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On Family First, you’ll hear about all aspects of family life. But the main focus is on prevention, how the little choices you make each day have the biggest effects. Whether it’s raising tough issues with your partner, handling an angry child, getting health or financial advice, getting your child to eat better, losing weight or finding fun ways to relax, this is the place to come for a helping hand.








Why Powerful Men Risk It All

Why would powerful men like General David Petraeus cheat and risk so much? We are often puzzled when famous men who seem to have it all, like public acclaim, professional success, and a loving family, throw away their career, marriage, and reputation by having an affair. Ironically, these affairs rarely turn into long-lasting relationships. Fear of infidelity plagues many marriages today. My guest this week on “Family First,” is Terri Orbuch PhD, a marriage expert and director of a...

Duration: 00:56:51

Eating Your Way to Better Sex

You can’t watch TV long without seeing an ad for a drug for enhancing sexual function. Sexual dysfunction is on the increase, but it’s not because we are all getting older or we need more drugs. Sexuality is a basic part of being human and sexual performance is closely tied to our sense of self. A fulfilling relationship between parents has a beneficial effect on the whole family. My guest this week is Dr. Robert Fried, a well-recognized expert and educator in biopsychology and behavioral...

Duration: 00:37:22

Talking with Teens

Many parents feel anxious as their children approach the teenage years. Parents worry about peer pressure, losing their influence, being able to communicate effectively with their teens, wondering if they have prepared them well enough for life, asking themselves about whether they pushed too hard or not enough in academics, worrying about how much help they should give or will be allowed to give their teen as they approach young adulthood, fearing the worst when it comes to bad...

Duration: 00:22:21

Parenting Resolutions for 2013!

Parenting is perhaps the most important activity in all of human existence. And it can be incredibly difficult, worrisome, and exhausting, as well as exhilarating, fulfilling, and joyful. Are there simple steps which can make it easier on a day to day basis without jeopardizing long term success? As we approach the new year and round out the hectic family holiday season, I have decided to offer my own thoughts on “Family First.” based on my more than thirty years as a family therapist and...

Duration: 00:21:29

Preventing Colds and Flu

What happens around holiday time when so many people have cold or flue symptoms? How can you avoid them or limit their effects? Cold and flu are the most common infections that affect Americans. Children typically get 9 to 12 infections each year, and adults have about seven per year. Aside from making you feel miserable, these infections are the leading cause of lost work and school days. Also of not enjoying the holidays! Having the right strategies in place can cut your risk of getting...

Duration: 00:55:24

Ending the Special Ed Stigma

How can a parent or teacher communicate to a child who has been identified as having learning differences or needing special education that they are still okay and have a great future ahead of them? What can they do about bullying or other behaviors of peers which make the child feel bad? Actually every child has her or his own learning needs and in an effort to address these needs, various programs have generated a lot of misunderstanding. My guest on Family First this week is an...

Duration: 00:21:06

Drug-Free Help for ADHD

More and more kids are being identified as having attention deficits. Often it is assumed that ADHD is a biological imbalance which requires medication to control. But drugs don’t solve the core problem. And the kids end up with habits and labels that may have unwanted consequences for their future. My guest this week on Family First is psychologist Dr. Craig B. Wiener, who specializes in the treatment of children, adolescents, and families. He has become well-known for questioning the...

Duration: 00:57:28

Dealing with Parental Anger

When parents are angry and frustrated, and feel they can’t take any more from their kids, they usually either blow their stack and then regret it later, or try to control themselves by holding it all in. There's another option, to learn healthy, constructive ways to release all that anger and get it out of your body, safely, quickly, and efficiently. My guest this week on Family First is award-winning author and therapist Jude Bijou who says that parents should take a page from their kids'...

Duration: 00:56:45

Recovering from Emotional Neglect

As a society we are concerned about the trauma of childhood abuse or spousal abuse witnessed by children, about bullying, and about parental neglect, when kids are left on their own with little direction or attention to basic needs. All of these adverse experiences impact our kids into adulthood. They require conscious effort for recovery and public awareness to reduce their occurrence. But what about when none of these things has occurred and yet a person still feels not good enough, or...

Duration: 00:22:24

Radical Unschooling

We hear a lot about how our educational systems are flawed and are both failing our kids and stressing our economy at the local, state, and federal levels. It may be that we have demanded far too much of our schools. They were designed to teach kids the basic skills they need to function in the modern world. But now as a society we have come to expect them to sit for our children before and after academic hours and to be primarily responsible for teaching basic health, sportsmanship, moral...

Duration: 00:57:03