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53. Amped about Android

In this episode, Chris asks Soroush about his experience diving into Android development. Android 101 for iOS Developerslyft/scoopSoroush’s $99 testing phoneJava 8 lambdas/closuresKotlinRuby’s tap methodthen microframework for SwiftBrandon Williams and Lisa Luo — Anything you can do, I can do betterAndroid LayoutsUIStackViewLinearLayoutAndroid Support LibrariesGet a new Fatal Error episode every week by becoming a supporter at

Duration: 00:49:34

Teaser: 52. Spooked about Spectre

After a brief discussion about cryptocurrency, Chris and Soroush discuss the CPU vulnerabilites that made news recently: Meltdown and Spectre. Listen to the whole episode — and get access to the entire Fatal Error back catalog — at

Duration: 00:01:24

51. Ticks and Trips

We’re back! Chris and Soroush kick off this season with a more freeform podcast format, discuss baking bread, and follow up on Soroush’s productivity system. NYT Tartine Sourdough Bread RecipeNYT No-Knead Bread RecipeProfessional Baking by Wayne GisslenFolding Bread Proofer and Yogurt MakerTartine Bread by Chad RobertsonThingsOmniFocusNew features in Apple Notes on iOS 11BearNSUserActivitynvALTChris’s “Archive nvALT Note” AppleScriptLifehacker, Oct. 2005: The Kinkless...

Duration: 00:43:27

Teaser: 50. Internet of Things

Chris, Soroush, and Soroush’s girlfriend Taylor talk about the Internet of Things. Listen to the whole episode — and get access to the entire Fatal Error back catalog — at

Duration: 00:01:24

49. Chris Writes Python

Soroush interviews Chris about his experience writing Python at work over the past couple of months. Chris was wrong about something! Python is not pass-by-reference; see Is Python call-by-value or call-by-reference? Neither. PyramidGoogle App EnginePython 2 or Python 3Unicode in Python 2Uncle Bob - The Dark PathTests and Types (Patreon-only)if you ignore uncle bob's terrible opinions on women, you can fully appreciate how terrible his opinions on software are@pasiphae_goalsmypyTruth...

Duration: 00:37:28

Teaser: 48. Productivity

This week, Chris and Soroush chat about productivity tools and techniques. Listen to the whole episode — and get access to the entire Fatal Error back catalog — at

Duration: 00:01:28

47. Strange Loop

Soroush interviews Chris about his experience at this year’s Strange Loop conference. Strange LoopStrange Loop ScheduleAlex Miller"Just-So Stories For AI: Explaining Black-Box Predictions" By Sam RitchieDecision Tree LearningRandom Forest""It Me": Under The Hood Of Web Authentication" By Yan Zhu, Garrett RobinsonLito Nikolai"Level Up Your Concurrency Skills With Rust" By David SullinsSwift Ownership ManifestoCity Museum"To Serve The People: Public Interest Technologists" By Matt...

Duration: 00:25:20

45. Fault Tolerance with Actors

Chris and Soroush continue their discussion of the future of concurrency in Swift by considering how Erlang achieves fault isolation with actors. Concurrency in Swift: One approachEpisode 42: ActorsErlangElixirErlang Hot Code SwappingConcurrent and Distributed Programming with Erlang and Elixir: Part 1Errors and ProcessesWho Supervises The Supervisors?Fault Tolerance doesn't come out of the boxConcurrency in Erlang & Scala: The Actor ModelAlan KaySmalltalkHeart of SmalltalkSmalltalk in...

Duration: 00:39:57