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'Fully Loaded', a bi-weekly podcast where Focus & Malcolm discuss pop culture events, politics, news & more adding their comedic insight and sentiment. Each episode is loaded with a few sips of brown water, laughs, remorseless honesty & some brotherly bickering.






FULLY LOADED EP No. 54 - F**k Boys & Bodegas

Yerr, what's goodington! This episode, with all these floods, fires and moving grounds the world is definitely almost over, y'all better start reading y'all word again. We reminisce about the old problematic Twitter. Plus, we breakdown season 2 of Insecure, are you dating a fuck boy? Are you fuck boy? We take the quiz to find out where we stand on the spectrum. (Quiz: http://neguswhoread.com/fuckboy-detection-quiz/) And we tackle some very important food/diet issues. Malcolm has beef with...

Duration: 01:27:44

FULLY LOADED EP No.53 - Rags & Flags

Suck'ah ass September is here -- which means bye Summa! This week your boys are back and discussing, -Jay Z's Rap Radar interview and Focus rehashes this 4:44 theory. -Malcolm is about to lose a lung. [Excuse him] -Best Rap Album of 2017...so far? -Houston is in shambles but folks are still finding a way to be trash...and Joel Osteen might be on that list. -Plus, we're talking appropriation but this time it's not a race thing. It's a sexuality thing. Gay and straight with "gay lingo."...

Duration: 01:06:16

FULLY LOADED EP No.52 - Behind The Boards (w/ Ayo Juan)

Not going to hold you... We're joined on EP 52 by 'We The Best' very own Ayo Juan; studio & mix engineer to DJ Khaled, and many other notable artist. He was accompanied by Kiko & Ivan Berriors of WTB, in moral support for this special behind the music episode. The Vocals did come in! -- Learn who's behind the boards... -Juan shares his journey of the come up 'from the bottom' to working w/ Cool & Dre to Fat Joe to becoming apart of WTB. - We get a bit of inside scoop on what's it like...

Duration: 01:13:52

FULLY LOADED EP No.51 - Cloth Napkins (w/ Coppa & Gav)

Oh...hey there! Happy August! Back for another episode of FLP, this time we're joined by Coppa & Gav for a special: -Coppa shares a FULL re-cap on his journey leading up to his newly celebrated union + the in's & out's of planning a wedding. -Much talk about dealing w/ people during celebrations/gatherings; being selfless vs selfish. -Focus & Gav give inside scoop, and fckry as men of the groom's party + what really went on during Coppa's festive wedding weekend. ...Brown...

Duration: 01:50:04

FULLY LOADED EP No.49 - Mixy Movements ft. Ms. Tiff

Reloaded Version: This week we're joined by long time listener, first time visitor, Ms. Tiff! -Tiff and Focus reminisce over the mixy days. -We also discuss, stripping and how to stay relevant in such a crowded industry. -Plus, Summer is here and the ex's are out. #AvoidYours. -Colorism in the hispanic community and so much more! ____________________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #FullyLoadedPodcast Subscribe and be sure to follow...

Duration: 01:29:27

FULLY LOADED EP No.50 - Still... (ft. sQMunro)

Happy 50th! -We're chopping it up about, 4:44. #GrownManMusic. -Are we ready for new Kanye music? -Michael Thomas Vick has some words for Colin Kaepernick -R. Kelly... oh R. Kelly. -Ladies paying for covers, men getting in for free at clubs. Does this change the environment of a party if women have to pay? -The Cosby Show and racism - The Huxtables never dealt with any overt racism. They were rich but did they transcend race. What made them so special? -The IRS is looking for Focus -Shout...

Duration: 02:03:28

FULLY LOADED EP No.49 - Mixy Movements ft. Ms. Tiff

This week we're joined by long time listener, first time visitor, Ms. Tiff! -Tiff and Focus reminisce over the mixy days. -We also discuss, stripping and how to stay relevant in such a crowded industry. -Plus, Summer is here and the ex's are out. #AvoidYours. -Colorism in the hispanic community and so much more! ____________________________________________________ Join the convo! Tweet about the show using the hashtag... | #FullyLoadedPodcast Subscribe and be sure to follow us! Tell a Friend...

Duration: 01:29:58

FULLY LOADED EP No.48 - Before Waves

LORDT...HELP... AGAIN! It's the return of Louis Johnson Lou makes his return to the show and brings his fianceé Alyssa to join the mess. -We remember the life and legacy of Prodigy and then... Lou takes over. -Lou redefines "Hooking Up." -Lou talks getting stabbed by his mother. -Lou says KFC is better than Popeyes (Whose mans is this?!) -Plus we get into his "White weekends", going to a black barber for the first time this year, interracial dating and SO much more!...

Duration: 02:05:32

FULLY LOADED EP No.47 - #SummerShenanigans

LORDT...HELP...It's the return of Eva and Kenea! The four of us discuss: -DM etiquette, especially after 2AM. -Social Media and how it's changed dating. -What is dating? What is talking? It's time for us to break it down. -Is 5 minutes of sex too long? Too short? Or just right? -Plus, breaking up with folks that you were never officially with and so much more. This one ain't safe for work y'all. Consider this your warning. ____________________________________________________ Join the...

Duration: 01:24:17

FULLY LOADED EP No. 46 - Poverty's The Limit

Happy Memorial Day! -Biggie's Birthday plus a new album with Faith. -Diddy releases the trailer for "A Sean Combs Story" -- we mean... the 'Can't Stop Won't Stop' documentary. If it ain't the truth, then keep it Puff! -Katy Perry loves the Blacks and the Migos might hate the Gays. -Ben Carson thinks being poverty is a state of mind... -These kids drops stacks for prom but don't have pencils for Regents & more!

