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Two grown dirtbags just trynna navigate and survive the millennial male zeitgeist. If you have any money you'd like to give us or any constructive criticism you'd like us to 360 degree tomahawk slam dunk into the trash can please email us:

Two grown dirtbags just trynna navigate and survive the millennial male zeitgeist. If you have any money you'd like to give us or any constructive criticism you'd like us to 360 degree tomahawk slam dunk into the trash can please email us:
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Two grown dirtbags just trynna navigate and survive the millennial male zeitgeist. If you have any money you'd like to give us or any constructive criticism you'd like us to 360 degree tomahawk slam dunk into the trash can please email us:




Return Of The Narc with Noah Johnson

Lawrence and James turn "Fuck With Not Fuck With" (Working title) on themselves this week, and then reluctantly ask Jay and Chuck as well. Then, Senior Editor of GQ Style "Noah "Narc Dad" Johnson returns to FU to talk about getting Yelawolf hooked on meth, James fucking his Dad, and getting his titties sucked by a baby. Then on "Captain's Log/Letters To Home" THE INTERNS FINALLY GET PAID BABYYYYYYYYYY. YERRRRRRRRR. I mean technically the whole crew got paid, but everybody has jobs already...

Duration: 01:46:44

Return Of The King with Maurice Peebles

James and Lawrence start off the new season by giving themselves, as well as Jay and Chuck, resolutions to consider in 2018. Then they have a chat with Senior Deputy Editor at Bleacher Report, Maurice Peebles. They talk about his humble beginnings growing up in South Jersey and writing about Philly sports, how interesting it was being one of the first (and at the time, only African-American) hires at Barstool Sports, and other cool things too. Then in Captain's Log, Lawrence and James give...

Duration: 01:31:36

The Failing Upwards Holiday Clip Show Extravaganza with Producer Jay & Intern Chuck

Producer Jay and Intern Chuck fail upwards into guest hosting duties after Lawrence and James abandon the Fail Gang for for the holidays. The boys introduce the best moments of the first three seasons, a mashup of every time they got shit on, and a compilation of every moment Lawrence and James ask a brand to sponsor the pod. Plus, Captains Log/Letters to Home gets spicy when Chuck claims Jay was late to record.

Duration: 01:21:55

Abandoning America with Steve Dool

James and Lawrence take a look back at the dizzying highs and terrifying lows of 2017. Then, their former boss and current ex-pat freelancer Steve Dool joins the pod to talk celebrity stalkers, the drunken debauchery of British people, and coming out of the closet as a grown ass man. Plus, "Captain's Log/Letters to Home" confirms without a shadow of a doubt that the boys were indeed back in town, plus previews how Producer Jay and Intern Chuck are going to completely let down the Fail Gang...

Duration: 01:17:10

Passing Concussion Protocol with Chris Wallace

James and Lawrence break down the ways they've schemed on getting rich quick, including the recent cryptocurrency boom and selling condoms to children. Then, former jock/model and cerebral writer Chirs Wallace joins FU to talk being BFFs with Rick Owens, fashion's pervert problem, and finding out his dad is gay. Plus, "Captain's Log/Letters to Home" previews a few holiday treats for the Fail Gang.

Duration: 01:43:00

Let's Get Critical with Jon Caramanica

James and Lawrence fall apart at the seams as Failing Upwards' weekly schedule destroys their friendship and professional partnership. Then, New York Times pop music critic, Critical Shopper, and friend of the pod, Jon Caramanica, joins FU to talk sleeping in the studio with Kanye, riding in Cam'ron's pink Range Rover, and being addicted to shopping. Plus, "Captain's Log/Letters to Home" asks the Fail Gang to weigh in on some big questions regarding the future of the pod.

Duration: 01:59:10

Copping Brain with Jacob Gallagher

James and Lawrence dive dong-first into the thorny bush of long distance relationships, with real-time input from Intern Chuck fresh off his boo'd up holiday staycation. Then, WSJ men's style writer and friend of the pod Jacob Gallagher joins FU to discuss octogenarian internet trolls, swaggy trends for the Fail Gang, and cryptojawnz. Plus, "Captain's Log/Letters to Home" initiates Ghost Protocol as the FU squad fails their way up in the Barstool universe yet again.

Duration: 01:39:11

Under The Influence With Emily Oberg

James and Lawrence discuss what it's like to interview half-naked Victoria's Secret Angels and debut the brand new, self-explanatory segment “Dick Talk." Then, friend of the pod Emily Oberg stops by to talk fuccboi losers, how much influencers get paid, and why being mean is fun. Finally, "Captain's Log/Letters to Home" gets particularly tense and the return of the most electric ad reads in the business.

Duration: 01:20:46

Getting A Nut Off With Brandon Wardell

James and Lawrence break down the illicit swag economy where coastal media elites flip free Yeezys and $7,000 TVs. Then, comedian Brandon Wardell joins FU to talk Louis CK's sexual assault scandal, being Twitter famous vs IRL famous, and the curse of going viral. Plus "Captain's Log/Letters To Home" asks why so many Barstool employees are trying to end our lives.

