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#70 Back In Business

Annnnnnd we're back! With a slight equipment upgrade we're back to sounding like we know what we're doing and firing on cylinders! On this episode we celebrate our first legit episode on the Osiris Podcast Network with a 5 year old Allagash Tiarna, and we explain our new theme music which is from our band from the 90's. John Couchoud from South Jersey Beer Scene calls in to help us navigate the ever-murky waters of NJ beer politics, there's a general discussion about a new "craft beer"...


#69 NICE.

This episode takes place at the bar in Rob's house and was recorded on 3 iPhones. We each had one in front of us. All 3 files were sent to Richard where he married the audio to make it sound whole. Only issue was, Jay Rose got 2 calls during the recording which threw off the Synch. Richard being the audio dynamo that he his, saved the episode. JR sounds a little like a Daft Punk robot toward the end which isn't the end of the world. That's what he gets for not turning on airplane mode...


#68 Live From Philly Homebrew Outlet in Oaklyn NJ

This episode was recorded with Jimmy McMillan and Nick Less from their newest Philly Homebrew Outlet location in Oaklyn NJ. We touch on all the interesting things these guys are up to over there from home brewing, to bee keeping, to making homemade sourdough bread, Kombucha, and soap. They're located next to Tonewood brewing and they're ready to help you discover a new DIY hobby! Also, Richard's dog is prominently featured on the podcast barking every 4 seconds followed by Richard clapping...


#67 Live From The Brickwall Tavern AND Cooper Hospital AND San Diego

This episode happened in 3 different places. We did the episode at the Brickwall Tavern in Burlington City. We then cut to a few minutes of a podcast that was never released that Rob and Jay Rose did with Andy "The Beer Man" Coppock on a trip to San Diego in 2015. Then another cut to Cooper Hospital in Camden NJ after Richard's latest procedure. Anyone know what a Dolphin Bed is? You'll find out. Also, Ryan and Schaffer from Evermore Coffee Roasters stop by to talk coffee while sipping...


#66 Live from Tonewood Brewing in Oaklyn NJ

This episode has been a long time in the making. We sit down with Eli, Taylor, Ryan and Katie from Tonewood Brewing to discuss how they have risen to become one of the hottest breweries in the region! You'll see how we go from quiet, to comfortable and informative, to complete chaos over the course of 2 1/2+ hours. We added some music in spots, Jay Rose did a voice over 2 hours and 25 mins in to describe the chaos and the end is well... you should hear it, Phish is involved! This might be...


#65 Live From AC Seafood Fest with Dan from Brotherton Brewing and Mike from Three 3's Brewing

This episode was recorded in front of a live audience at the Atlantic City Seafood Fest back in mid September where we had 2, 30 minute segments to pack in as much content as possible. The first segment is with Dan from Brotherton Brewing in Shamong NJ and the second is with Mike from Three 3's brewing in Hammonton. Definitely a departure from what we normally do, but we did it. Grab a beer and try to keep up, we move QUICKLY!


#64 Richard's Health Isn't Ideal

A new Episode! Well that seems logical. I honestly have no idea what we talked about on this episode. Please listen to it and remind me what did or didn't't talk about. #That'sAEuropeanThing


#63 Goose and Egg at Tiki Tiki Board Games

This one was recorded on a stormy Friday night in August at Tiki Tiki Board Games. We were supposed to record live from a a street fest in Woodbury NJ but it got rained out which put us back at Tiki Tiki. We tried to line up guests on short notice and we were 0 for 6. At the end of the show when we thank guests, of which we had none, Richard thanked Goose and Egg. He's a charmer that Richard.


#62 Andy Newell From Flying Fish Brewing Company

Have you enjoyed a pint of beer at local NJ brewery recently? If you have, you have Andy Newell and Gene Muller From Flying Fish to thank for that. They helped write the legislation to make pints in a brewery a real thing in NJ. We rap with Andy about the long, sordid history of NJ beer laws and what Flying Fish has done to revolutionize how we consume beer from NJ breweries. The beginning of the podcast is a behind the scenes peek at the conversations that go on "off mic." In this...


#61 Richard Is Back From The Brink Of Extinction

The return of Richard! After a nasty Diverticulitis flare-up, 7 day hospital stay, and a new accessory added to his body, Richard explains in detail exactly what happened how it happened, and what is the next step in the Summer Of Richard. We sip on a couple beers from 2011, laugh about Jay Rose wearing an ill-fitting track suit on stage, and officially introduce Ryan Harbinson as our 4th member of the squad.


