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Harley Bjelland - Have You Made Illegal Promises to Key Employees? (C2018)

Harley Bjelland of www.TheErisaLawFirm.com is an experienced ERISA attorney. He shares some examples of Executive Compensation practices that he sees regularly that may be illegal under current IRS Section 409A and strategies to retain and reward key employees. We upload new content daily so please check back often! + + + + Show host Bill Black is a Certified Exit Planner who helps Business Owners plan for their future Succession, Exit and Transition. Schedule a call at...


Scott Robertson - Every Little Thing You Do Is Branding (C2018)

In this 20 minute interview, Scott Robertson, President & Founder of Robertson Communications, discusses how to create a Brand that captures your customer’s emotions. Scott has an extensive background in branding and shares numerous tips and ideas that you can start putting to work in your business today. + + + + Show host Bill Black is a Certified Exit Planner who helps Business Owners plan for their future Succession, Exit and Transition. Schedule a call at www.BBschedule.com, email him...


Soyini Coke - Planning Pays: It’s Powerful, Practical, and Profitable (C1918)

Soyini Coke is the Founder and Principal of Annona Enterprises. Today, she will discuss the benefits of planning, and why it’s so important for success. Questions Asked: 1) Strategic Planning is very often viewed by business owners as an exercise for large businesses. How can they make it both relevant and profitable in their operations? 2) If a CEO doesn’t want to do a 50 page business plan or strategic plan, what are your recommendations for how they can get some bene [...]


Pam Reyes - The Best Leaders Are Not Well Rounded (C1818)

Pam Reyes is a Business & Leadership Advisor and is going to talk about Strengths-based Leadership. Questions Answered: 1) What do you mean when you say the best leaders are not well rounded? 2) Can you tell us a little about Strengths-based leadership and how that factors in to what you do.3) How is Strengths-based different from other leadership development? Contact Info:


Andrew Singer - Legal Policies in the Workplace (C1718)

Andrew Singer is the Chairman of Tannenbaum Helpern’s Employment Law Practice Group. Andrew has extensive experience in all aspects of employment law and provides clients with a full spectrum of legal services, from every day counseling to complex employment litigation. Contact info: Email: singer@thsh.com [...]


Special Event in OC 3/31 - W. Bailey Smith discusses the new Tax Law

Join renowned Estate Planning Attorney W. Bailey Smith for a special presentation on “How Donald Trump’s Tax Reform Act Affects Your Estate Plan” and “Brain Aging and Dementia” (a special presentation by Dr. Carl Cotman, professor of psychbiology, neurology and psychiatry at UCI) Saturday, March 31st At the Atrium Hotel, 18700 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA 91612 Check in at 9:00 a.m., complimentary breakfast 9:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m., Presentation 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Presentation...


Michael Wittick - The Many Facets Of A Comprehensive Estate Plan (C1618)

Michael Wittick, President - Michael J Wittick, a Prof. Law Corp, discusses the many considerations and components of a comprehensive Estate Plan.


Peter Tentler - Reverse Mortgage Myths and Opportunities (C1618)

In this 20 minute interview, Peter Tentler of Liberty Home Equity discusses some of the myths and misunderstandings about Reverse Mortgages, and discusses some of the applications for Business Owners and Retirees to improve their cash flow. Contact Pete at 858-999-1776


Chris King - Increase the Emotional Quotient of Your Business (C1518)

Chris King is an issue resolution specialist & authentic presenter. He focuses no increasing the emotional quotient of your business and getting the most out of your employees. Questions Asked:


Steve Smith - Performance Based Business Coaching (C1418)

Steve Smith is the President of Growth Source Coaching, a company that specializes in performance based business coaching. Steve helps you and your business realize you need it, learn it, & do it. Questions Answered:


Wendy Hooper - How Real Estate Fits into An Estate Plan (C1418)

Wendy Hooper is a residential real estate market specialist. Today, she will discuss how real estate fits into an estate plan. She often urges her clients to buy homes that would have strong resale, even if they do not plan to sell anytime soon. The unexpected has a way of happening. Questions Asked: 1) Do I reduce my commissions? 2) Why stage a home?


Rosann Levy - Network, Network, Network and Focus (C1318)

Rosann Levy discusses how she helps her clients connect effectively on several levels with their customers. We add new content daily! Listen on iTunes: iTunes.ExitcoachRadio.com . See the Index for more on this Topic or by this Guest . Host: Bill Black, The Exit Coach Radio Show - the Information Station for age 50+ business owners. How Ready Is Your Business for Transfer or Sale? Click for FREE Assessment Report “Come Listen for a Minute“!


Michelle Tillis Lederman - How Relationships Drive Business Growth (C1218)

Michelle Tillis Lederman is a Communications & Likability expert and is going to talk about how relationships drive business growth. Questions Discussed: 1) Why does likability matter to business?


Pam Reyes - Pursue Excellence, not perfection (C1118)

Pam Reyes coaches people who want to work on their Strengths. She has found that many perfectionists would do better to focus on excellence as a goal. That means looking at things a little differently. Listen to her interview! Contact info: Email: Pam@pamreyes.com For a free Strategy Session, visit: www.pamreyes.com/strategy Visit ExitCoachRadio.com for Audio, Videos, Books and Interactive Tools to Grow Your Business Value, Protect Your Family and Prepare for your Future...


W. Bailey Smith - The John Wayne Problem and the Bing Crosby Solution (C1018)

W. Bailey Smith is the “Trust Doctor”, an Estate Planning Attorney with Tredway, Lumsdaine & Doyle, LLP. Over the past 40 years he has been practicing law he has drafted over 6,000 Trusts and has seen it all. He discusses some of the planning problems and solutions he has handled over the years. Contact Bailey at bsmith@tldlaw.com


Diana Henderson - Employers Behaving Badly - Change Your Behavior and Change Your Workers Comp Plan (C0918)

The Henderson Group is a risk management consulting firm that is in the business of reducing and controlling our client’s workers’ compensation costs. But we do not broker or sell insurance. Questions covered: What is the most common misconception that employers have about reducing the cost of workers’ compensation? How can the listener avoid or overcome this obstacle to successfully achieve this outcome? When should a business owner reach out to you for help? Listeners can receive a...


Mahyar Ghassemian - Minimize the Impact of Lawsuits (C0818)

Mahyar Ghassemian and Ghassemian Law Group focus on Business and Construction Law. Today Mahyar will talk about some newdevelopments in Construction law. Questions Answered: 1) What is the number one reason contractors get sued? 2) What is the best way to minimize the impact of any lawsuits? 3) Any other important advice for people in the construction industry?


Brad Leggett - Developing a High Performance Sales Team (C0718)

Brad Leggett is the CEO & Founder of The Leggett Group, Inc. Brad works with CEO’s and VP’s of sales to set the company’s sales strategy and to build, lead and retain “high performance sales teams.” Today, he will discuss how to develop your company’s high performance sales team. Questions Answered: 1) What drew you to this line of work?


Your IP Structure Can Enhance Your Retirement - Mark Goldstein (C0618)

In this 20 minute interview, Mark Goldstein, Attorney at Law, SoCal IP Law Group LLP discusses how to look at your IP as an asset to increase your return when selling your company.


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