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Episode 39: What's The Story With Puerto Rico?

For our last episode of season one of Explain It To Jamie, we talk about Puerto Rico! Are they part of the US or not? Why did hurricane Maria hit them so hard? How much debt could a debt bet get if a debt bet can't abet debt? We're taking a break over the next few months to do some travelling and work on the next season of the podcast. If you liked this season please do share it around, and we'll be back with season two in early 2018!


Episode 38: What Is NAFTA?

This week, we dive into the weedy world of NAFTA! What is a tariff? Why is everyone mad at Mexico? If I agree with something that Donald Trump says, does that make me a bad person?


Episode 37: What's Jagmeet Singh's Deal?

Jamie's away this week so our episode is a little leaner than normal! This week, we delve into the recent NDP leadership election and talk about the man of the hour: Jagmeet Singh! Who is he? What does he believe? Is Canada gonna go from being a country that's secretly racist to a country that's outwardly racist?


Episode 36: What Is The Israel-Palestine Conflict? Why Is It So Hard To Find Peace?

This week we try to shed some light on the intricacies of the Israel-Palestine conflict? Why are they fighting? What makes finding a peace agreement so difficult? Why is talking about this topic so scary?


Episode 35: What is the United Nations?

This week, we dive into the wacky world of the United Nations. What is it for? How does it actually function? Why does Canada care sooooo much about the Suez Canal Crisis when other countries would really rather not think about it?


Episode 34: Climate Change Part 2: Climate Change And Politics!

This week we return to the incredibly depressing world of the tiny particles making our air thicker to present: climate change part 2! What are countries trying to do to solve it? Is it gonna work? Is "cloud brightening" something you do on the internet??? THE ANSWERS LIE WITHIN!


Episode 33: Sex, Part 3! Sex And The Law (Feat. Steph Baptist)

This week we're crazy excited to welcome Steph Baptist back on the show to help us feel less weird about our dangly bits and the feelings they make us feel! We unpack some issues in which the law and sex meet including consent, sex work, and sexual assault legislation. Let's learn about the birds and the bees and the legal definition of consent! (Note: this episode was public for about 3 minutes with a bad audio track. If you hear big gaps of silence, delete the episode and re-download it...


Episode 32: Climate Change: What Is It And How Does It Happen?

This week, we bring you the first of our series of episodes on CLIMATE CHANGE! (**thunder sound effect**) What horrors of science are causing it? (**lightning crash**) How bad will it truly be for humanity? (**sound of a thousand squealing pigs**) Are Oil Companies Really That Bad? (**a man farts into a tuba**)


Episode 31: Remind Me Again Who Was Fired From The Trump Administration?

This week, Jamie wants to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about all those poor souls who have departed the Trump Administration before their time. Who are they? Why were they fired? What if the REAL American Health Care Act was the friends we made along the way?


Episode 30: Who Is Justin Trudeau (And How Can I Make Him Notice Me?)

This week we want to take an...intimate and personal look at Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. What's his deal? What does he really believe? Did his mom bang Mick Jagger? DOES HE LIKE ME BACK???


Episode 29: What's Eating Rebel Media?

This week, Jamie wants to know about Rebel Media. Who are they, and why do they hate Muslims so much? Are they all secretly Nazis? Will Ezra Levant sue us just for writing his name here?


Episode 28: Will Someone PLEASE Define Neoliberalism?? (Feat. Anthony MacMahon and Thomas McKechnie)

This week, we delve into the exciting world everyone's favourite hegemonic global ideology: Neoliberalism! What is it? Why does everyone have so much trouble defining it? If Galen Weston loses $158 million dollars and no one gives a shit about it, is he still a dingus?


Episode 27: How Do You Solve A Problem Like (North) Korea?

This week, Jamie and Richard take a figurative trip to North Korea! How did it end up the way it is now? Are they really seriously about nuking Guam? How is Donald Trump gonna get out of this pickle he's found himself in??


Episode 26: Who Is Omar Khadr, And Why Is My Racist Uncle Mad About Him?

This week, Jamie and Richard delve into the saga of Omar Khadr. Who is he? What are the actual facts about his case? Why have so many of our "more-ignored" relatives seem to have lost their goddamn minds every time they talk about him?


Episode 25: What Are America's Political Parties, and Why Are They The Way They Are?

This week, Jamie wants to know about America's political parties! Who are they? What do they want with us all? Why do donkeys and elephants hate each other so much?


Episode 24: What Is The Truth And Reconciliation Report? (feat. Jacqui and Hunter Cardinal)

In Episode 24, we unpack the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report. Why is it important? What does it tell us about the future? Were the fathers of confederation reeeaaally that racist? (yes) We're also super pleased to welcome third-time guest Hunter Cardinal alongside his brilliant sister Jacqui! We're also still recording over skype and working out some audio kinks so here's a brief FAQ for this episode: Q: Why do the voices go all robot-y sometimes? A: Hunter and Jacqui didn't...


Episode 23: Who Is Edward Snowden?

This week, we're switching up our form! Jamie became sort of obsessed with this week's topic and so he's going to be explaining who Edward Snowden is to Richard! What kind of information did Snowden leak? What's going to happen to him? Does the government have all of my sexy pics (almost certainly yes).


Episode 22: Riff-Raff on Canada 150! (Feat. Hunter Cardinal, Anthony MacMahon, and Thomas McKechnie)

This week on the show we take a break from our normal topic-based educational programming to bring you a roundtable jam on Canada's 150th anniversary. How did we celebrate? Did you see the huge inflatable duck? Is anyone out there NOT thinking of a horrible genocide right now? We're so happy to welcome back to the show Hunter Cardinal from Episode 4, and Anthony MacMahon and Thomas McKechnie from Episode 15! If you haven't yet listened to those episodes then what are you waiting...


Episode 21: What Is The Brexit? (Feat. Ruth Bratt and Adam Meggido)

This week we dive into one of our most-requested topics: The Brexit! What's the EU? Will Britain be able to leave it without destroying itself?Is British chocolate really chocolate at all? We are so pleased to welcome Ruth Bratt and Adam Meggido from Showstoppers on the show this week! It was a privilege to have them regail us with tales from insdie the Brexit.


Bonus Episode: The UK Election 2017 Post-Show!

In this week's bonus episode we re-visit the UK election! Who won? Who lost? Which of the two northern Irish parties hold the balance of power, and is that a good thing or a terrifying thing?


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