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f God is real and Christianity is true, then they should conform to objective logic and reason. That is the premise of the Faith By Reason blog, which has been systematically examining Christian Philosophy since 2010. The Faith By Reason podcast is an extension of the blog, providing additional exposition and analysis (as well as my snide sense of humor). Nothing is taken for granted, no topic is too "sacred" to examine, and no question is off limits. Get ready for an adventure!




Blood and Words: The Cure for Death – FBR podcast #26

Blood is the conduit of physical life according to the Bible. And Jesus stated that Words (thoughts) are the source of spiritual life. We are born dead spiritually and we are dying physically because the blood and thoughts that are meant to nourish and repair us are corrupted due to our imperfect fellowship with God. But if we had access to perfect blood and perfect thoughts, we could “cure death” and have eternal life! In this week’s podcast: How is blood essential to life? Why it’s so...

Duration: 00:21:20

Alive and Well, or Dead and Dying – FBR Podcast #25

Being alive has to be more than just “not being dead”. Jesus said that He would make you “more alive” and give you abundant life. Those ideas would be impossible if life and death were just binary states of being. So what are the Biblical definitions of life and death? If eating the forbidden fruit meant death, then why didn’t Adam and Eve drop dead right after they ate it? In this week’s podcast: The definition of death Why death doesn’t actually exist on its own The definition of life...

Duration: 00:33:28

Religious Hypocrisy and the “Nice” Jesus – FBR Podcast#24

Hypocrisy from religious Christians is one of the main reasons that unbelievers are reluctant to embrace the Faith. Tragically, that hypocrisy comes from religious people trying (and failing) to be “nicer” than Jesus!! These attempts not only warp the image of Christians, they corrupt the message of the Gospels, AND they result in Idolatry! In this week’s podcast: The root of religious hypocrisy. How religion robbed us of God’s true Name. Why the “Jesus” promoted by religious people bears...

Duration: 00:35:20

Religious Brain Damage: Secular and Spiritual – FBR Podcast#23

Brain damage is the hallmark of a highly religious thought process - and I’m not just speaking figuratively. Religion can cause actual physical damage to the chemical receptors in your mind! And don’t think you’re immune to this malady if you’re secular. ALL people practice religion to varying degrees because we ALL promote the ideas of absolute righteousness and justice (GOD) in our pursuits (and of course trying to be right and just WITHOUT God is the definition of religion). In this...

Duration: 00:28:15

Religious Pride: The Path Away From God – FBR Podcast #22

Religious acts you perform are not about God. They are actually all about YOU! God hates religion because religion is based on pride. When Jesus was on earth, the only people He had a problem with were the religion peddlers (Pharisees). So what is religion? Why do we perform it? And why do we think it's from God? In this week's podcast: The definition of religion The "benevolent" reason why we get religious Why you can't get to heaven by "being good" How religion is self-delusion When you...

Duration: 00:22:54

Guilt, Justification, and God’s Mercy – FBR Podcast # 21

Guilt is what our subconscious mind makes us feel when we do an injustice. We don’t like feeling guilt, so we seek some kind of justification in order to settle the guilt-debt. But did you know that this thought process demonstrates God’s mercy for our sins? In this week’s podcast: What is Justification and why do we need it? Why do we feel guilt? How our subconscious mind is like a computer Do you justify God, or yourself? Why the guilt/justify cycle is proof of God’s mercy The WORST form...

Duration: 00:28:56

Original Sin: Naked and Ashamed – FBR Podcast #20

Original Sin is usually defined as the eating of the Forbidden Fruit by Adam and Eve. But I would contend that what happened immediately AFTER they ate the fruit is much more important. Why? God did not immediately judge Adam and Eve after they ate the fruit. Instead, He asked them questions! Their responses to God’s questions were the determining factor in the success or Failure of this Dispensation and Original Sin. In this week’s podcast: Why were Adam and Eve ashamed to be naked?...

Duration: 00:34:33

The Serpent and the End of Innocence – FBR Podcast #19

The Serpent is the most infamous character in the Eden narrative. But was Eve really deceived by a “talking snake”? Biblical, etymological, and logical evidence shows that the Serpent ("Nachash" in Hebrew) was NOT a snake. So what was he? How did he deceive Eve? Why did he desire the fall of man? In this week’s podcast: A review of Eden and Man’s pre-fall status Why vegans are so annoying (I go a bit off topic here) The temptation of Eve Reasons why the Nachash was NOT a snake Evidence...

Duration: 00:33:09

Eden: Paradise Lost – FBR Podcast #18

Eden was the paradise we lost due to Original Sin. Would you be surprised to know that Eden was not only a garden but also a great mountain where God held court with his mightiest Angels? Is it possible that the location of Eden affects modern global politics? The story of Adam and Eve is so familiar that we take it for granted, and in doing so, miss out on important insights. In this week’s podcast: Why did God “rest” on the 7th day of Creation? What does it mean to be “made in the image...

Duration: 00:36:58

Is God Humble? The Story of Human History – FBR Podcast #17

Humble is not an attribute we generally associate with God. Holy? Yes. Almighty? Sure. Loving, righteous, and all-knowing? Of course. But when was the last time you heard God called “humble”? Have you ever? But if God is righteous, and being righteous means being contrastive, and being contrastive requires humility, then doesn’t God HAVE to be humble? The answer is yes! Not only is God humble, the way He demonstrates His Humility is the story of our entire history on Earth! In this week’s...

