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Episode 83: Homestyle Indian from the Life and Mind of Chef Jessi Singh

Jessi Singh grew up cooking with his mother and aunts in India. mostly without electricity and cooking each meal from scratch, Jessi and his wife Jennifer (who is from Brooklyn) opened their first Babu Ji in Melbourne and then took NY and now SF by storm. With a mix of homestyle cooking influenced by cooking at temples for thousands of people, and local ingredients like corn and oysters the food is honest and delicious. Tune in to hear more!

Duration: 00:25:11

Episode 82: Cooking for One, You Can Do It! (No More Toast and Takeout)

Louise Harper is the author of three books about cooking for one. Single Serve covers how to plan meals and make delicious recipes for one in about 20 minutes. No more takeout. It's more sustainable, healthy and fun to cook for yourself. Harry and Louise discuss some tips and tricks for buying food in small portions and cooking when you live alone.

Duration: 00:35:01

Episode 81: What's So Great About a Custom Motorcycle and a Whiskey Company?

Tim Harney is a motorcycle builder and partner in Moto Spirits. He's a jack of many trades and when he's not racing cars at 24 hrs of Lemons, or building custom motorcycles for clients all over the world, he's likely working on distilling rice into whiskey, though he doesn't touch the stuff. Harry and Tim cover a lot of ground in this episode, from tinkering, to taking cars apart to building up to eating grass and raw marrow for breakfast. Check it out!

Duration: 00:48:20

Episode 80: The South's Best Butts (not a postcard from Miami Beach)

Matt Moore is the author of The South's Best Butts, Pitmaster secrets for Southern barbecue perfection, as well as A Southern Genlteman's Kitchen. Matt and Harry talk airplanes, Butts (Pork and Lamb) and discuss regional saucing as well as how to barbecue like a master at home, even if you don't have a pit.

Duration: 00:36:40

Episode 79: Fulton Fish, Salsa and Sardines, oh and some other stuff too!

Gustavo Frias is a man of many talents (and many siblings, he's the youngest of 10!) He's not sure how he caught the lure of the sea, but growing up in West Covina, CA he loved eating fish, and his mother would oblige with a whole porgy for afternoon snack. Fast forward and he's teaching people how to buy, cut and cook fish, and has worked with Greenpoint Fish and Lobster and the Fulton Fish market. Harry and Gustavo talk about the ins and outs of fish, and cover Gustavo's Salsa and...

Duration: 00:38:46

Episode 78: The Incredible, Edible, Egg Shop

Nick Korbee is the executive chef of Egg Shop here in NYC. With locations in Williamsburg and SoHo Egg shop offers eggcelent versions of many staples. From the BEC to the So Cal burrito they're doing it right alongside great cocktails and a full bar. Harry and Nick discuss eggs, MFK Fisher, Tamagoyaki, and practicing cooking in your underwear while on the phone. Tune in! and grab a Bacon Egg and Cheese or a Burrito.

Duration: 00:39:41

Episode 76: Are You Allergic to Salad?

This week on Feast Yr Ears, host Harry Rosenblum is joined in the studio by Stacey Ornstein, founder of Allergic to Salad. Since 2007, Stacey has developed curriculums, recipes, and taught healthy, international cooking classes in New York City public schools, after-school programs, camps, and more for all age groups. Allergic to Salad began as a blog in September 2010, following Stacey’s after-school cooking classes for elementary-aged students. The program increases skills, techniques,...

Duration: 00:41:47

Episode 75: Slow Food in Denver: Paul C. Reilly on Cooking, The West and What's Next!

Paul C. Reilly grew up in the NY tri-state area, but fell in love with the West while in college. Returning East for culinary school he missed the openness of the great plateau and returned to Denver to put down his roots Opening Beast + Bottle in 2013 and following it up with Coperta in 2016. Harry and Paul talk about "NY" pricing, where his ingredients come from and why Slow Food Nations in Denver is the place to be next month.

Duration: 00:37:14

Episode 74: Peck's Takes Over the World

Theodore Peck started out winning local cooking competitions before turning his eye towards providing that great city staple: a neighborhood store for everyone with a little bit of everything, from coffee to award-winning matzo ball soup, it's kind of like Cheer's except that it's in Brooklyn and they don't just serve beer. With a second location in the works, Peck's is taking over Brooklyn one great block at a time.

Duration: 00:42:18

Episode 73: Artisanal Ingredients You've Probably Never Had from Korea (including Snail Vinegar!)

Jenn Yoo and Rob Thompson are in the nascent stages of bringing some of the most amazing Korean ingredients to the U.S. Snail Vinegar, anyone? Cold pressed Perilla seed oil? These are a few of the dozens of products they hope to have in the coming years. Look out for Gotham Grove as they spearhead the high end Korean ingredient market.

Duration: 00:38:28

Episode 72: Kinfolk Life. From Brooklyn and Japan with Love. How Ryan Carney Created a Lifestyle Brand from His Own Life.

Ryan Carney has done a lot of interesting things in his life. From being a denim and toy "mule" for a Japanese importer in the 90s to riding a dirt bike, he's been able to follow his own advice to "take time for yourself" as an entrepreneur. From bikes to bars to events to a clothing line Kinfolk is a true lifestyle brand and it has followed the ideas and opportunities of the founders for the last 10 years. Whether you knew their now gone bar and bicycle showroom in Nakameguro, Tokyo or...

Duration: 00:43:34

Episode 71: The Aaron Burr Society and the 2nd Whiskey Rebellion

The Aaron Burr Society launched the 2nd Whiskey Rebellion on February 6, 2010. Jim Costanzo is an artist, activist, professor and distiller. The Aaron Burr Society hopes to teach people about the government, taxation and what we can do with our own hands to remove ourselves in some small way from the machinery that grinds us into submission.

Duration: 00:44:11

Episode 70: Traditional Medicines and Herbs for the Modern Ailment

Jon DeRosa grew up in suburban NJ and became a guitar slinger which led to some great albums and stints with the likes of Stephin Merritt, he then mastered cocktails, moved to LA and discovered a personal fascination with Peru, Ayuhuasca and how the traditional herbs and medicines of the jungle could be applied to the ailments of modern life. He's still creating orchestral, country tinged, rock albums, but has traded his suspenders and rolled up sleeves for flowier garb and the tools of...

Duration: 00:40:36

Episode 69: On Being a Superhero: Business Leader, Rock and Roll Frontwoman, and Mom Leah Archibald

Leah Archibald is the front woman of 70s stlye power rock trio Wide Right, she's also a mom of two, and the executive director of Evergreen, North Brooklyn's #1 resource for industrial and manufacturing businesses. How does she do it all? From performing late night gigs to getting the city to help businesses in our neighborhood, Leah is busy, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Duration: 00:42:34

Episode 68: Fly-in, Fly-out: A Pilot's Thoughts on Flying and Eating Around the Country and Around the World

Kris Wolmer has been flying commercial planes for 20 years. He's an on-call pilot for JetBlue and flies out of New York. Tune in to hear about his favorite places to eat, what not to order on the plane and how to get into the business if you're so inclined.

Duration: 00:34:42

Episode 61: Olympia Provisions at the Good Food Mercantile

Elias and Michelle Cairo are the brother and sister masterminds behind Portland's Olympia Provisions. With a fast growing meat business, a 40,000sf meat plant, restaurants and a BMW motorcycle hotdog cart, they're working hard to bring you the best European style charcuterie and changing the face of farming in Oregon.

Duration: 00:36:56