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Episode 28: Back To School II

The Exit 50A Podcast returns with its Back To School Special! Derek, Kaz, and Rob are back to re-live some of their college adventures in the latest podcast. Also, find out which one of the guys prepping to go through an "exploratory" medical procedure. ICYMI features a university in trouble for suggesting a new method on preventing sexual assault; a Chinese woman gives birth on a street while shopping; a Tinder date goes wrong; and much more. Plus, the gang debuts a new segment with...

Duration: 01:27:38

Episode 27: The Return To Scranton

The latest edition of the Exit 50A Podcast finds the crew trying to record a show in a car during its annual trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania. Derek, Kaz, and Rob aren't alone this time as head writer "Jay from Deptford" and Bruce Hummer join the program. ICYMI examines what countries are most and least involved with sexting; what caused a dust-up at a Metallica concert; where are women with larger breasts getting discounts; the ESPN/Odell Beckham/fantasy football controversy that caused...

Duration: 01:08:52

Episode 26: O.J. Simpson, Pete Rose, & Michael Jackson Walk Into A Bar

The Exit 50A Podcast is back in Studio J. Derek, Kaz, and Rob cover lots of ground including how the crew dealt with their first-ever hot dog challenge. Plus, Derek brings two surprise announcements to the program. ICYMI runs the gauntlet with talk about the recent Pete Rose/statutory rape controversy; a woman in Tennessee offers the true definition of a shotgun wedding; what is ailing model Lindsey Pelas; and why are Paris Jackson and Macaulay Culkin spending time together. Also, the...

Duration: 01:37:57

Episode 25: Year 2 Starring OJ Simpson, Hot Dogs, & Chuck Berry

Year 2 of the Exit 50A Podcast begins with a bang as Derek, Kaz, and Rob convene over numerous issues including: Plus, ICYMI runs the gamut with a story about a woman dubbed the "Million Dollar Ho"; new innovation in China that may save marriages; how Barack Obama and Winnie the Pooh contributed to censorship issues in China; and much more. And in the main event (and the newest edition of Off The Exit), the gang participates in the first-ever hot dog eating challenge in honor of National...

Duration: 01:34:08

Episode 24: The Exit 50A Podcast Anniversary Show

Derek, Kaz, and Rob bust out the champagne (literally) to commemorate the show's one-year anniversary from a new location. The special occasion brings about the Exit 50A-List Podcast Awards, which honors the most dubious stories of the last year including: "The Jonesys" will be dished out for these special categories and much more. Also, you'll hear from some old friends of the show including O.J. Simpson, Usain Bolt, and more. Plus, find out who will win the prestigious Exit 50A...

Duration: 01:44:30

Episode 23: The London Effect

Derek & Rob return from London to bring you a new edition of the Exit 50A Podcast. They recap a raucous trip to England including what country was responsible for producing the rudest people; what technological issue drove Derek crazy; London pub crawls; and more! ICYMI features a potpourri of topics including: Elsewhere, it's the debut of "The Social Club" featuring special guest Nick Ambrose (aka pics.by.nick). It's another action packed edition of the Exit 50A Podcast! RATE. REVIEW....

Duration: 01:11:59

Episode 22: The Memorial Day Weekend Bash

The Exit 50A Podcast crew delivers its Memorial Day Weekend special to the masses in a new episode. Derek, Kaz, and Rob cover a mysterious "river of feces" incident in New Jersey; high school teachers giving out insensitive superlative awards to their students; a promposal that causes an uproar at a park; a rare showing of strength in China; and much more. Plus, find out which one of the guys has some stern words for a former prom date. Off The Exit dives into proper BBQ etiquette for...

Duration: 01:11:42

Episode 21: The Taco Bell Cinco de Mayo Special

For the first time since January, Derek, Rob, & Kaz are together in the same place, at the same time for the latest edition of the Exit 50A Podcast. The trio's return also means another edition of Fast Food Frenzy as Derek, Rob, & Kaz dive into the world of Taco Bell. This wide-ranging episode celebrates Cinco De Mayo and delves into many probing topics including: Elsewhere, a new Off The Exit takes a look at the Video Game Hall of Fame and the gang offers their thoughts on possible...

Duration: 01:43:23

Episode 20: The Fall of United Airlines/My Roommate's An Escort

Derek & Rob bring you an all-new edition of the Exit 50A Podcast and this time they brought reinforcements. Off The Exit features Katie Uhlmann and Trish Rainone, the stars of a new comedy web series called My Roommate's An Escort. They stop by the show to discuss their new web series and talk about the Canadian dating scene, acting, bad roommates, and much more. Elsewhere, Derek & Rob cover the United Airlines controversy and how the company incorrectly handled the incident; say so long...

Duration: 01:20:50

Episode 19: The Rachel Dolezal Crayola Experience

While Kaz is on the mend with an illness, Derek and Rob are ready and able for a new episode of the Exit 50A Podcast! Derek has returned from his trip to Buffalo with some rather sobering news that doesn't involve digesting chicken wings. Meanwhile, Rob learns about potential Mummer spies checking in on the show. Elsewhere, the duo tackles a Vietnamese man who hasn't clipped his fingernails in nearly 40 years; the controversial Rachel Dolezal explaining that she is "too black" for her...

