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Join Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine and leading experts for daily help and encouragement as they discuss marriage and family issues from a biblical perspective.

Join Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine and leading experts for daily help and encouragement as they discuss marriage and family issues from a biblical perspective.
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Family Life


Join Dennis Rainey, Bob Lepine and leading experts for daily help and encouragement as they discuss marriage and family issues from a biblical perspective.




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Investing in the Next Generation

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Barbara Rainey join forces to talk about mentoring. Nancy, author of "Adorned," reflects on her family of origin and how she yearned to be used by God from an early age. Barbara talks about the importance of women ministering to women. Nancy and Barbara encourage older women to seek ways to engage younger women on what it means to walk with Christ.


Fear God

Dennis Rainey continues his message on gospel lessons he learned by parenting his six kids.


Training Toward the Gospel

Virgil said, "As the twig is bent, so the tree inclines." Dennis Rainey shares how that concept applies to parenting. And how the parenting principles taught him about the gospel.


The Spiritual Component of Sexuality

Scripture says that sexuality is spiritual. When clinical psychologist Dr. Juli Slattery realized this, she dedicated three months to pray about this area of her life. As she drew near to the Lord, she grew closer to her husband. Slattery encourages couples to invite God into their bedrooms.


Sexual Discipleship

Where did you first learn about sex? Dr. Juli Slattery, a clinical psychologist and co-founder of Authentic Intimacy, states that many Christians don't have the big picture of God's perspective on sexual intimacy. Slattery encourages parents to talk to their children about God's plan for sexuality so they won't be frustrated like she was in her early years of marriage.


What Does God Approve Of?

Some things, like intimacy, are hard to discuss. Clinical psychologist Dr. Juli Slattery answers the question she's asked most frequently: "What does God approve of?" Slattery says that in such a sexually permissive culture, it's safe to assume that the average couple deals with porn, and many men and women are affected by sexual trauma, shame, and guilt.


Understanding Freedom

David Eaton and Melanie Mudge coach parents on how to talk to their kids about true freedom and explain why living without boundaries isn't freedom at all. They talk about how technology has made peer pressure virtually inescapable given how much unsupervised access teens have to each other through their smartphones.


Bridging the Generation Gap

David Eaton and Melanie Mudge, along with the rest of their team at Axis, help pastors, parents, and teachers across the country understand teen culture. They tell listeners how, in an information-saturated society, our teens need to look to God's Word, as well as their parents, for answers.


Keying into the Culture

David Eaton, cofounder of Axis-a non-profit ministry that seeks to help the next generation have lifelong faith by resourcing parents and faith leaders-and Melanie Mudge, director of content and certification at Axis, tell listeners why Christian kids are leaving the faith. Eaton explains why parents must move away from behavior management and rule enforcement and focus on the truth that Jesus is life.


Getting a Jump on Easter

The culture doesn't make much of Easter, but believers should. After all, it is the day when we remember Christ's death and burial and celebrate HIs resurrection. Barbara Rainey and Tracy Lane tell what they do to make Easter special in their homes.


Making Preparations for Easter

It's almost Easter! Will you be ready spiritually? Barbara Rainey teams up with Tracy Lane to coach moms on how to make the most of Easter. Unlike Christmas, with all its hoopla and pizzaz, Easter comes and goes fairly unnoticed. Rainey reminds listeners of the significance of the cross and Easter, and explains the purpose of the Lenten season.


Kindness and the Stepfamily

Shaunti Feldhahn and Ron Deal, Director of FamilyLife Blended, team up to talk about kindness and the stepfamily. Feldhahn believes that kindness is a habit we all need to embrace. When we intentionally practice it for 30 days by ignoring the negative, encouraging the positive, and practicing small acts of kindness, 89% of relationships have been improved. Feldhahn helps us pinpoint our patterns of negativity, and Deal reminds us that kindness can melt the hardest of hearts.


Think on the Lovely

Shaunti Feldhahn reminds us that expressing kindness goes a long way, especially in marriage. When a spouse starts noticing that their mate has stopped pointing out negatives, each spouse will begin to feel so much more joy. Start the kindness challenge today: Remember to say nothing negative to or about them, then praise something, and then follow with an act of kindness.


Kindness Makes a Big Difference

Are you at odds with someone and don't know what to do? Shaunti Feldhahn, author of The Kindness Challenge, dares anyone having trouble with a relationship to be kind to that person for thirty days. Not only will it soften the heart of the other person, but you'll find that your attitude has changed, too. Feldhahn shares how she's applied this to her own family.


Love Is...

Has Valentine's Day become a little predictable at your house? Then why don't you focus on the real meaning of love, and not the retailers' idea of it, instead? Barbara Rainey joins her husband, Dennis Rainey, to talk about a resource designed specifically with the month of love in mind. "How Do I Love Thee?" is a booklet comprised of 14 short devotionals based on 1 Corinthians 13.


A New Year of Love

New Year's is a great time for new beginnings. What if you made it your goal for 2018 to be the most loving year ever in your home? To help you, Barbara Rainey, joined by her husband, Dennis Rainey, has created a tool called "How Do I Love Thee?" to help you focus on the real meaning of love as defined in 1 Corinthians 13. Barbara tells how you can read one of the short devotionals included in the resource each day to reflect on the 14 qualities of love that God values most.


The Benefits of God's Plan for Marriage

Is love enough to sustain a marriage for a lifetime? Pastor Alistair Begg talks about the importance of understanding God's plan for marriage.


Jesus' Teaching on Marriage

What really happens when you say "I do"? Pastor Alistair Begg explains what the Bible teaches about what is really going on during a marriage ceremony. Alistair explains how a couple is now purposefully, wonderfully, gloriously, intimately, dutifully, legally, personally, unconditionally, and affectionately "stuck" to each other.


Don't Waste Your Marriage

Why did the Lord bring you and your spouse together? Francis and Lisa Chan, co-authors of "You and Me Forever," remind couples that God has brought them together for a reason, and encourages them not to live for this life, but for eternity.


Get Out of the Doldrums

Is your marriage stuck in a sea of complacency? Pastor Steve Arterburn, host of New Life Live, and his wife, Misty, remind couples that marriage takes work, but it's never too late to get back in the boat and repair the relationship. The Arterburns borrow some advice from the Greeks and Italians by encouraging couples to play and spend time together and put the fun back into their marriage.


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