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Ep 44: Dianne Wilkins - Critical Mass

Dianne Wilkins is the CEO of Critical Mass - a digital design and experience company. She is also a talent magnet, drawing people to her with her openness and her commitment to their success. She is also a survivor. We talked about her willingness to jump in, the tragedy that changed her life, and the role that ice cream played in shaping her remarkable career. Let me know what you think.


Ep 43: Rei Inamoto - Inamoto & Co

Rei Inamoto is unique. And he’s an identical twin. His professional life has encompassed some of the most prominent and powerful leadership positions in the creative industries, including five years at R/GA and then as the worldwide chief creative officer at AKQA. In 2016, he and his partner Rem Reynolds, launched Inamoto and Co - a "business invention studio" focused on design, data, technology and digital transformation. Rei and I met in their offices in Brooklyn and talked about the...


Ep 42: Kojo Marfo / My Runway Group

My conversation with Kojo Marfo - Director and Founder, My Runway Group Kojo has a passion to change the world. He focuses on social impact through instilling self belief in young adults. His ventures - including myrunwaygroup.com, are targeted at providing a platform for youth development and creative growth.


Ep 41: John Borthwick / Betaworks

John Borthwick is the founder and CEO of Betaworks, a New York based business described variously as a company of builders, a start-up studio, and a seed stage venture capital company. Betaworks has built a diverse range of companies that sit at the intersection of media and technology, including Giphy, TweetDeck, and Dots. Last year, they announced the launch of a $50 million early-stage fund called betaworks ventures, designed to support all three of the company’s investment portfolio...


Ep 40: Trevor Robinson / Quiet Storm

Trevor Robinson is renowned for his contribution to society and for encouraging future talent. In 1995 Trevor set up Quiet Storm, the first agency to write, direct and produce its own work. He’s chaired the IPA’s Ethnic Diversity Forum and set up “Create Not Hate” to tackle gun crime by getting disenfranchised youth into advertising and creative projects. He was awarded an OBE in 2009 for his services to charity and advertising. This episode was recorded at the Eurobest festival in London.


Ep 39: Kerrie Finch / FinchFactor

Kerrie Finch is the Founder & CEO of FinchFactor - one of the most successful reputation management companies within the creative, tech innovator and startup sectors, with offices in Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles and New York. Kerrie is the founder of SheSays Amsterdam and an ADCN board member. She's also warm, genuine and interested. I talked to Kerrie at Eurobest in London.


Ep 38: Mindy Grossman / Weight Watchers

Mindy Grossman is a 40 year long success story. She has built innovative, creative businesses at every step of her career. From Ralph Lauren to Nike to the Home Shopping Network to Weight Watchers. She is one of only 51 women CEOS of Fortune 1000 companies and she turned HSN into the second best performing Fortune 1000 company of this century. Since taking over as the CEO of Weigh Watchers last summer, the company’s share price and membership have risen dramatically. I talked to Mindy...


Ep 38: Mindy Grossman - In 5

A five minute edited highlight of our full length conversation


Ep 37: Vanessa Friedman - in 5

A five minute edited highlight of our full conversation


Ep 37: Vanessa Friedman / New York Times

Vanessa Friedman is the fashion director and chief fashion critic for The New York Times. Her approval is sought by the most famous and successful designers in the world and she has built a reputation as a brilliant, thoughtful and fair judge of what is relevant in this the most creative of industries. I talked to her about the challenge faced by people who make things from their minds, about the importance of structure, and about the high-flying nature of her secret hobby.


Ep 36 - Geoff Edwards / CAA

Geoff Edwards has been leading on his terms for his entire career. He is a story teller, unafraid to open new doors or take a new path, unafraid to try to change the world on his terms. He has been featured on the cover of Creativity Magazine’s inaugural “Creativity 50” and Boards Magazine's “Top 50 Art Directors” In America. Today, he is Head of Creative at CAA Marketing and Co-Founder of SATURDAY MORNING, a coalition for Peace. I talked to Geoff about superheroes and kryptonite, about...


Laura Jordan Bambach - In 5

A five minute highlight of our full conversation. Recorded at Eurobest in London.


Ep 35: Laura Jordan Bambach

My conversation with Laura Jordan-Bambach - the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Mr President/SheSays She describes the early part of her career as a cyber-feminist-code-hacking artist. Today, she is the Chief Creative Officer and partner of one of London’s most influential agencies, Mr President. She co-founded SheSays, the Great British Diversity Experiment and the Cannt Festival and she was recently named one of the BBC's top 100 innovators.


Ep 34: Ash Atalla - In 5

A five minute highlight of our full conversation.


Ep 34: Ash Atalla

Ash is one of the UK’s best known comedy producers, responsible for, The Office and the IT Crowd. He has won five BAFTAs and a Golden Globe. In 2007, he co-founded the independent production company, Roughcut TV with Tim Sealey and over the last decade the company has established itself on both sides of the Atlantic with deals with the BBC, NBC and HBO.


Ep 33: Tom Goodwin - In 5

A five minute highlight from our full conversation.


EP 33: Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin is the definition of a disruptive thinker. He was recently named one of LinkedIn’s most influential contributors and brings to any conversation a natural unwillingness to accept the status quo. I talked to Tom about the importance of embracing difference in others, about the power of trust and about the freedom of being wrong.


Ep 32: What's Next For Fearless

“My hope, as this podcast begins its own journey, is that Fearless will become a place where the people that are best at unlocking creativity in their business, and in themselves - leaders I’ve known for some time, and leaders that I’ve never met before - will come and share their stories, their hopes and their fears. My goal is to have them tell us what inspires them, what they’ve learned and what gets in the way.” Back in May when I launched Fearless, I laid this out as my ambition. To...


Ep 31: Michael Kassan / Medialink

Michael Kassan is perhaps the best connected person in the creative industries. As the founder Chairman and CEO of Medialink, he creates and unlocks relationships at the intersection of advertising, entertainment, technology and finance. Put another way he connects Silicon Valley, Madison Avenue, Hollywood and Wall Street. I talked to Michael about the criteria he looks for in people he wants to interact with, about what he’s learned about doing deals on the back of a napkin and about...


Ep 30: Neil Tardio

Neil Tardio is a hall of fame film director, responsible for some of the most iconic advertising ever created. His 1977 Xerox commercial, "Brother Dominic", is part of any list of the greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time. I talked to Neil about working with some of the most legendary creative figures of the last fifty years, about the challenges of marrying art and commerce in one of the most pressurized environments, the film set, and about the lasting power of creating simple...


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