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Examineradio 137: Danny Graham is Engaged

What is Engage Nova Scotia? Tim asks Danny Graham, chief engagement officer, why we should care. Plus, we talk about street checks and what Tim's been watching in court.

Duration: 00:30:01

Examineradio 136: Metis? Nova Scotians, we need to talk

There are 23,000 people in Nova Scotia who self-identify as Metis. Saint Mary’s prof Darryl Leroux explains why he questions those claims. Plus, we talk about Jamie Baillie, Legacy Rooms and Matt Whitman.

Duration: 00:33:39

Examineradio 135: Desmond Cole street checks the police

Broadcaster, writer and activist Desmond Cole describes why he hid from police during his last visit to Halifax, then went to confront them. Plus, we talk about Dalhousie student Masuma Khan and #whitefragility, and the emails from council about the Cornwallis statue.

Duration: 00:40:30

Examineradio 134: Dexter talks Cannabis

It's episode 134. We talk about Dalhousie students partying hard, that blasted launchpad gets a mention, and Darrell Dexter gets blunt on weed. All that and a special guest host makes her Examineradio Debut.

Duration: 00:45:35

Examineradio 133: Stephen Thomas on Energy East

The Energy East pipeline is cancelled. Stephen Thomas, energy campaign co-ordinator with the Ecology Action Centre, explains why you should care. Plus, Tim and Terra talk about The Dome, El Jones and Sidney Crosby.

Duration: 00:33:45

Examineradio Episode 132: Jailed for something you didn’t do

Ron Dalton went to prison for a crime that didn’t happen. He shares his story and talks about his work with Innocence Canada. Plus, Tim and Terra discuss the latest in the IWK CEO spending scandal and the new panel set up to determine the fate of the Cornwallis status.

Duration: 00:42:26

Examineradio 131: You've Got the Right to Know

Tim and VICE editor Justin Ling chat about journalism and what reporters should be doing. Plus, Tim and Terra discuss IKEA, naming rights for streets, land titles and Sidney Crosby.

Duration: 00:31:52

Examineradio 130: Bruce Kid, The Champion We Need

Scholar and former athlete Bruce Kidd explains the challenges in sports today — and there are more than you think. Plus, Tim and Terra discuss the IWK CEO spending scandal and Amazon’s chances of coming to Halifax.

Duration: 00:51:18

Examineradio 129: Tim Gets Ranked and Filed

Tim chats with Dave Bush, an editor at Rank and File, about labour news in Canada. Maggie Rahr joins Terra for Week in Review to talk about slavery, restorative justice and, yes, porn diets.

Duration: 00:29:50

Examineradio 128: Why Indigenous Studies Matters

The talented Maggie Rahr fills in while Tim is away. She chats with Diana Lewis about the growing interest in the Indigenous Studies minor program at Dalhousie University. Plus Maggie and Terra talk about abortion doulas, David Hendsbee, Peter Kelly and the Oxford Theatre.

Duration: 00:29:29

Examineradio 127: Kimber on Howe

Halifax Examiner contributor Stephen Kimber explains the latest development in the Lyle Howe saga. Tim and Terra talk Proud Boys, Bob Bjerke and Peter Kelly.

Duration: 00:42:27

Examineradio 126: MacLean vs McNeil

Why does the largest union in Nova Scotia hate the Public Services Sustainability Act? NSGEU president Jason MacLean explains. Halifax poet laureate Rebecca Thomas co-hosts this week's show.

Duration: 00:34:12

Examineradio 125: Rally 'Round The Statues

Historian Afua Cooper is on the show this week to talk about racism, slavery and Lord Dalhousie, the university’s namesake. She’s the James R. Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies at Dal. She has a few things to say about the statues coming down. Plus, Tim and Terra discuss the latest rally at the Cornwallis statue, the Bloomfield property and the Chronicle Herald.

Duration: 00:42:18

Examineradio 124: Herald Strike Ends!

The 18-month strike at the Chronicle Herald is over. For some, it’s a return to the newsroom, though with a lighter paycheque and longer work week. For others, it’s a loss of a job. Tim and Terra dissect this news, of course, in our Week in Review segment. We also have Valerie Dufour on the show to talk about the bitter two-year lockout she experienced at the Journal de Montreal. Like with the Herald strike, those workers launched a news site while the Journal de Montreal kept publishing....

Duration: 00:29:53

What's In Mark Lever's Books? Examineradio, episode #123

As a crippling 18-month strike drags on, the Nova Scotia government has appointed an independent arbitrator to try to strike an agreement between the Chronicle Herald and its unionized workers. This industrial inquiry, the first in Nova Scotia in nearly a quarter century, gives the mediator, William Kaplan, sweeping powers, including the ability to subpoena the Chronicle Herald's financial records. On this episode we speak to Danny Cavanagh, President of the Nova Scotia Federation of...

Duration: 00:40:42

Crashing on Annie Liebovitz's Sofa: Examineradio #122

This week, we're joined by Halifax Examiner transportation columnist Erica Butler, who digs into the province's recent announcement of more than $65m in funding to twin portions of Highway 103, as well as the inaccessibility of Africville Park. Plus, 2,000 images from famed photographer Annie Liebovitz remain shuttered (see what I did there?) in a warehouse somewhere in Halifax, after the Canadian Cultural Property Export Review Board ruled for the fourth time that local random rich dude...

Duration: 00:32:28

When Do We Get To Post-Colonialism? Examineradio - episode #121

This past weekend saw another demonstration in Cornwallis Park to remove the statue of Halifax founder and all-around shitheel Edward Cornwallis. The statue remains, which is a disappointment, but the dialogue continues. Bear in mind, however, that even New Orleans, the biggest city in one of the most pro-slavery states has finally removed statues of Confederate generals. And history still exists. Nobody's pretending the Civil War never happened. This week, we speak to Waye Mason, City...

Duration: 00:42:01

"We're not trying to remove history, we're trying to unearth it": Examineradio, episode #120

It's been two weeks since the self-proclaimed Proud Boys disrupted an Indigenous ceremony at the statue of Edward Cornwallis in downtown Halifax. In the meantime, the rocky relationship between the city and its Indigenous citizens has had a significantly higher profile, culminating in a planned protest on Saturday July 15 to finally have the offending statue removed. Joining Tim is Chief Grizzly Mamma, and Indigenous activists Trish MacIntyre and Rebecca Moore.

Duration: 00:28:21

Wankers in our midst: Examineradio, episode #119

Halifax rarely makes the national news unless it's for something reprehensible, whether that's cross-burnings, racial profiling, or entrenched systemic racism. Now, the city has a local chapter of the pro-European, anti-masturbation Proud Boys to call their very own. Also, Globe & Mail writer and editor, as well as host of the popular podcast Colour Code, Denise Balkissoon joins us to discuss trying to discover Nova Scotia's Black history as a tourist. Turns out it's easier said than done.

Duration: 00:35:05

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