Duration: 01:30:45

Episode 18B: The Pre-St. Patrick's Day Massacre

The second part of a special two-part Exit 50A Podcast is on the loose. Derek, Kaz, and Rob hop into ICYMI, which includes chatter about Emma Watson and her unique bathing techniques; a vulgar version of Thomas the Tank Engine; a controversial fashion choice that promotes camel toe; a couple that gets married at Taco Bell; and more. Plus, a new Off The Exit pays tribute to late, great Notorious B.I.G., who tragically passed away 20 years ago. In honor of the notorious one, Derek gets...

Duration: 01:02:14

Episode 18A: The Pre-St. Patrick's Day Massacre

In the first part of a special two-part episode of the Exit 50A Podcast, Kaz returns to join Derek and a late-arriving Rob. The trio discuss Derek's lack of common sense when it comes to dating; whether "Hawaiian pizza" should be considered culturally insensitive, and much more in a thought-provoking excursion. Plus, be shocked and amazed when we discuss writer Agatha Christie. It's an all-out sensory assault in a new episode of the Exit 50A Podcast. TWITTER:...

Duration: 00:42:01

Episode 17: Exit Fifty (A) Shades Darker

A new Exit 50A Podcast finds Derek and Rob catching up about the Grammy's and Valentine's Day including a movie review of Fifty Shades Darker. Plus, find out what took place at a movie theater showing the film. SPOILER ALERT: it's not the cleanest of ideas in a public setting. ICYMI features a look at Iceland's president and why he wants to ban pineapple pizza; a Huffington Post writer cheating while running in a half-marathon; a former NFL player gets fired from his job for a social...

Duration: 01:16:17

Episode 16: Happy Valentine's Day

Derek, Rob, and Kaz are back for a new episode of the Exit 50A Podcast! A special Valentine's Day edition of the show covers plenty of ground. The gang offers their thoughts on the day including Rob taking a stroll down memory lane and just where we are at with the special day in 2017. Elsewhere, find out what former adult film star has Kaz's attention these days on Twitter; the gang weighs in on the controversial travel ban temporarily put in place by President Donald Trump; and learn...

Duration: 01:28:13

Episode 15: The Trump Fast Food Inauguration

For the first time in 2017, Derek, Kaz, and Rob are back together for a new edition of the Exit 50A Podcast! The trio talks recaps Donald Trump's inauguration including why Lee Greenwood is so popular, Barron Trump, the Obamas, the appearance of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and much more. Plus, Fast Food Frenzy makes its triumphant return to the podcast. This time, we put the food of Prime Burger in Glassboro underneath the spotlight. ICYMI explores a doctor who cured a female medical issue...

Duration: 01:26:11

Episode 14: Golden Journalism

Derek and Rob bring you a new episode of the Exit 50A Podcast! The guys recap a controversial start to 2017 including the latest news on Donald Trump's "golden shower" scandal; a look at what happened to the Fralinger String Band during the Mummers Parade, and more. Plus, find out how a grilled cheese sandwich played into a murder attempt; how a sanitary pad can be used as a weapon; and learn all about "Trump porn." The Exit 50A Podcast brings the heat to continue an action-packed month...

Duration: 01:00:24

Episode 13: The Christmas Eve Special

Derek, Kaz, and Rob convene for their annual Christmas Eve spectacular to salvage 2016! This one features a field of 64 involving the greatest Christmas songs of all-time and other hi-jinx. Elsewhere, the gift-giving segment features a few "Presidential" cameo appearances; the Reagan/Bush administration is revived; and the show welcomes intrepid traffic correspondent Bruce Hummer. Plus, Kaz provides his annual Christmas Essay regarding holiday songs. Laughs and yuletide greetings all...

Duration: 01:39:15

Episode 12: Holiday Growing Pains

Derek and Rob mourn the loss of Alan Thicke in the latest Exit 50A Podcast. They discuss his impact on 1980s television and more. The holiday season finds us discussing an overseas controversy in Spain that involves a nativity scene and a phallic symbol. In other news, a New York University study uncovers disgusting things discovered at ATMs; and find out which cities are having the most sex. The answer will surprise you! In the spirit of the holidays, Derek and Rob go "Off The Exit" to...

Duration: 01:18:53

Episode 11: Insert Here

The Exit 50A Podcast is done rifling through leftovers to bring you a fresh post-Thanksgiving episode. Derek and Kaz discuss the marriage of Thanksgiving and uncomfortable political discussions. Elsewhere, find out about a woman who offered up sex for $60 and nachos; China's sperm donor crisis; Dr. Jill Stein's feeble recount efforts; and why people think it's a great idea to insert foreign objects into their body. Plus, sage wisdom about online dating, bad rock music, and yes...even...

Duration: 01:27:00

A Throwback Christmas (Eve) Story

As one holiday ends, another looms... The Exit 50A Podcast crew presents a special flashback holiday show to prep you for December. Prior to our podcasting days, we combined efforts for a Christmas Eve special at our alma mater's college radio station. This podcast features a collection of segments that feature bad holiday gift ideas, proper party etiquette, and more. Plus, find out what happens during our annual gift-giving segment. It's the gift that (hopefully) keeps on...

Duration: 00:31:40

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