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EWCK 36 w/ Tony Stallone

A local wrestling star in my home town Tony "Stallone" Whightman comes in to talk about the power of his mind to not accept being a quadriplegic after a severe spinal injury from the result of a car wreck, physical rehabilitation, his wrestling career, his childhood, his grandparents his volunteer work and so much more. Dude, this guy is a true inspiration!

Duration: 02:18:47

EWCK 35 w/ Heather Connor

I sit down to have a sweet con(nor)versation with my dear, dear friend and my best friend's wife. We talk about her journey and weight loss surgery, growing up an only child, church, affection, fun, unconditional love, work, school, family, career goals in nutritional psychology. www.instagram.com/HConnor1983

Duration: 01:29:45

EWCK 34 w/ Carla Starla

Life Coach and Spiritualist Carla Starla (Carlascupcakery.net) stops by and we get really goofy and really deep. We talk about creativity, unconditional love, movies, comedy, podcasts, the Army, Conspiracy Theories, Glitter Bombs & Bags of Dicks, Divorce, alcoholism, recovery, wisdom, dreams, lessons, cupcakes and way way more.

Duration: 01:56:37

EWCK 33 w/ Shawn Swaim

My buddy Shawn Swaim comes by and I can't complain We had a silly fun time that I can't explain. We talk about business, religion, the lovely sponsors of the episode, Spartan races, beer, weed, spirituality, atheism, music, comedy, backyard wrestling and our potential to be best friends. That and much more silliness in between. This was a fun one. instagram.com/shawny_bo_bawny Brought to you by chairs

Duration: 01:25:01

ECWK 31 w/ Kris Fried

Comedian Kris Fried comes in and talks Evolving w me. We chat about LA, working for WWE, prank shows, viral crap, childhood, dreams, Fox News, intimacy, women, the comedy store, opening for Rob Schneider, privilege, mutual friends it's a long ass talk so take some breaks in the middle. But listen to the whole thing. Instagram.com/Kris.Fried Instagram.com/CoryKastle (this episode is out of sequence, because 30 is temporarily lost)

Duration: 03:19:41

EWCK 29 w/ Chris Cotton

Stand Up Comedian

Duration: 02:21:26

EWCK 28 w/ Robbie Radke


Duration: 02:25:30

EWCK 27 w Mama G

(My next door neighbor and neighborhood's Mom) Mama G shares all kinds of awesome stories and wisdom with me and talks my girlfriend Ashley Mac to being apart of the show!

Duration: 01:51:19

EWCK 26 w/ Anthony Bruno

Anthony Bruno drops in the studio to discuss his film making career and the progression to Art Coordinator on CBS's Sitcom Kevin Can Wait. We discuss our friendship and it's ups and downs and the disaster that was Wrestling with Disaster.

Duration: 03:04:03

EWCK 25 w/ Major McClendon

Major comes in and chats about pro wrestling, the Marines, his time in Basketball, Role Models, Aaron Gainey, being a father, finances, being a nerd/ being a jock, spirituality and religion, Buddhism, Marajuana, comedy, race, homelessness, privileges, patriotism and so much more. https://twitter.com/majormcclendon https://www.instagram.com/majormcclendon/ https://twitter.com/corykastle https://www.instagram.com/corykastle

Duration: 02:40:07

EWCK 24 w/ Mark Kalbacher

Mark "Ball Cracker" Kalbacher from Uneducated Podcasts joins Cory in the studio and go all over the place and cover so many topics. It's a really fun episode.

Duration: 02:03:25

EWCK 23 w/ Andrew "Crow" Staiger

Andrew and Cory talk about martial arts, psychedelics, abuse, love, music, death, intelligence, WAY more. I don't even know how to describe this episode.

Duration: 01:56:22

EWCK w/ Lucas "Twitch" Disangro

Student of "The World Famous" Monster Factory (MonsterFactory.org) Lucas "Twitch" Disangro comes in for a visit to EWCK to chat about such a silly variety of things, It's hard to even describe the episode. But he and Cory are the same in so many ways from being huge fans of stand up comedy and becoming better at being a human and adulting. He is a delightful kid and you should enjoy this episode. https://twitter.com/Twitchy_Master https://www.instagram.com/twitchymaster318/...

Duration: 01:21:53

EWCK 21 w/ Chuck Costello

Old buddies. Cory and Chuck get back together in the wake of tragic loss of Linkin Park's lead singer Chester Bennington. The idea is to bring some brightness to the darkness and have conversations about family, a lot about music, a very little about pro wrestling, (he accidentally called Bret Hart "Bret Michaels") movies, comedy, being a father, heaven and hell, Linkin Park, WrestleMania 15 (DX Breakup) Butt Medicine, Jim Carey, Drew Carey, and Mariah Carey driving in a CARey, and some...

Duration: 01:50:49

EWCK 20 w/ Josh "Jones" Colon

Josh Colon comes into the Studio to have a real talk about his saving, music, passion, Captain Planet, Jesus, prayer, drug addiction, (Pills & Heroin) recovery, love, Culture Club, Country Music, "Ravishing" the talent show, Fame, life lessons, witnessing horrific scenes, Sex/Drugs/Rock & Roll, MTV, Real World (Washington D.C) bands he's been in with "WL" initials, his new Documentary ("The Struggle Within"), Community, South Philly, Relationships, Rebirth and so much more! "Ravishing"...

Duration: 01:21:16

EWCK 19 w/ Alexander Stopp

Singer / Songwriter Alexander Stopp stops by to sings us some songs and talk about various topics such as depression, music, abuse, the brain, media, Linkin Park, drug addiction, Paranoia, comfort zones, knowing your worth, vulnerability, spirituality, inspiration, self-help, propaganda, conspiracy theories, death, so much good conversation, this might be the first episode where pro wrestling never came up. https://www.facebook.com/AlexanderStoppMusic/ https://twitter.com/corykastle...

Duration: 01:43:04

EWCK 18 w/ Vinnie Vellucci

Fighter, Trainer, coach, UFC Gym owner Vinnie Vellucci comes into the AquaNet Studio to sit down and talk about a very wide variety of topics: Self help, motivation, learning lessons, privilege, gratitude, being a father of 3 girls, judgement, Learning & teaching, responsibility, accountability, Mondays being the same as New Year's Day at the gym, humility, being an only child, and so much more! https://twitter.com/VinnieVellucci https://www.instagram.com/vinnie_vellucci/...

Duration: 01:33:48

EWCK 17 w/ Brandon E. Brooks

Film-maker Brandon E. Brooks comes in for a very special talk ranging from all different topics like movie genres, lessons learned, being raised by a single mother, his religious upbringing, inspirations, pro wrestling (of course), Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, his latest releases, upcoming releases, his work with Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore, ego, obstacles, perspectives and so, so, so much more!!!! @SaintSinnerBB on Twitter @ssebrandon on Instagram @CoryKastle on Twitter and...

Duration: 02:41:58

EWCK 16 w/ Ashe Samuels

Ashe Samuels comes in to chat about SOOOO many things!! We reconnect in a real, real way about indy wrestling, friends, growing up in the circus, positive energy / negative energy, drugs, addiction, love, life changing moments. life in general, zoomed out ways of thinking, journeys, Ego deaths, Canada, space, god, faith and so so so much more stuff... The Raymond K Hessel episode. WARNING: discretion is advised.

Duration: 01:32:12

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