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The only weekly hockey radio show with no off-season break!

The only weekly hockey radio show with no off-season break!
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Baltimore, MD


The only weekly hockey radio show with no off-season break!




12/13/17 Face Off Hockey Show

Another Wednesday closer to the Christmas Trade Freeze ... it's the best time of year! Come join us:

Duration: 02:18:50

12/06/17 Face Off Hockey Show

The Caps are a part of another Rivalry Night, the Russians are banned from the Olympics, and we're talking hockey and Patreon and everything that's good with the weeks. Come join us for the fun:

Duration: 02:11:36

The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #34

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) look back at the history of the Patrick Roy trade from Montreal, as the 22nd Anniversary of Roy's request just past. They'll also go into other players who wanted out and held-out until they got what they wanted--even if it meant breaking the consecutive-game streak, right Steve Larmer?? They'll talk about their weekend with UND Hockey and seeing Christopher Titus. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble

Duration: 00:43:28

11/29/17 Face Off Hockey Show

This week, the boys talk about injuries and the need to disclose them from coaches and players, the sad state of affairs in terms of the Carolina Hurricanes sale, and the media being far too hard on players beyond their play. All that, plus the NHL 100's best random poll yet.

Duration: 02:07:53

The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #33

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) talk about the history of Eastern Bloc players defecting from their countries to play int he NHL. Stories of the Statsny's, Petr Klima, Michal Pivonka, and more are talked about, as well as the story of Evgeni Malkin's wild ride into the NHL. Also, the history of outdoor games before the NHL got a full-time hold on them, as well as our Pack O' Cards Stories. Follow us on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble

Duration: 00:49:32

11/22/17 Face Off Hockey Show

It's the night before American Thanksgiving... the biggest part night of the year. Come join us and listen to the randomness. I still can't get used to this twitter being longer thing. Link:

Duration: 02:05:45

The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #32

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) talk about the NHL's forgotten teams. From the Philadelphia Quakers to the Quebec Bulldogs to the St. Louis Eagles, they'll cover those who the NHL refuse to cover. Not only that, but they talk about the players who the NHL forget to mention like Joe Malone, Joe Hall, and Babe Dye-- to name a few. Also-- what makes a generational talent and who the face of this generation of the NHL could be. Follow the show on Twitter:...

Duration: 00:55:32

11/15/17 Face Off Hockey Show

30 minutes until the start of the Live Show, and we won't fly under the radar ... like the announcement of the Naval Academy Outdoor Game. Come join us, to see what our Patreon topic is tonight:

Duration: 02:16:52

The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #31

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) will talk about this year's Hockey Hall of Fame class and what really make a Hall of Famer, as well as some stories of past Hall of Famers and different wings that should go into it. We'll also chat about Jen's article on The Sporting News about NHL players who went to war and the stories behind that, as well as talk about the University of North Dakota's weekend against Miami. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble Visit our...

Duration: 00:43:40

11/08/17 Face Off Hockey Show

We've started a Patreon, and we have people subscribing ... we have trades, that involve 3 teams ... and maybe a 1 month old to break it down? Come join us, to find out:

Duration: 02:12:00

11/01/17 Face Off Hockey Show

We know that Game 7 is tonight, but we're talking hockey, or at least call ourselves a hockey show. Come join us:

Duration: 02:09:00

The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #30

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) talk about some of the longest streaks in NHL history, thanks to the Arizona Coyotes tying the longest losing streak to start a season. Also, they talk about their trip to an antique store while yielded some wildly random collectibles and some history of collectibles, including what the hot buzz for today is. All that, plus some awesome random stories from our pack of cards including Luc Robitaille, Link Gaetz, and Brad May. Follow...

Duration: 01:04:04

10/25/17 Face Off Hockey Show

No Guests this week ... but we have "Canadian" Country Songs! Plus there's hockey to talk about, I'm sure. Listen:

Duration: 01:41:00

The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #29

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) review their first glimpse into the North Dakota/Minnesota hockey rivalry, which allowed them to look at the history of rivalries in the NHL, minor leagues, and college ranks. On top of that, things being thrown onto the ice happened this weekend, so why not talk about the wacky stuff thrown on the ice in other eras?? All that, plus we open a pack of 1990 Score Hockey Cards for some facts and figure out what to do with them. Follow...

Duration: 00:55:30

10/18/17 Face Off Hockey Show

Tonight we have NBC's own @Sean_Leahy, some new Capitals gear, and multiple Pitonzo's again?! Come find out:

Duration: 02:10:56

10/11/17 Face Off Hockey Show

It's already the first Caps/Pens Rivalry Night! This could either be really good, or really bad ... come listen:

Duration: 02:07:06

10/04/17 Face Off Hockey Show

It's Opening Night for the NHL, @JonnyP99 is back from London, and a new addition to the FOHS Family. Join us:

Duration: 02:07:42

The Soderstrom Bubble, Episode #27

This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) make a rundown of all the NHL teams this season, but Jen gives a little historical caveat to every team....well...sorry Golden Knights. All that, plus UND's first game of the year and Jen's happenings around the interwebs. Folow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble

Duration: 01:03:41

09/27/17 Face Off Hockey Show

We're a week away from the opening of the NHL season, but off-ice news has everyones ear. We'll talk about all that and get Spector's Hockey Lyle Richardson's (a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces) take on all the stuff that's surrounding the anthem. Plus, we'll look back at the 1999 All-Star Game, the Flames' pitch for a new arena, and much more.

Duration: 02:09:47

09/20/17 Face Off Hockey Show

This week, the boys go on about the new face-off violations, Matt Duchene doesn't seem happy to be in Colorado at training camp, no new smaller chest protectors for goalies, and how does voting really work for the NHL Awards?? All that, plus we'll talk to city of Calgary's arena proposal, new extensions for some players, and other wackiness.

Duration: 02:01:36

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