Duration: 00:18:17

How to Think Like God and Always be Right – FBR Podcast #16

To think like God, you must have a thought process that is always and completely righteous. Believe it or not, we actually have this ability! We use it every day. In fact, we LOVE using it on other people - but rarely use it on ourselves, because doing so would require something most of us struggle with: HUMILITY. However, when properly mastered, this thought process will not only ensure that you will always be right (righteous), it will allow you to end any disagreement in seconds. In...

Duration: 00:27:25

What is Heaven and Why it’s the Meaning of Life – FBR Podcast #15

Heaven is the Meaning of Life! The reason we are so perpetually unsatisfied, the reason we can never be truly happy on earth in spite of our best efforts is because we were created for something, for SOMEPLACE exponentially greater! To paraphrase C.S. Lewis, "If you have a longing for which nothing in this world can satisfy, then the only logical conclusion is that you were made for a different world". But if Heaven is the answer to "What's the Point?", then how do we get there? And more...

Duration: 00:33:22

Why a Good God Allows Evil, and the Nature of Man – FBR Podcast #14

If God is good and all-powerful, then why is there evil in the world? Wouldn’t a good, loving, and benevolent Supreme Being stop evil before it happens, and/or immediately punish evil-doers? Whenever I’ve spoken with unbelievers about their hesitance in accepting the existence of God, it usually comes down to these questions. And they are actually very logical questions to ask. But the fact is that it would be unrighteous and unjust for God to stop evil before it happens! And as much as we...

Duration: 00:27:50

Darwinism: The Deadliest Religion on Earth – FBR Podcast #13

Darwin and his ridiculous theory are not only an affront to empirical science, it spawned the most cruel, brutal, inhuman, murderous, oppressive, and morally bankrupt philosophy in history! Darwinian Philosophy condones and promotes genocide, racism, class warfare, eugenics, Nazism, Communism, and the suppression of the poor and infirmed. Yet despite its nightmarish aspect, smirking atheists and secularists blithely embrace it while blaming religion and faith for all the world's problems!...

Duration: 00:38:54

Evolution : The Idiotic, Ludicrous, Impossible Fairy Tale – FBR Podcast #12

Evolution is NOT science! It’s an utterly asinine and ludicrous fairy tale promoted by brain-damaged people who voluntarily and intentionally choose to believe what they know is impossible rather than accept the obvious truth of a supernatural creator. Evolution is SCIENTIFICALLY impossible. Not unlikely. Not improbable…IMPOSSIBLE! That is not my opinion as a Christian. It is a fact that is EASILY proven through empirical science. I will not use God or the Bible to disprove evolution. It...

Duration: 00:46:49

The Age of the Earth, and Biblical Creation – FBR Podcast #11

Is Earth billions of years old as evolutionists and “Old Earth Creationists” say, or is it only a few thousand years old as “Young Earth Creationists” purport? Does the creation narrative in Genesis 1 help answer these questions? The answer is a blunt NO! If we’re being completely honest, we have to admit that Genesis 1 frankly does a TERRIBLE job of giving a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the enormous complexity of the physics and biology of creation. But what if that’s NOT the...

Duration: 00:39:36

How did God Create the Universe? Is Creation “Real” – FBR Podcast#10

How did God create the universe? The Bible said that He simply spoke it into existence. Is that even scientifically plausible? In this podcast we will look at the physics of creation, and show that it's not only possible for God to have spoken creation into existence, it’s the ONLY explanation that fits what we know about science on a quantum level! This episode gets pretty technical, but I try to make it easy to understand. We’ll cover: How real is the “real world”? What are the basic...

Duration: 00:23:33

Three Gods, or One? Is the Trinity Biblical? The Answer is Love! FBR Podcast #9

Is God three gods or one? What is the concept of the Trinity and why is it so controversial? Is there Biblical evidence that God is three “persons”? If so, what does that mean, and HOW can God be singular AND multiple? Whether or not God is a Trinity has less to do with theology and more to do with LOVE! I’ll explain more in this week’s podcast. Plus, just for listening, you’ll receive 3 FREE BONUS GIFTS!! BONUS GIFT 1: How to respond to people who say Christians aren’t being loving when...

Duration: 00:31:30

Love and Atheists (and the Truth About God’s Love) FBR Podcast #8

Atheists argue that the God of the Bible isn’t a God of love. And technically, they’re right! God is a God of absolute righteousness and justice. The ultimate EFFECT of being right and just is love! So then, what is love? Is it a feeling, or a choice? In this podcast we’ll look at an argument I had with an annoying atheist (is there any other kind?) that led to the true definition of God’s love. We’ll also cover: How you can tell if a person is an atheist (or from New York) in 60 seconds...

Duration: 00:24:54

Can You Trust the Bible? Is the Bible Full of Contradictions? FBR Episode #7

Is the Bible full of contradictions and errors of logic and science? Can we trust the Bible as a reliable information source from the First Cause of creation, or is it just a primitive book full of fallacious myths and religious superstitions? We will address those questions and more on this week’s podcast, including: Is the Bible untrustworthy because it was written by men? Can we rely on the information in a book that was written thousands of years ago? Doesn’t the Bible condone slavery,...

Duration: 00:33:54

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