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066: How Great Content Creators Make It Look Easy!

I believe every person no matter your job or industry must embrace the fact that they are the producer of their own reality tv series about their life. Now I don’t mean the over produced and fake versions of reality tv rather the real, raw and unfilter access types that make you feel like you could be on that show or that one of those reality tv stars reminds you of a friend of yours. Our first impression in 2018 and beyond happens online and having a website or being on social media...


065: Facebook Zero Strategy Changes: SMMW18 Keynote

On this episode you'll listen to the 35 minute keynote I gave at Social Media Marketing World on the Facebook Zero: News Feed changes. This presentation was done with 51 gifs but the audio I captured from my iPhone on stage still captured my message and I thought this would be massively valuable to the FOMOFanz community. Keynote details: Facebook Strategy in Light of the Facebook Apocalypse Facebook has long preached the importance of social media being an extension of human to human...


064: Why Marketing Disruption Has Only Just Begun!

Pumped to talk about a wide range of disruptive technologies impacting all forms of marketing after a couple weeks of speaking at National Speakers Association, Digital Summit Phoenix and Social Media Marketing World. Focus of this episode: Brands or links mentioned on this episode: My speaker site: Video Marketing World Workshop AAffiliate Link: Away Luggage Tweet I sent:...


63: Power of a Startup Grind Mindset

I'm on the board of 5 startups as a strategic advisor which I love doing but as a speaker most of the events I attend and brands I work with are industry, enterprise or larger association. This past week one of the startups I advice, Fledge Connect, placed in the top 50 for the Startup Grind competition allowing them to go to the global event in Redwood Ca to pitch VC's, have a booth and participate in the event. Although I had heard of Startup Grind, this was my first time attending one...


062: The Secret To Connecting Your Business with Digital Natives Online

When most hear about selling online they either think about the overused term “social selling” or they think about the infomercial style selling where brands push webinars, online courses and free downloads in consumers faces to get them on their email list so they can hammer them with email upsells and limited space available marketing crap. I do believe in the power of social selling and know many people who do it well but the reason the other time of online selling works is because...


061: What Brands Must Do Different With Influencer Marketing In 2018!

The concept of influencer marketing isn’t new but how brands can leverage influencers and what works for collaborating with an influencer has drastically changed over the last 18 months. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or an enterprise there are people that use your product or service that influence others through their actions, their words or simply their trust in that person. The hard part is finding the right influencer then mapping out what success looks like for you the...


60: Facebook News Feed Changes: What You Need To Know

Facebook is now focused on facilitate the most meaningful interactions between PEOPLE, rather than the previous mandate of helping people find the most meaningful content... Full press release here. Why this shift? Mark Zuckerberg stated that: “If what we’re here to do is help people build relationships, then we need to adjust.” So what does this mean for your business, what impact will this have on content creation and social media marketing as a whole? I believe this will have a...


059: Why It’s The Worst-Best Time To Be An Entrepreneur

The idea of what an entrepreneur is the value of entrepreneurship has drastically transformed over the last many years. No matter which way you turn you are flooded with online courses teaching you how to get rich quick and the pontification of entrepreneurs that upon reaching great success want to highlight their rags to riches “memories.” But few talk about their failures while they are failing, their struggles as they are struggling or the crazy rollercoaster ride that is...


058: Trends to Follow To Avoid FOMO in 2018

On FOMOFanz I have the luxury of talking about the future emerging technology Digital transformation the latest thing in digital marketing each week so on this episode I decided to focus on trans and why I think some of those trends are good and some of them are going to lead to really bad branded podcasts. The trends I discuss on this episode range from the idea that technology won't work to fix bad rules, for example, the Steelers versus patriots Game with the bad overturned call to how...


057: Embrace Change with the 4 T's!

The world we live in today is no doubt full of change infused with innovation and new technologies but for many, this is overwhelming or leads to repetitive failures across their business organization. I believe technology isn't scary, change is often presented in the wrong way and go about implementing our version of success in a way the puts too much emphasis on the technology and not enough on the people, the mindset or the need to create a scalable process. On this episode, I break...


