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Ep. 09 Iron Man’s Armor

Iron Man’s Armor Arguably one of the coolest technical marvels in the fictional universe (no pun intended), Tony Stark’s suit is actually a hybrid of several advanced systems: Propulsion, communication, weapons, and protection. While making the whole may be extremely difficult, it turns out that we have created several of the individual pieces. We talk […] The post Ep. 09 Iron Man’s Armor appeared first on .

Ep. 08 Matter Transporter

Beginning with the original The Fly, and popularized through Star Trek, Matter Transporters have been a staple of Sci-Fi since the beginning. Given the current state of travel, who wouldn’t want to be just “beamed” someplace and be done with it? Well Dennin, Bennin and I tackle this issue head on, covering the complexity of […] The post Ep. 08 Matter Transporter appeared first on .


Ep. 07 Mr. Fusion

Addendum: In this episode, Ben Siepser states the number of banana peels added to Mr. Fusion is three. As you can see from the below videos, the number of peels added in the original Back To The Future (1985) is four, while the reshoot (BTTF II in 1989) has the number at 3-ish? […] The post Ep. 07 Mr. Fusion appeared first on FGGGBT.