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Puff Puff Pass Podcast Ep. 13- Walker Kay

In this episode, Gabe is again joined by his good friend, conservative political spokesman, and previous Puff Puff Pass Podcast guest, Walker Kay. The duo discusses gun control, education, and parenting. They also discuss some first hand "Polling" experience, and what polls really are. RevelatorGabe-Twitter/IG


Puff Puff Pass Podcast ep. 12- Austin & Erin Mowery

In this episode, Gabe is joined by is good friends Austin and Erin Mowery. Austin "Morning" Mowery from Exchanging Dialouges with Dave and Gabe, as well as a previous Puff Puff Pass Podcast guest. Erin Mowery is a psychology major from Elizabethtown University. The trio discuess why it is frowned upon to discuss politics and religion, then proceed to discuss politics and religion for the better part of two...


Puff Puff Pass Podcast Ep. 11 - J.T. Pavidus

In this episode, Gabe is joined by Cannapunch employee, and good friend J.T. Pavidus. They discuss why marijuana is not federally legal, and why police officers have one of the toughest jobs in the world. The duo also dives into why concentrates are not the same as flower. Serious issues are tackled here in this highly controversial conversation. @RevelatorGabe-Twitter/IG GabeTheRevelator@gmail.com ExchangingDialgoues@Gmail.com Exchanging Dialogues Podcast - Facebook


Puff Puff Pass Podcast Ep. 10- 'LP'

In this episode, Gabe is joined by his good friend, top Denver artist, and graphic designer, 'LP'. The duo discusses the wilderness in the Rocky Mountains. Can you scare a bear? Greek gods, and ghost showers. It's a wild episode here folks. @RevelatorGabe- Twitter/IG ExchangingDialoguesPodcasts@gmail.com GabeTheRevelator@gmail.com


Puff Puff Pass Podcast Ep. 9- Anthony Renee Rivera

In this episode, Gabe is joined by popular Boulder DJ, Fusion 117, Anthony Renee Rivera. The two discuss his professional music career, as well as diving into some conspiracy theory fun. As always some marijuana conversation. Early technical difficulties early on, but we overcome. @RevelatorGabe-IG/Twitter ExchangingDialogues@gmail.com GabeTheRevelator@gmail.com Fusion 117-Mixcloud


Puff Puff Pass Podcast Ep. 8- Evan Uding

In this episode, Gabe is joined by professional trimmer, skateboarding enthusiast, and conspiracy theory expert, Evan Uding. Gabe and Evan discuss some of the unknown problems within the trim world. They also dive in to a handful of conspiracy theories to test the mind. It's a good time for everyone. Evan is also working on a skateboarding across America documentary "Abandoned in America." @RevelatorGabe-Twitter/IG GabeTheRevelator@Gmail.com ExchangingDialogues@gmail.com


Puff Puff Pass Podcast Ep. 7- Austin Mowery

In this episode, Gabe is joined by good friend, musician, and entrepreneur, Austin "Morning" Mowery. Gabe and Austin discuss the current status of the NBA, and the three-point takeover. The duo also dissects the upcoming UFC events, the craziness involving the middleweight division, and the future of Tim "The Barbarian" Boetsch. They also dabble into music culture, and how it has changed our...


Puff Puff Pass Podcast Ep. 6- Walker Kay

In this episode, Gabe is joined by his good friend, and conservative political spokesman, Walker Kay. The duo discusses current politics, conservative and liberal agendas, and the main stream media. They also discuss what is controversial, what is politically correct, and what's kind of funny. It's genuinely a good time. @RevelatorGabe-Twitter/IG GabeTheRevelator@Gmail.com ExchangingDialogues@Gmail.com


Puff Puff Pass Podcast Ep. 5- Keegan Maselli

In this Episode, Gabe is joined by Gunsmith Keegan Maselli. The two discuss the lost art of Smithing and Keegan's favorite weapons. They also dive into some Star Wars talk, zombie invasions, Tim Ferris, and we bring back the fan favorite segment, "The SuperFight"! @RevelatorGabe-Twitter/IG GabeTheRevelator@gmail.com ExchangingDialogues@gmail.com


003- The Red Team Show

In this episode, Gabe is joined by previous Puff Puff Pass Podcast guests, Party Deck Supervisor Greg McCabe, and top Denver artist, 'LP'. They discuss a plethora of topics, Super-Hero crime fighting teams, toughest world leaders, and the return of the Super Fight! Use the Hashtag #TheRedTeamShow on any social media to add questions or topics to the "Container of Topics". @RevelatorGabe-Twitter/IG ExchangingDialouges@gmail.com GabeTheRevelator@gmail.com


