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Episode 11- The Powers Of Hell

Lost to the vault of history, this episode was recorded about a year ago before Chris went off to make a Ghostbusters web series. In an effort to get back on track on the regular- here is our look at pop culture's take on hell.

Duration: 00:35:11

Episode 10- Anime, Cosplay, And Gospel Contextualization

Today we discuss anime, cosplay and the Gospel with Lauren Keck. If you are interested in helping her with any of her missions, click on the links below. As always, if you have any questions- don't hesitate to email us at Lauren's Links: Website: Jesus Otaku Page: GameChurch: Financially contribute to Lauren's trip:...

Duration: 01:00:45

Episode 8- The Pledge, The Turn, The Prestige

This week we cover a ton of ground in the "Nolanverse" Interstellar, Inception, The Prestige as well as the Dark Knight trilogy in order to find out what makes a good movie great- the ending.

Duration: 00:19:00

Episode 7- The Boy Who Lived

This week is an overview of the Harry Potter saga and it's near perfect rendition of Chosen One mythology. Stay tuned in the future to hear us go more in depth on both the books and movie mythos or check out our blog right now.

Duration: 00:18:59

Episode 6- Bureau Of Paranormal Research And Defense

A Catholic Demon??! This week we talk about the movie version of Mike Mignola's comic "Hellboy".

Duration: 00:15:07

Episode 5- The Force Is My Ally

In this episode we discuss three poignant quotes made by the original gangsta Jedi- Yoda. For more discussion go to our post at

Duration: 00:13:30

Episode 4- The Dark Knight Of Gotham

This week we delve into why Batman is the perfect disciple. For a more in depth discussion to go and stay tuned in the coming weeks for more episodes.

Duration: 00:13:06

Episode 3- The Battle Of Middle Earth

In this week's discussion we take a 40,000 foot view of the biblical themes hidden within J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth saga, from The Silmarillion to the Lord of the Rings to the prophesied ending of Middle-earth. For a more in depth discussion to go and stay tuned in the coming weeks for more episodes.

Duration: 00:18:09

Episode 2- Professional Paranormal Investigations And Eliminations

For more information on Ghostbusters, Christianity and Film go to

Duration: 00:15:55

Episode 1- Hokey Religions And Ancient Weapons

For more information go to our blog at

Duration: 00:19:10