration: 01:20:49

Everything is Awesome Episode 73.6 – Augmented Reality

We're taking a quick detour during our celebration the 5th annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival to talk to the author of Pacha's Pajamas, Dave Room. We chat about his book, augmented reality, and the future of storytelling (among other things)!

Duration: 00:36:07

Everything is Awesome Episode 73.3 – Philly Podcast Fest Special 3 – Double V

We're continuing our celebration the 5th annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival and talking with Josh from Victims & Villains! We chat many things, from the serious work V&V does to the silliness of Batman v. Superman (depending on who you ask)! Be sure to check out Victims & Villains during the festival from 11:00am to 12:00pm at the Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse venue on July 15th!

Duration: 01:30:08

Everything is Awesome Episode 73 – Philly Podcast Fest Special 2 – The Rock 4 Prez

We're continuing our celebration the 5th annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival with the boys from Your Weekly Top Six—Mike and Adam offer their top six choices on various topics each week! Be sure to check out Your Weekly Top Six LIVE at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, on July 15th from 3pm to 4pm at Tattooed Mom.

Duration: 01:07:15

Everything is Awesome Episode 72.5 – Philly Podcast Fest Special 1 – Hi-Res Starr

We're officially celebrating the 5th annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival with Ryan Starr, the host of HI-Res, a one-on-one podcast with creatives in the Philadelphia advertising community.

Duration: 01:48:36

Everything is Awesome Episode 72 – CHOP! (LIVE at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse)

We had the pleasure of bring Everything is Awesome's very first guest (and official super friend), Garrett Smith, as special guest co-host. The two donned their best wrestling masks as they welcomed Ophidian to the stage, where Kev taunted his wrestling lineage and was promptly chopped.

Duration: 01:01:50

Everything is Awesome Episode 71.5 – Art Nouveau

Today, we are speaking with artist Matt Hughes (and his wife Hope). Matt is an artist who, among other styles, works in the art nouveau style.

Duration: 01:17:36

Everything is Awesome Episode 71 – Merciful Minerva

Kev sits down to discuss the Wonder Woman film with the only two people that make sense to have such a conversation—Garrett Smith and Kacey Spivey

Duration: 01:25:26

Everything is Awesome Episode 68 – Failing is Success Training

I sat down with comic book creator, Dylan Jacobson, to chat about our mutual love of and for Kevin Smith, podcasting, and being a creative. We discuss how SpareMin is pushing boundaries in the podcasting world before getting into Dylan's origin, including the ups and downs of not just failing, but succeeding. Also discussed is our mutual love of radio / audio dramas, tabletop RPGs, and, of course, his comic series, Champions.

Duration: 01:11:41

Everything is Awesome Episode 67 – Remembering Michael Parks

The world lost a great actor today—Michael Parks has passed at age 77. My first experience with Parks was in Kevin Smith's film, Red State. This episode, although not the perfect way to honor Parks, is our little way of celebrating the life and career Michael Parks gave us.

Duration: 01:00:55

Everything is Awesome Episode 66 – #BlessedOfThrones

On this weeks show, Kev takes a moment to talk about Everything is Awesome, That's Entertainment, and the newly launched That's Entertainment Podcast Network. Kev gets into the history of him trying to start a podcast network, the many plates he spins, and that led to the decision to focus on Everything is Awesome—and how doing that led to many awesome things.

Duration: 01:12:16

Everything is Awesome Episode 65 – Fiji Has Some Dope Water

It's all about Fijis, Forties, and Traveling when Kev talks with TWO guests this week! First, musician Dan tha Jeweler and his new album Firjis & Forties. Then, Ferdi, a world traveler with the message of you don't have to be rich to have a rich life!

Duration: 01:11:02

Everything is Awesome Episode 64 – Go Ninja Go

This week, Kev is joined by the CEO of Custom Design Crafts, Brian Troche. They discuss salmon ladders, the Berlantiverse, the MCU, and crossfit before discovering the origins of Brian getting into custom designs for ninjas.

Duration: 01:02:24

Everything is Awesome Episode 63 – Odin’s Beard! (LIVE from Atomic City Comics)

LIVE FROM ATOMIC CITY COMICS, IT'S EVERYTHING IS AWESOME LATE NIGHT! This episode, The Mighty Thor (but which one?) from Asgard, Philadelphia nerd rocker, Brian Gray, and co-host, the creator of Tellest, Mike DeAngelo!

Duration: 01:09:05

Everything is Awesome Episode 62 – Awkwardly Awesome Improv

Shawn, host of the Horribly Awkward Podcast, stops by for this epic length conversation! Shawn plays the Everything is Awesome drinking game (it's not the first time a guest has made a drinking game out of the show) while talking about what makes us angry, video games, podcasting, improv, AND MORE!

Duration: 02:09:21

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