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Inspiring families to be healthy with every bite. ​A home’s kitchen always has and always will be Grand Central for family activity, especially now that it is coupled with “family room.” What better place to huddle to inspire and teach families to serve and enjoy healthier foods in order to turn the tide of disease among children and adults. Hosts Ellen and Carolina are passionate about providing you nutrition education and healthy food solutions your whole family will enjoy. They have fun sharing easy practical, budget/time-sensitive ways to shop, prepare and serve healthy meals, ones even kids will be begging for seconds!






Top 5 Fibromyalgia Diet Guidelines to Uplift Your Day

Fibromyalgia is often synonymous with struggle... but, it doesn't have to be.Fibromyalgia is often synonymous with struggle: struggle to get up in the morning, struggle for enough energy to get through your day, struggle with keeping up with your family and friends, and, struggle on how to feed yourself so you won’t struggle anymore. Dr. Louise McGrindle has answers for you and has written them in The Complete Fibromyalgia Health, Diet Guide, & Cookbook. From breakfast though dinner, she...

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Top Spices & Herbs for Healthy & Delicious Meals

Learn the 10 herbs and spices that will make your meals out-of-this-world delicious and nutritious.Only 10 spices and herbs are needed in your cupboard to season meals so that they are out-of-this-world delicious and nutritious. That’s right, these spices and herbs are not only loaded with flavors, they are packed with vitamins and minerals you need daily. Stopping in to the Family Food Kitchen to clue you in on the names of the must-have herbs and spices is Ben Stevens, founder of Outer...

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How Leaf & Love Turned Diabetes Diagnoses Around

At latest count, 29.1 million Americans have diabetes; that’s almost one in ten. However, an additional 89 million are pre-diabetic.At latest count, 29.1 million Americans have diabetes; that’s almost one in ten. However, an additional 89 million are pre-diabetic. Children are included in these stats, too. And, sadly, these numbers continue to rise. When guest Sara Williams Curren, co-founder of Leaf and Love, learned that her toddler daughter had type-1 Diabetes, her world was...

Duration: 00:09:44

Comfort Food Diet: Manage Your Weight & Diabetes

How does diabetes change the way you eat?Have you been diagnosed with diabetes?Or, are you pre-diabetic or just trying to avoid developing the disease altogether?In any case, author, Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, suggests you change your recipes, not your life.She has transformed your most-loved dishes, such as Grand Slam Nachos, into a meals with healthy carb and caloric levels.How would you like to have a nutrient-packed, delicious Chocolate Cake Smoothie for breakfast that has only 13...