Puff Puff Pass Podcast Ep. 4- Greg McCabe

In this episode, Gabe is joined by the Coors Field, "Party Deck" Supervisor, Greg McCabe. The two discuss some Rockies related shenanigans, and some rooftop hijinks. They also dive into a few psychedelic experiences, and who would win in a fight, 'Indiana Santa', or 'Flapping Flying Anderson Silva'. The "Puff Puff Pass Podcast". @RevelatorGabe-Twitter/IG GabeTheRevelator@Gmail.com ExchangingDialogues@Gmail.com


Puff Puff Pass Podcast Ep.3- Ian Jacklin

In this episode, Gabe is again joined by World Kickboxing Champion, and actor in Movies like Deathmatch, Kickboxer 3, and the Soap Opera Days of Our Lives. Ian Jacklin. Ian dives into his documentaries "I Cure Cancer" and "I Cure Cancer 2" They discuss the benefits of the alkaline diet, and the real positive benefits of CBD and its direct link to cancer. They also dive back into some conspiracy theories, and the patented Puff Puff Pass craziness you have all come to know and...


Puff Puff Pass Podcast Ep. 2- Ian Jacklin, Dan James

In this episode, Gabe is joined by his friends Jay Wommack and sir Leland Redfield, and special guests Ian Jacklin, former World Kickboxing Champion. An actor in movies like Kickboxer 3, Death Match, The Jackal, the soap opera "Days of Our Lives". Director and Documentary Producer, I Cure Cancer leading the way. And Dan James, member of the American Association of Variable Star Observers for Harvard University. In this fantastic Part 1 Ian and Dan come out firing. They dive into a current...


002- The Red Team Show

In this Episode, Gabe, Jay and Leland are joined by their good friend, Owner and Founder of IvanCo, the Great Canadian, Ivan Mirosav. The friends hit off the new segment on the show, the container of topics. A plethora of questions and topics are tackled. Crunchy or Creamy Peanut Butter? Authorities using personal cell phone data to aid in the arrest of a criminal? They are everywhere folks. If you want to add your questions or topics to the container of topics, use the hashtag...


What Would Leland Do? 48 Laws of Power Law 7: Get Others to do the work

In this Episode, Leland is Joined by fellow Host Jay Wommack, from the popular "Getting Inside the Box" podcast. Leland and Jay discuss the seventh Law of Power in the "48 Laws of Power" series. If you want the advantage, stay listening.


Getting Inside the Box Ep. 8- Jenniene Loves Jimbo Review

In this Episode, Jay is joined by his good Friend Hambone. The duo dives deep into the Jenniene Loves Jimbo episode. The comedy and education combination is fantastic. Thank you, and Enjoy. ExchangingDialogues.com ExchangingDialogues@gmail.com GettingInsidetheBox@gmail.com


Getting Inside the Box Ep. 7 -Jenniene Loves Jimbo

In this episode, Jay is joined by Jenniene, an ambitious young lover who shares her story with Jay on falling in love quickly, and what it means. Jay tackles the tough questions that are sure to make any dating experience you're having make a little more sense. ExchangingDialouges.com ExchangingDialouges@gmail.com GettingInsidetheBox@gmail.com


What Would Leland Do? Episode 1: Marijuana Business Series

In this Episode, Leland is joined by expert grower, and marijuana consultant, Jeramiah. Leland dives into the sticky business of marijuana, kicking off his new Marijuana Business Series. Leland and the twenty-year veteran dig deep, while satisfying all informational, and entertainment needs. Enjoy. ExchangingDialouges.com ExchangingDialouges@gmail.com Leland_Redfield-Twitter


What Would Leland Do? 48 Laws of Power Law 6: Court Attention at all Cost

In this episode of "What Would Leland Do" Leland is joined by Mr. Jay Wommack, and the duo discusses what it means to Court Attention and the best ways to do so, as well as some do not's. Leland strikes again with another strong piece on power, really dissecting the 48 Laws. Keep listening to gain the upper hand. ExchangingDialogues.com ExchangingDialogues@gmail.com @Leland_Redfield-Twitter


001-The Red Team Show

In this groundbreaking release of the brand new hit podcast "The Red Team Show", Gabe, Jay, and Leland challenge each others mental, as well as intestinal fortitude in this riveting debate classic. The friends dive in to the New World Order, Virtual Reality, and life as we know it. Enjoy the show. #TheRedTeamShow ExchangingDialouges.com ExchangingDialoguges@gmail.com @RevelatorGabe-Twitter @Leland_Redfield-Twitter


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