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Hosts (and friends!) Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein turn up the volume and bring you the big, juicy, world of beauty on their weekly podcast. With day jobs as beauty editors, Jess & Jenn are plugged in to the industry's latest news and share their inside access along with candid stories of their beauty adventures, from celebrity interviews and freaky new facials to miracle products and epic beauty fails. Each week, they also get advice from their favorite people in the business, including Hollywood makeup pros, perfumers, plastic surgeons, and even the manicurist at their local nail salon. Delivered with a heavy dose of fun, Fat Mascara is where beauty obsessives can get their fix.






Ep 72: I'm Like A Truffle Pig

Stylist and beauty entrepreneur Linda Rodin talks about her fabulous face oil and we ask her to weigh in on an important question: If we're talking about improving diversity in the beauty industry, shouldn't more mature women be represented, too? Plus, when spokespeople go rogue, eye cream, and what's growing in your shower pouf.

Duration: 01:04:03

Ep 71: Mass-pirational

Beauty-preneur Marcia Kilgore stops by to tell us about her latest big idea: Beauty Pie, which lets you buy luxury cosmetics at obscenely cheap prices. Before that, a few Qs: Who's the newest big-deal beauty editor? Why doesn't Jenn wear eye shadow? And would you try rainbow hair for a few hours?

Duration: 01:20:07

Ep 70: Drunk Tank Pink

Psychiatrist Samantha Boardman discusses how beauty-focused social media culture affects women and shares fascinating research on the psychology of beauty, like why arched brows scare small children (really!) and the reason it’s so soothing to watch people apply makeup. Also, a chat (and giveaway) in honor of CeraVe National Cleanse Your Skin Week and answers to two burning questions: “Does drinking water actually hydrate your skin?” and “Would you buy beauty products that support a...

Duration: 01:10:52

Ep 69: Pat, Don't Rub

Goop beauty director Jean Godfrey-June is here to talk natural deodorants, concealer tips, her miracle cure for seasonal allergies, and how to break into beauty writing. Plus, adventures in NYC commuting, the truth about mineral oil, and pre-shampoo treatments.

Duration: 01:19:35

Ep 66: 12 Years to Make It

Hairdresser Harry Josh not only does bangin' beach waves, he's also a master storyteller. Settle in and hear the drama-filled tale of Harry's rise and fall, and rise and fall, and rise again. Before that: We discuss Jess's wedding hair, and which fragrances do (and don't!) work on sweaty, hot summer days.

Duration: 01:19:46

Ep. 67: Dew Drop Puffy Cream

The doctor is in! Dermatologist Howard Murad goes way beyond skin: He's also an expert on what he dubs "cultural stress." If you're feeling totally fried, consider this episode a must-listen. Before that: We discuss cutting edge hair-tech from Nexxus; why animal testing is *still* happening; and the best way to shave your legs.

Duration: 00:59:12

Ep 66: That's How You Win

Hair stylist Ursula Stephen talks about her creative process, conditioning secrets—and clients like Rihanna, Mary J. Blige, Laverne Cox, and sooo many more. Plus: Why pale blondes turn brassy, big fragrance winners, and the end of Estée Edit.

Duration: 00:58:08

Ep 65: All About Lifting

Grab your face oil, and break out the tanning mitt: Nichola Joss, celeb facialist and tanning expert shares all of her secrets for looking bronze and sculpted. Before that: We chat deodorant versus antiperspirant; Too Faced's rumored collaboration; and Jess's nail salon nightmare.

Duration: 00:49:17

Ep 64: A Put-Together Person

Bobbi's back! Just months after leaving the brand she built, Bobbi Brown fills us in on her latest big projects, from her book to her pop-up shops to her groovy hotel. (Yup.) Before that, we discuss Jenn's beauty sleep hack, brow styles, and ocean-safe sunscreens.

Duration: 00:45:37

Ep 63: Absurd Amounts of Makeup

Caroline Solomon—she's Instagram Famous as @lowcheekbones, the hilarious beauty-fashion parody feed—shares her process and her masterful makeup-removal technique. We also discuss nose-blindness, the case for getting a facial, and CVS's decision to stop selling sunscreens lower than SPF 15.

Duration: 00:50:33

Ep 62: The Californians

Meet the Streicher sisters! Brow guru Kristie, makeup artist Jenn, and hair stylist Ashley bring their West Coast vibes to our beauty roundtable this week. Before that: We talk apple cider vinegar rinses; facial fitness; and the latest in tattoo removal.

Duration: 00:44:38

Ep 61: When Someone Smells Good

Fragrance Foundation president and girl boss Elizabeth Musmanno is here to share insider secrets of the perfume industry. Plus, Jenn & Jess go down on the farm with Mary Kay, dream about Martha Stewart's new skincare line, and share tips for recovering from nail gels and chipped polish.

Duration: 00:53:03

Ep 60: It's Kind of Nerdy

Got zits? Let Dr. Joshua Zeichner take the wheel. He came by to talk all things acne, like at-home hacks and how to use retinol. Before that: We talk vloggers worth watching; how to prolong your dye job; and beauty's fun new collabs—grab your popcorn.

Duration: 00:51:27

Ep 59: Mercury in Retrograde

It's just Jess & Jenn this week, but there's much to discus: post-Coachella thoughts on age-appropriate body bling; nude lipstick that won't make you look dead; and, finally, "Are spa treatments the new therapy?" Discuss.

Duration: 00:30:56

Ep 58: 50 Shades of Pink

Rebel makeup artist Violette shares her French girl beauty secrets, like how to pull off lived-in liner or get "sex hair." Before that: We talk toner, The Fragrance Foundation awards, and Gwyneth Paltrow's trick for getting grounded.

Duration: 00:55:05

Ep 57: Gift of Gab

Makeup artist Laura Geller is here to share crazy stories from her 20 years in the business—and tells us why her "baked" makeup goes on like a dream. Before that, Jess shares sage wisdom she got from a major(!) beauty boss, Carol Hamilton, Group President of L'Oréal Luxe USA. Plus, Jenn tells the tale of an epic makeup rivalry, and we offer up fragrance tips from our Annick Goutal event.

Duration: 00:58:52

Ep 56: Pretty Privilege

Phillip Picardi, the digital editorial director of Allure and Teen Vogue (and a former beauty editor!), discusses gender and body politics, how writing about beauty has changed in the past few years, and growing up as a makeup-loving boy. Before that, we get deeeeep, with real talk on salon tipping, the dark and spiritual world of Dr. Bronner's soap, and Jess's (two) breast-reduction surgeries.

Duration: 00:48:35

Ep 55: It's About the Jelly Texture

Peach & Lily CEO and founder Alicia Yoon talks to us about the current Korean beauty obsession. Before that, we chat about the celestial beauty trend, debate bar soap versus body wash, and take a closer look at keratin products.

Duration: 00:44:32

Ep 54: Our Birthday Celebration

It's our one-year anniversary! We're doing things a bit differently this episode. First, we go to Saved Tattoo so Jenn can get some Fat Mascara-inspired ink. After that, we share how we broke into the beauty biz (you asked, we answered!). Plus, we take a look back at our favorite moments on the show so far.

Duration: 00:33:58

Ep: 53 Honey, Listen!

Makeup artist Trish McEvoy helps us find the "triangle of light," organizes our lives, and demystifies makeup brushes. We also chat about drive-through Botox, offer tips to prevent mascara smudging, and get to the bottom of a burning question: Why is everyone so sensitive (skinned) these days?

Duration: 00:50:28

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