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FOU Studios brings a cavalcade of programming to one network. From acclaimed comedy company Face Off Unlimited (creators of BATSU! NYC, Chicago, and national tour), and 3/4 of the hit comedy podcast In The Room, comes FOU Studios! For more info on FOU check out






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The Chris Hahn Show | September 15, 2017

This week's show features Comedian Greg Johnson and tons of calls from Trump supporters who say they are with him Wall or no Wall... Alex Jones thinks Trump's being drugged because he's not acting crazy during a national crisis... @theGregJohnson on Twitter @christopherhahn on Twitter @foustudios on Twitter

Duration: 01:24:24

The Chris Hahn Show, September 8, 2017

Chris is talking about the DACA, debt ceiling, Russia, and all things Trump. On the show is Ellis Henican (@henican). Be sure to pick up his book Trunpatude on @amazon. The truth is on the air and in your ear! The Chris Hahn Show is brought to you commercial free by FOU STUDIOS. Recorded LIVE on 103.7FM in NY at LI NEWS RADIO. Edited at FOU STUDIOS.

Duration: 01:24:19

The Chris Hahn Show, August 18, 2017 (HLN's Janet Johnson)

Chris is fired up and he is talking about Charlottesville, racism, and the inevitable removal of the 45th President of the United States. On the show this week, @HLNTV's Janet Johnson (@JJohnsonLaw) is back! Find out if she ever gets that free sub! Follow Chris on Twitter for news and upcoming appearances @christopherhahn

Duration: 01:24:33

The Chris Hahn Show, August 12, 2017 (Carrie Sheffield/BoldGlobalMedia) "Fire & Fury"

Chris is talking "Fire and Fury" and President Trump's provocative rhetoric. Are we headed to a Nuclear War? Chris is tired of the double standard of Trump = good, and Obama = bad. Warning: Chris is doing impressions again. This time it's Matthew McConaughey, alright, alright, alright. Chris' guest is @carriesheffield from @BoldGlobalMedia. Follow Chris on Twitter @christopherhahn and visit his website:

Duration: 01:25:34

The Chris Hahn Show with Actor/Producer Joe Tex (Face Off Unlimited/BATSU!) August 4, 2017

The big news in America comes once again from a WH leak. Chris talks about the President's embarrassing phone calls with Mexico's President and Australia's Prime Minister. Chris' guest this week is a friend of the show Joe Tex, an actor and producer starring in BATSU! in NYC. Joe and Chris do a dramatic reading from excerpts from those now infamous transcripts. WARNING: Joe and Chris are terrible impressionists! Follow Joe Tex on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat: @joetexonline and...

Duration: 01:24:22

The Chris Hahn Show July 28, 2017 (Evan Siegfried, FOX News/WSJ)

Chris adjusts the over/under on Scaramucci to 10 Weeks (he is taking the UNDER), talking the SKINNY repeal, Sen John McCain, and the most insane actual-reality show in America! Chris' guest is Evan Siegfried, a GOP pundit (and friend) you have seen on FOX News, CNN, Fox Business, MSNBC and author of GOP GPS. Evan is a contributor at The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Follow Evan on Twitter @evansiegfried. Follow Chris on Twitter at @christopherhahn

Duration: 01:24:19

The Chris Hahn Show, July 21, 2017 (HLN's Janet Johnson)

The Failing, Hated New York Times! Of all the media options, he asked for THE NEW YORK TIMES! How well do you think that went for him? Chris dives headfirst into the public bus rolling over of Jeff Sessions! Impression Warning: Chris does his Jeff Sessions! Don Jr... there's all that too! On the show this week, @HLNTV's Janet Johnson (@JJohnsonLaw) is back! One more appearance on The Chris Hahn Show and it's a free sub! Follow Chris Hahn to find him on TV @christopherhahn If you like this...

Duration: 01:24:33

Behind Too Blondes with Abby Chambers (Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder)

Chase and Savannah sit down with producer, Abby Chambers, for a virtual brunch. Abby tells the tale of how she worked her way up from the mailroom to a producer at Shondaland where she now produces shows like Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, and Grey's Anatomy. Twitter/Instagram: @abbyrchambers

Duration: 00:36:34

The Chris Hahn Show, July 14, 2017 (Ron Christie, GOP Strategist)

The President's Son, Son-in-law, and campaign chairman walk into a bar and commit Treason. Okay, not a bar, but a Trump Tower office and it may be too early to call it treason. One thing is certain, this sure isn't funny. Not since the Reynolds Pamphlets has a public figure done more self-damage than Don Jr when he released those emails. Chris' guest is Ron Christie - a GOP strategist, who has also worked as a member of former Vice President Dick Cheney's staff and they discuss President...