#60 Live at Tiki Tiki Boardgames with Ryan Harbinson

Back at our home base, Tiki Tiki Boardgames in Woodbury NJ. We jump right into talking about all the recent ABI acquisitions including the craft beer website Rate Beer, and the overall sustainability of being an independent craft brewery in 2017. It's a great point, counter point discussion on the current state of the craft beer union. Juice Bomb IPA's take a beating from Rob and Jay Rose (as usual, and Jay Rose takes a beating from everyone toward the end of the show.


#59 Live from Jupiter Records on Record Store Day 2017

This episode was recorded on Record Store Day at Jupiter Records in Woodbury Heights NJ. We drink a ton of great beer and discuss the parallels between the craft beer world and the record collecting world. Steve Zimmerman from Jupiter Records sits in, we learn about "The Summer Of Richard", and George from the Woodbury FAF Coalition drops some knowledge about the Lot 323 event and how it benefits the arts in Woodbury. Also, Matt and Abe from Big Noise Music Fest stop in to tell us to go...


#58 Record Store Day Preview with Dogfish Head Brewing and Jupiter Records

58 finds us back at our home base, Tiki Tiki Board Games in Woodbury NJ for our Record Store Day Preview. Are you aware that Record Store Day is on April 22 this year? Are you also aware that Dogfish Head is the Official Beer of Record Store Day? We combine 2 of our favorite things as we sit down with Ryan Horner from Dogfish Head Brewing and Steve Zimmerman from Jupiter Records. Dogfish beers are cracked, we explore the parallel universes of craft beer and rare records, and announce where...


#57 Sunday Morning Mimoso's At Tiki Tiki w/ Ryan Harbinson

Sleepy Sunday morning episode from our new home base at Tiki Tiki Board Game Shop in Woodbury NJ. Ryan from Tiki Tiki sits in, he pours us his version of a beer mimosa, (he calls them mimoso's for some reason), and we go deep into the NJ beer wholesaler matrix. Richard invents a word, Jay Rose is hung over and Rob finds that amusing, and a 50/50 Eclipse from 2015 gets opened. Also, one of our guests on the next segment shows up early and sits in for the last few mins.


#56 Live From Band Of Brewers Vol 5 at World Cafe Live in Philly

Segment 2 from Philly Beer Scene Band Of Brewers at World Cafe Live. We Drink a mystery bottle, and try to figure out the difference between Porter and Stout and Baltic Porter. Rob Jahn from Neshaminy Creek Brewing stops by to talk about their new location and we drink a super exclusive Transmitter beer with him.


#55 Live From Band Of Brewers Vol 5 at World Cafe Live in Philly

We're live from World Cafe Live in Philadelphia for the Philly Beer Scene Magazine Band Of Brewers Volume 5. We dissect the ever changing world of beer wholesalers in NJ and what we can expect moving forward. We drink some Troegs, some Stone, and we scream about classic German styles. Mat Falco from Philly Beer Scene Magazine sits in for the last few minutes and breaks some news about something we're technically not really allowed to talk about. So there's that.


#9 Live from the Pour House 4/26/15

Segment 1 of 2 live from The Pourhouse in Westmont NJ. The "stupid question of the day alarm" happens by accident, a hung over Jay Rose completely fakes his way through and bungles the description of a vintage cider, Wine expert Andrea Billick helps Jay decipher the cider, and Richard's man crush on John Mayer is reveled.


#54 Segment 2 from Tiki Tiki Boardgames w/ Paul Brown From Good Time Tricycle Productions

Segment 2 from Tiki Tiki Board Game Shop in Woodbury NJ features Paul Brown from Good Time Tricycle. Who is Paul Brown? He's a force of NATURE! What is Good Time Tricycle? They are the production company that puts on the Atlantic City Beer and Music Fest every year. Who is Richard? He's the guy the that owns the computer that crashes mid-podcast. He explains what happened and how he fixed it as the podcast goes on. Always something...


#53 Live From Tiki Tiki Board Games in Woodbury NJ

53 Live From Tiki Tiki Board Games in Woodbury NJ by Jay Rose, James Rabic, Dan Jacoby


#52 The Final Pour At The Pour 2016 Beer In Review

This episode was recorded at in the Bar in Rob Forczek's basement affectionately called "The Pompous Pour." As you listen to this, Rob and his fam are in a new house, so we thought it was fitting to to wrap up the year that was 2016 with the Final Pour at the Pour. We went straight through on this one with no edits and no breaks. We now present all 2 hours and 50 mins of #52! Happy this, merry that, drink something awesome.


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