Duration: 01:23:48

Men Are Garbage with Rachel Tashjian

James and Lawrence guess why Intern Chuck is missing and introduce his replacement. They also recap everything that went down at ComplexCon aka the Fuccboi Super Bowl. Then, Garage Magazine Fashion Features Editor Rachel Tashjian joins the pod to discuss shitty men, wine, art, and celebs making out. Plus, “Captain's Log/Letters To Home" is held hostage and the most electric ad reads of all time.

Duration: 01:42:20

Seizing The Means of Production with Jake Woolf

James and Lawrence explore the Hypebeast party cover-up where attendees were nearly blinded and burned, and Travis Scott is crowned “Fuccboi of the Week” thanks to a paralyzed fan. Then, GQ style writer and longtime friend of the pod, Jake Woolf, joins FU to discuss bodying internet trolls, toppling the bourgeoise, texting fit pics to John Mayer, and finally inspires some real, actual fashion talk for once. Plus, “60 Seconds of Thirst” and “Captain's Log/Letters To Home.”

Duration: 01:22:36

Do It For the Content with Noah Callahan-Bever

James and Lawrence discuss all the rapper violence that's poppin' off, but only so they can reminisce about their own personal frat battles and drug-fueled Canadian royal rumbles in a new segment called "Glory Hole." Then, Chief Content Officer of Complex Networks and bonafide clout god Noah Callahan-Bever joins the pod to detail how terrible James and Lawrence were as his employees, a never-before-told Kanye West breastfeeding story, and why ComplexCon is a can't miss event. Plus,...

Duration: 01:25:55

Shitting Where We Eat with Flynn McGarry

James and Lawrence act like posers while discussing Palace's latest venture, John Mayer flexes crazy as the latest “Legend of the Week,” and “Teachable Moments” makes it's glorious return thanks to polar opposite love lives (marriage vs butthole sexts). Then, Flynn McGarry aka “The Justin Bieber of Cooking" joins the pod to talk feeding Jonah Hill, partying with the FU crew, chef beef and more. Plus, Intern Chuck completely ruins “60 Seconds of Thirst” and “Captain's Log/Letters To Home”...

Duration: 01:16:23

How To Hate Everything with Chris Black

James and Lawrence try to figure out how the fuck Supreme is worth $1 billion. Then, Chris Black aka Done To Death Projects joins the pod to discuss why drugs are fire, how to flourish as a professional freelance scammer, protocol on making small talk with Shia LaBeouf, and walks us through how to hate absolutely everything. Plus, a strangely prepared and professional “60 Seconds of Thirst” and the most explosive financial scandal in Failing Upwards history.

Duration: 01:22:07

Nothing But Respect For Our Presidente with Dave Portnoy

James and Lawrence ponder whether anime (and anime porn) is cool now and debut their new segment “Teachable Moments” to help the #FailGang navigate strip clubs and getting your first tattoo. Then, Barstool Sports founder and FU's new boss Dave Portnoy joins the pod to break down living in NYC, pizza sex, his favorite drugs, and more. Plus, “60 Seconds of Thirst” and “Captain's Log/Letters To Home.”

Duration: 01:01:03

Fashion Sucks featuring GQ Style's Will Welch

James and Lawrence dismiss this week's major hypebeast headlines and debut their new segment "Fuccboi of the Week." Then, GQ Style editor-in-chief Will Welch joins for a discussion covering fake hippies, a young, up-and-coming Rick Ross, and answers the #FailGang's most pressing style inquiries. The whole time, everyone is full turbo off extra strong cinnamon Nicorette.

Duration: 01:10:08

Failing The Culture with Jinx

James and Lawrence wade through the most extreme Stoolie reactions to Barstool foolishly dropping a fashion podcast. Then, Brandon "Jinx" Jenkins from Complex comes through and talks smoking weed with rappers, why black barber shops are always the better choice, and how fuccbois are always trying to weasel their way into instant clout. Also, Intern Chuck almost fights a homeless man over a bottle of Hennessy, Producer Jay begs for a real job, and the most electric ad read of all time.

Duration: 00:57:26

Clout Flex

James and Lawrence kick off Season 3 with a look at New York Fashion Week absurdity, roast Lebron James' horrendous modeling debut, debate Russell Westbrook's style enema, and more.

Duration: 00:47:15

Big Moves

James and Lawrence make a big announcement, explore their new home, and wonder what's next after selling out.

Duration: 00:06:59

Monkey Sex

Lawrence and James discuss housekeeping updates, crumbling physically, rap video shoots, hooking up with an ex and more. As always, if you have any money you'd like to give us or any constructive criticism you'd like us to 360 degree tomahawk slam dunk into the trash can please email us:

Duration: 00:48:14

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