Duration: 01:25:00

Behind Too Blondes with Sam Tilson (Super Silly Films)

Chase and Savannah interview animator turned filmmaker, Sam Tilson. Sam founded Super Silly Films and tells the tale of how he found his own success in a super competitive industry and discusses his new project, a documentary film. Instagram: @samoblamo

Duration: 00:39:14

Behind Too Blondes with Devon Rodriguez (Painter)

Chase and Savannah interview Devon Rodriguez, an incredible painter from the Bronx. The New Yorker Magazine calls Devon the "talk of the town!" and Artist's Magazine named him to their "30 Under 30" list. His work has also been on display at the Met, and he has accomplished all this at the age of 21!

Duration: 00:42:13

The Chris Hahn Show, June 30, 2017 (Ellis Henican/Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist)

Trump is tweet-storming again, this time the blowhard-in-chief goes full blown sexist. Is this President behaving Presidential? His followers don't care one bit. Chris is taking calls, speaking the truth, and Ellis Henican is back! ELLIS HENICAN (@henican) is a New York Times bestselling author, a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper columnist and a popular TV news pundit. Follow Chris Hahn @christopherhahn on Twitter.

Duration: 01:24:29

Behind Too Blondes with Brittny Robins (Flawless by Friday)

Chase and Savannah sit down for a virtual brunch with Flawless by Friday Founder and CEO Brittny Robins. How does a small town Canadian farm girl come to head up a major skin care company? Hint: You need a Korean chemist and a lot of patience. Instagram - @flawlessbyfriday

Duration: 00:38:55

The Chris Hahn Show, June 23, 2017 (HLN's Janet Johnson)

This week Chris is talking all about the Republican Health Care Bill. The callers compare Obama and Trump, with one listener even comparing Chris Hahn to 75-year-old Nancy Pelosi! Chris ranks the best US Presidents since Ford...spoiler, Trump doesn't fare well. On the show, this week, @HLNTV's Janet Johnson (@JJohnsonLaw) returns! Only 2 more appearances on The Chris Hahn Show and she will earn a free sub!

Duration: 01:24:27

The Chris Hahn Show, June 16 2017 (Evan Siegfried, FOX/WSJ)

This week Chris joins the rest of the political landscape and seeks to bring us together. We can debate, sometimes furiously, and we can still respect each other. We are all Americans. The tragic shooting at the Republican congressional baseball practice brings divisive hate speech to a halt, for most of us. Chris explains the difference between political debate, TV punditry, and hate speech. Chris' guest is Evan Siegfried, a GOP pundit (and friend) you have seen on FOX News, CNN, Fox...

Duration: 01:25:08

The Chris Hahn Show, June 9, 2017 (Janet Johnson, CNN)

There wasn't a lot in the news today. That statement was a lie, much like what former director of the FBI James Comey accused Trump of today. That's right, it's all about the 6'8" footer's testimony on Capital Hill today. There's a lot to unpack and Chris is here to help, America! His guest is Janet Johnson (CNN) @jjohnsonlaw Twitter - @christopherhahn

Duration: 01:24:31

The Chris Hahn Show, June 2, 2017 (comedian Tom Shillue)

Chris talks Paris Climate Agreement, leadership styles, and the legality of the Muslim Ban. Chris also talks to comedian Tom Shillue about Tom's new book "Mean Dads For A Better America," and his life growing up. Tom is a Comedian, Author, and Host on @foxnews - and can regularly be seen singing with The Rag Time Gals on @fallontonight. Chris once again reveals the results of his super scientific political poll, the "Terry Test". He checks in with Republican voter and Trump supporter,...

Duration: 01:24:19

The Chris Hahn Show, May 26, 2017 (Conservative pundit and author, Lisa De Pasquale @lisadep)

This week on The Chris Hahn Show, Chris goes in deep on the President's political crisis discussing the fact that the FBI is now investigating Jared Kushner. His trip to Europe and he predicts "the mother of all Trump Tweets." Chris' guest Lisa De Pasquale is a conservative activist and author of I Wish I Might and Finding Mr. Righteous, and her new book The Social Justus Warrior Handbook is out now. Follow Lisa on Twitter @lisadep. She can be regularly on @RedEyeFNC and @KennedyNation.

Duration: 01:25:44

The Chris Hahn Show, May 19, 2017 (Ellis Henican, Newsday/CNN)

Chris Hahn recaps an eventful week that included a report that Donald Trump spilled highly sensitive information to the Russian diplomats, to a new special prosecutor who will look into Russian collusion with the Trump campaign. Is Mike Pence culpable? How corrupt is Michael Flynn? How hypocritical is Donald Trump? Chris attempts to wrap his head around these questions and chats with Newsday columnist Ellis Henican for some insight. @henican @christopherhahn Recorded live on 5/18/17 from...

Duration: 01:24:18

Behind Too Blondes with Libe Barer (Sneaky Pete)Ep. 6

Chase and Savannah sit down with Libe Barer to talk about life as an actor on Amazon's Sneaky Pete, auditioning, screen testing, her approach to acting, and her plans for the future. Catch Libe on Twitter and Instagram at @libebarer Too Blondes Instagram: @tooblondes FOU STUDIOS on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @foustudios

Duration: 00:45:27

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