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Parent (Noun) vs Parent (Verb)

Hi again! After a long hiatus to get our things in order we are back to continue our story into 2017 as our daughter enters the terrible twos. We talk about the incredible changes we're seeing in her in just the last two months (spoiler: she talks a lot and has very strong opinions for someone that doesn't pay rent), flirt with the potential disaster of two parents being sick at the same time, and ask for YOUR help assessing a situation at a local park. We'll be switching to a bi-weekly...

Duration: 00:32:31

Episode 14 - Jingle Bells, Batman Smells (Christmas!)

Main Topic Cait and Vinny are getting ready for Christmas. They discuss whether theys should consider ignoring the whole Santa thing (Vinny is shut down), their most prominent Christmas memories and their struggles with the holiday Thanks for everyone that's listened along through 2016. We have some ideas for 2017 and hope you'll continue checking in once we're back in February! Contact Info Share your thoughts on our show, or share your own stories with us at...

Duration: 00:39:24

Episode 13 - Unlocking the Vault Pt. 2 (Beauty and the Beast)

This week we're continuing our sub-series with part two of "Unlocking the Vault" in which we discuss some of our favorite Disney movies from our childhood Main Topic Cait and Vinny are joined by Chicago-based comedian Mark Rosenthal of the Body Count and Beer podcast to take on Beauty and the Beast. Is it a charming romance story or a terrifying thriller about a woman taken hostage that falls subject to Stockholm syndrome? We're not really sure, but it's fun to think about. If you...

Duration: 01:23:34

Episode 12 - Guess Who's Back...Again?

Cait and Vinny come back after a semi-planned but also sort of unplanned hiatus due to a number of out-of-town wedding and family illness getting passed back and forth. Main Topic There is no main topic this week! Cait and Vinny get back into the podcasting groove by talking about what's new in their busy lives this week. From election 2016 to the baby not wanting to be around Vinny - it's been a busy two months, but Family Tantrums is back on track! Contact Info Share your thoughts...

Duration: 00:43:16

Episode 11 - Family Vacation (Our trip to Disney World)

This week Vinny and Cait recap their trip to Orlando, FL where they contend with lines at the airport, lines to park, lines to get into the Magic Kingdom, and being trapped in the hotel under a county curfew due to a hurricane. Main Topic Cait and Vinny made their way with the baby down to Orlando hoping to enjoy some relaxation by the pool and the magic of Disney. Unfortunately a hurricane had other plans for them. Vinny reviews some tips from around the web on surviving the airport...

Duration: 00:51:10

Episode 10 - Digging In (Baby Food Taste Test)

This week Vinny and Cait get a little goofy as they dig in to find out what they've actually been feeding their daughter with a baby food taste test. From pureed beef to liquid prunes, one of them might not keep it all down. Main Topic Cait and Vinny have been dealing with hectic weeks at work and a baby that's been sick and not sleeping well. So, they're just having a little fun this week with a baby/toddler food taste test. Contact Info Share your thoughts on our show, or share...

Duration: 00:39:51

Episode 9 - Unlocking the Vault Pt.1 (Disney Films and The Little Mermaid)

This week's episode is the first in a series of episodes that will be focused once-per-month on discussing classic Disney animated feature films and how we view the themes and messages of those films as new parents. Main Topic Cait and Vinny sat down to watch The Little Mermaid as part of an "Unlocking the Vault" subseries of the podcast in which they're going to review and discuss the film's majors themes. Cait and Vinny briefly discuss the history of Disney animated features. Vinny...

Duration: 00:55:52

Episode 8 - Separation Anxiety (Trip Without the Baby)

This week we're coming in a bit delayed as we took a little trip for the holiday weekend and our mobile recording setup didn't work as we'd intended. But we did get a chance to record and catch-up so we're talking about our trip! Main Topic Cait and Vinny discuss their first time leaving the baby for more than one night. Cait leaves an eight page manual for the parents. Vinny does everything in his power to avoid other peoples' children during the "kid free weekend." Vinny and Cait...

Duration: 00:44:02

Episode 7 - Storytime (Children's TV and Books with Lucia Walinchus)

This week on Family Tantrums we have our first ever guest. Lucia Walinchus, a journalist, lawyer, mother and author of "How To Raise a Smartass: Parenting That Should Not Be Tried at Home" joins us to discuss trends in children's film, TV and books, including the discussion of a children's book written by one of the Real Housewives. Check out Lucia's site, including her full bio and links to purchase her book here! (https://www.howtoraiseasmartass.com) Main Topic Vinny and Cait talk...

Duration: 00:51:04

Episode 6 - Breast is Best (Breastfeeding Expectations vs. Reality)

This week on Family Tantrums we're talking breastfeeding. Women have to contend with crazy pressure and ridiculous expectations when it comes to breastfeeding their babies. But what are you supposed to do when it doesn't work out the way you wanted? Join us to find out. This Past Week Vinny has a hard time leaving for business trips. Cait lifts his spirits with videos of the baby that suggest they may be in for trouble come potty-training time. Main Topic Cait opens up and shares her...

Duration: 00:53:02

Episode 5 - Television, Parenting and Family

On this week's episode Cait and Vinny discuss the evolution of family on television, their most memorable portrayals of family on TV and whether what they've watched in their lives shapes their perspective on family and parenting. This Past Week The baby likes to share everything - including her germs with Vinny Cait has her first experience with the "mine" and "me" toddler phase. Main Topic Cait and Vinny compare and contrast old TV shows from the 40s and 50s with the shows they...

Duration: 00:43:13

Episode 4 - The Glow (Pregnancy and Childbirth)

In support of #BumpDay and the effort to raise awareness for maternal health care worldwide, we decided to go way way back in time two whole years to share the details around our family's origin story from the beginning of Cait's pregnancy through our daughter's birth. Weekly Recap We've seen way more downloads than we were expecting and are really grateful. Please drop by iTunes to give us a rating! Cait encounters a Dunkin' Donuts customer without enough clothing on and reflects on...

Duration: 00:47:38

Episode 3 - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

People know that having children often comes with many long and sleepless nights, but when does it end? In Episode 3 Cait and Vinny share their struggles helping the baby develop good sleep habits and some of the less-than-stellar advice that's out there on getting your baby to sleep well. Cait and Vinny recap their week including miserable commutes during The Heat Dome, an awkward first date at the next table and Vinny's maddening encounter with Generation Z. Cait discovers a new...

Duration: 00:47:15

Episode 2 - Should We Bring The Baby?

Going out can be an anxiety inducing experience for new parents - especially in the beginning. And depending on where you go everyone may not be as thrilled to see the little one as you'd like. In this week's episode Cait and Vinny discuss the anxiety that comes with taking a baby out of the house in the first few months. Cait has some choice words for people giving her dirty looks when bringing a napping baby into a bar for a quick drink. Vinny thinks there should be more changing...

Duration: 00:35:49

Episode 1 - An Introduction

Everyone knows that kids throw tantrums. But, after the kids are asleep, the wine starts to flow and parents have a chance to throw tantrums of their own. In this episode we invite you to meet the family and come along with a new mom and dad as we crack open a bottle of wine and pull back the curtain to share our experiences navigating the wonderful mess of parenting. Welcome to Family Tantrums. This week we introduce you to our little family. Cait and Vinny discuss their hopes and...

Duration: 00:29:50