Can’t Fix Stupid In 2018

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOMOFanz, one year ago this week we launched the show and season 1 completed with 55 episodes with over 200k downloads and 75k+ live video viewers. On this episode, I preview season 2 of the show and what I’ve learned over this last year hosting FOMOFanz while also answering the following questions and sharing a couple of my bold predictions of 2018. How do you stand out from the noise as an early adopter of technology?What mindset is needed to embrace FOMO in 2018?Why is...


055: S.M.A.C. Talk about Entrepreneur Priorities

Special cross-over episode.... Episode 95 of SMACtalk was so full of fire I wanted to bring the full episode here to FOMOFanz. My co-host Daniel Newman and I begin the discussion talking about the value of Facebook and how it's changed in its value for businesses but also entrepreneurs spending time on the platform. The live audience listening on Facebook Live then took the conversation in a much more dynamic direction as we started discussing business value and priorities of...


054: Artificial Intelligence - Translating the Geek-Speak

Three years ago when someone mentioned the idea of artificial intelligence most people would assume they were going to start referencing Star Wars, Robocop, Terminator, Space Odyssey and the Jetsons. In 2017 A.I. has taken on an entire new trend as more businesses start to invest in the technology and more references are being made to A.I. with tools and technology we use everyday. But what is Artificial Intelligence?What tools or technology do I use today that leverages artificial...


053: How Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality Will Transform Digital Storytelling!

A story is powerful because it relates to the audience and allows the audience to put themselves not only in the shoes of the story and the storyteller but oftentimes allows them to feel part of the story. Augmented reality, virtual reality and the adoption of artificial intelligence will soon allow the audience to truly put on the shoes in the story and interact with emotion and dynamic feelings transforming how we experience digital stories. This is why I love podcasting because when it...


052: Art of Making A Strategic ASK!

How to make an ask to get the answer you want in a digital world full of distractions and 100's of ways to communicate? It’s mostly common sense but I think we often forget the basics in this crazy digital world and I tried to cover some of the basics and questions I’m always asked! When is the best time to get someone to do something for you?What needs to be done beyond: Jab Jab Jab Right Hook!How to know and remember where people prefer to be communicated with?Is strategic relationship...


051: Transparency and Authenticity: Buzzwords or Essential For Digital Leaders?

What role will transparency and authenticity play in our digital future? We often hear leaders especially marketers use the terms transparency and authenticity follow it up with phrases like “I hate that word” or “I know it's a buzzword but.” In my opinion, this not only takes away from the validity of these two powerful personality traits but it also sheds a light on the person who is talking about those terms. On this episode, I apologize for not pushing a new show live the last couple...


050: Growth Hacking Content, Tools, Tips and Hacks

We made it, halfway to 100 which is kind of like celebrating a half birthday which my daughters love to do and I decided to do on this episode 50. On this episode I shared my favorite apps and tools for consuming, curating & sharing content as well as the places I'm spending my time focusing on like Linkedin, AR/VR and artificial intelligence... Focus of this episode: Why I numbered my podcast with 3 digits and my commitment to you the listeners.I live stream my podcast on Facebook...


049: Content Marketing: Should You Care About It In 2017?

With so many channels and so much content being created daily by brands, entrepreneurs and creators, is adding to the content noise even worth it for brands in 2017? I tackle this question and share my key changes that must be embraced and understood to succeed with content marketing in this digital on-demand content overload world we live in. Consumer RespectDefine Creator SuccessKnow where your customer is and their behaviors for consuming content!Field of Dreams Amplification Game is...


048: C-Suite Must Empower Tech Employees In The Boardroom

The C-suite has lost its way when it comes to testing out new technology and selecting the right software and tools for the business. As we moved from on-premise/installed software to cloud computing we also moved from testing and setting up “bake-offs” for analyze tools to a cloud computing model that often time involves the executive reading about a new tool in a Forbes blog post and buying it with the company credit card and telling the employees to use it. We must change how we test...


047: Influencer Marketing, Beyond A One-Night Stand

I decided to change it up on this episode of FOMOfanz as I switch to the other side of the microphone for two very unique interviews I did on the topic of influencer marketing. As you'll hear in both interviews I tried to provide a unique perspective as someone that grew his brand as an influencer and has worked with 30 different companies in an influencer capacity while also being someone that has implemented influencer marketing campaigns and works with brands in 2017 to build out...


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