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The Fast Leader Show is a podcast created to help you move onward and upward faster in your career and life. We deliver to you leadership tips, quotes, and inspirational stories in a fun way. Host, Jim Rembach delivers an informative and fun show for employees, leaders, entrepreneurs, and all who lead self and others every Wednesday. Each episode brings you a guest who shares their story that will help you get over the hump. We end each show with the Hump Day Hoedown where our guests provide robust yet rapid answers to the questions we all like to ask. Are you ready to hoedown? Woot Woot!




138: Jill Konrath: I’m over the hill, I lost my mojo

Jill Konrath was working with two big companies, consulting on product launches. Within three months, both of the companies eliminated outside consultants, due to pressure from Wall Street. Jill lost 95% of her work and after six months waiting for the work to return, Jill needed to get new clients. But Jill was unable to book any appointments. She lost faith in herself, lost her value proposition, and then she finally realized something that helped her to get over the hump.

Duration: 00:31:41

137: Cort Dial: You’re not telling me the whole story

Cort Dial was working with the leaders on a capital project in Saudi Arabia. 3 years and 8 million man-hours where required to build this project. Cort asked the supervisors to go all in and sign up to build the project without harming anyone. After months of being told no, Cort had a break through and got over the hump.

Duration: 00:24:03

136: Keith Pearce: That’s probably where I grew up the most

Keith Pearce was a young manager working for a company that was in decline while living in Europe. He was given the corporate script to read as he told employees they no longer had a job. He practiced his speech and then he had to look people in the eye. That’s when his plan required a change.

Duration: 00:26:50

135: Kelli Barabasz: They were scared to death of me

Kelli Barabasz had the best team with the most sales. Then her manager asked her why her team performs. Kelli was shocked to hear her say that they perform in fear of her and not for her. Kelli refused to believe her and then she learned the truth. Listen to how Kellie was awakened and learn to move onward and upward faster.

Duration: 00:28:39

134: Jonathan David Lewis: Our growth stopped. We went backwards.

Jonathan David Lewis and his company made the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list. And as soon as they made the list, their growth stopped. They went backwards. Over the next three years they experienced almost 98% client turnover. But there was something valuable that came from it that allowed them to get over the hump.

Duration: 00:31:33

133: Sophie Wade: I realized it was a flexibility issue

Sophie Wade’s daughter complained that she never saw her. That’s when she decided to do research on how others managed being able to work less. She discovered that she could spend a year or more trying to persuade someone to give her the job she wanted, or she could just create it herself. That’s when made it her work instead of how she worked.

Duration: 00:31:36

132: Dianna Booher: I laid awake for two or three nights

Dianna Booher found herself with only 10 days of cash flow. She made a huge investment in developing people and was now faced with making a decision to lay them off. She was able to avoid that decision and shares what she learned and how to prevent it from reoccurring.

Duration: 00:29:30

131: Diana Oreck: I was so obsessed with work

Diana Oreck is a recovering type-A person that was so obsessed with work, that her body started breaking down. She went for extended periods of only getting 3-4 hours of sleep per night and it thrust her into the hospital with dehydration and lack of sleep. All because she was obsessed with work. Diana discovered the cause and her remedy that helped her get over the hump.

Duration: 00:29:28

130: Michele Borba: Changed my life on the spot

Michele Borba was in Rwanda distributing backpacks to deaf kids. Her transformational moment was when a sobbing child keep reading a hand-written note. If there’s any need for empathy, that child was sharing it; it was human connection. Listen to Michele share her story about how we can move onward and upward faster with our current global empathy crisis.

Duration: 00:30:51

129: Judd Hoekstra: I had all that junk swirling around in my head

Judd Hoekstra got into a downward spiral. He got to the point where he was putting emphasis in the wrong area. It created a huge negative cycle for him and he didn’t even want to show up. That’s when Judd decided to reframe the negative thoughts running through his mind. Listen as Judd shares how you can get over the hump.

Duration: 00:28:03

128: Nat Greene: I found an inability to find reasonable people

Nat Greene has become a bit disillusioned by the direction of the country. The reason is because he has not been able to find reasonable people to find a reasonable discussion on things. People can’t pause and have a decent discussion and think about problems and work through them. He finds they have already dug in on a position without really looking into the problem.

Duration: 00:32:55

127: KH Kim: I focused on my weaknesses a lot

Dr. KH Kim was assigned to write and report the meeting minutes for her group faculty meetings. Not being experienced in spoken English, she struggled with slang and acronyms. She recorded and transcribed meetings, and even asked her children to help her. Finally, she gave up. She felt stupid, got even more self-conscious and depressed. And then she was reprimanded for being lazy. Listen to how she got over this hump.

Duration: 00:30:59

126: Dorie Clark: I was forced to master the skill of resiliency

Dorie Clark found her dream job. She thought it was going to last a lifetime. It lasted for only a year. As a journalist, the entire industry contracted and she had to adjust. Dorie was forced to master the skill of resiliency and it led her to write her first book about career reinvention and how to adapt to career change. Listen as Dorie shares how she was able to get over the hump…and help others.

Duration: 00:28:08

125: Bernie Swain: Ronald Reagan brought us great legitimacy

Bernie Swain was facing gargantuan competition to be the lecture agency that would represent President Ronald Reagan. He was certain that he would lose out to a more experienced and larger firm. When Bernie got the call, he prepared for the worst. Listen to Bernie share his story of how wining helped him to move onward and upward faster.

Duration: 00:28:16

124: Mark Babbitt: I had to expose my feelings

Mark Babbitt was always the man behind the curtain. He was the engineer in back that figured out how to get stuff done. But then his role changed. He had to blog and be vulnerable. He had to take a stand. As the guy who would vomit before public speaking., Mark had to get over the hump fast.

Duration: 00:25:02

123: Ilene Marcus: I had to cross a picket line

Ilene Marcus was a manager in a large bureaucracy that had a cost of living dispute with its labor union. The workers went on strike and Ilene needed to go to work. As she planned to cross the picket line, she worried about the confrontation and what would happen. But as she walked towards the picket line, she knew exactly what she needed to do. Listen to what Ilene did to get over the hump.

Duration: 00:26:46

122: Claire Brooks: I wasn’t culturally understanding

Claire Brooks moved to Detroit, Michigan and found a senior role with an advertising agency. During her first meeting, she met with the brand manager for an American car brand and she began to mixing up the names of car parts. After a moment, the brand manager asked ask what was she talking about. Claire, felt she failed with her attempt to impress. Listen how she turned this moment into a global empathy opportunity.

Duration: 00:27:38

121: Tracy Goodwin: I was getting beaten every night

Tracy Goodwin was a Freshman in college and was cast as the lead in a play. The young man playing opposite of her began to beat her as part of a scene. The intensity increased over time and Tracy asked the play Director if it could stop. The director refused and threatened to replace her. Tracy was devastated. Listen to Tracy’s story of how she was able to get over this hump and move onward and upward faster.

Duration: 00:26:37

120: Christine Porath: That really cost me in terms of happiness and stability

Christine Porath decided to take the non-traditional path. She wanted to make a difference and it wasn’t what they were looking for. As a result, she had to make a move and it set her back. And she would do it all over again. Listen as Christine shares why she made her choice.

Duration: 00:24:42

119: Simon Blair: I was spit thrown into the deep end

Simon Blair was a new call center team leader and instructed to increase sales by 400%. But as the new kid on the block he inherited the old school long-term employees that were resistant to change. After months of trying different tactics and failing time and again he finally found out how to get over the hump.

Duration: 00:33:05

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