Duration: 01:13:27

FULLY LOADED EP No.45 - Cultural Color Conversations (ft. Ali Muhammad)

Welcome back to kick back with some of you favorite black cousins! We cleaned up the house to bring a special guest over, Ali Muhammad [@mrmuhammad], from "In The Conversation" podcast. -We talk about Making in NYC + have you had your worst day, w/ the universe giving you thoughts to give up? -Blacks ability reinvent the cool + cultural appropriation when it comes use of the N-word [s]. -Malcolm was a exclusive Twitter dedicated to blacks only -The media companies controlling our...

Duration: 01:46:58

FULLY LOADED EP No. 44 - A 90's Kind of World

Yerr! This week, -Rihanna says if you cry over your dead ex, she'll be your next ex. -C.R.E.A.T- Cash Rules Everything Around Them. From Bill O'Riley to Aaron Hernandez why can't these​​ rich privileged folks just get it together. -R.Kelly is being sued for being Trapped In Chlamydia. -Friends is the whack white Living Single. No further question. and so much more! _______________________________________________________ Join the convo! | Tweet about the show using the hashtag... |...

Duration: 01:14:56

FULLY LOADED EP No. 43 - The Feels

Your boys are sounding real nasally in these new days of April. But, we're running our mouths... -Being afraid of death. -Pepsi, United and North Korea all getting a little too crazy for our liking recently. -Sesame Street is still groundbreaking and here for the culture -Free College Tuition for NY Students and how that'll shape the future of millennials. Speaking of us, are we really the laziest generation? -Gay people. They been gay and they gone keep on being gay. -D.C's missing black...

Duration: 01:43:18

FULLY LOADED EP No.41 - Getting Home (ft. Mila Jam)

On this episode we sat down with singer Mila Jam. We chopped it about gimmicks for attention and sales in the music industry. ​ -The art of networking and hustling her music (and not doing on 42nd street with CDs) -Her hanging out in Jennifer Lopez's dressing room. -Being best friends with Laverne Cox -And some other topics that hit super close to home for her. Follow Mila @TheMilaJam https://www.instagram.com/themilajam https://twitter.com/themilajam...

Duration: 01:47:24

FULLY LOADED EP No.40 - Another One (w/ Eva & Kenea)

Welcome back to another episode of this. We open the show with some brotherly bickering. -Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj - Is a description even necessary?-- Did Remy take it too far? Are there rules for beefing? -We get into our favorite hip-hop beef and diss tracks and when we realized we loved hip Hop. -We watched. Let's talk. Kalief Browder. -Being A Black Creative on the internet. Having our tweets and trends existing on major white platforms with no credit of origin. and much more with...

Duration: 01:57:13

FULLY LOADED EP No.39 - Black Business Spotlight: Khanisa's​

In honor of Black History Month we wanted to highlight a Black Business, so we invited Khanisa and Sean Darby owners of Khanisa's (A pudding and baking company) The two come to discuss what it's like self funding a business, being black owners, and the difficulty that comes with pushing a product. Plus, how they balance their personal and professional lives. Juggling the business, their children and their love life. Check out them out! http://www.khanisas.com/...

Duration: 01:31:41

FULLY LOADED EP No.38 - Porno & Parachutes

Black with another down to earth episode... regular, shmegular! - We dive into the Denzel Washington & Viola Davis movie, 'Fences', and reflect on how it related to both of our lives in certain ways. *Warning* Spoiler alerts ahead... - Loaning money to friends and the circumstances of it. - Saving money and banking black. - Surviving jumping out of a plane. We have real tips and suggestions, grab a pen and pad! - Porno pop ups & preferences. - Death talk. Lots of it for some reason. Sorry...

Duration: 01:42:54

FULLY LOADED EP No.37 - 24 Karat Tragic (ft. Louis Johnson)

*Warning* This. Is. A. Lot! What's good all, Focus JRJ and Malcolm are back for another episode! This week we're back with special guest and host of The Loudcast podcast, Louis Johnson. We have a full casserole to dive into. Including but not limited to, - Dating white women. - The secrets of the fast food service. What's in your 2 piece? - We reflect on the death of Q from Worldstar - A trip down memory lane to Dr. Chlamydia ...and so much more. This episode is Loaded....

Duration: 01:09:43

FULLY LOADED EP No.36 - Twitter Fingers Vol.2 (ft. Emilio Sparks)

​In Honor of MLK and celebrating our blackness here we are showing up in CP Time. This week, we're discussing: - Missing The Obama's - Hustler ambition and our first jobs - Them twitter fingers, Why is Trump still on Twitter? Why? - Entertainment beef; Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown and we're joined by special guest Emilio Sparks who chops it up about rap beefs, WWE and vagina eating restaurants. Yeah, you read that correctly. _______________________________________________________ Join the...

Duration: 01:50:34

FULLY LOADED EP No.35 - Who Moves The Crowd

What's good! We're back for another and talking, Focus recapping his experience at The LOX concert. Kanye West meeting with Donald Trump.... Grammy Nominations. We place bets on the winners and discuss who got snubbed. MTV's Hottest MC list. Is the list flawed & who should've never been on in the first place. Dating your co-workers. Is is messy or nah? Older men dating younger women. #WhyOldDudesAlwaysWannaFlex? and much more! _______________________________________________________ Join...

Duration: 01:11:52

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