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The Canadian Rocky Mountains, Canada






E33 - Philip is Lost - Adventure Addict & Earth Ambassador

In this episode of Feed Your Mountain Obsession, Spence chats with adventure addict & earth ambassador, Philip Cariaso Jr. aka Philip is Lost. Spence met Philip during his US travels a few years ago when they explored the legendary Havasupai in the Grand Canyon of Arizona. Philip is a committed explorer and constantly strives to showcase the possibilities of the great outdoors to his friends, new and old. In addition to his explorations, he is a notable dancer who often combines this...

Duration: 00:44:04

E32 - Bruce Kirkby - NatGeo Explorer, Author & Father

In this episode of Feed Your Mountain Obsession, the official podcast of the Global Mountain Tribe, Spence is joining by his fiance, Jenna, in a conversation with legendary explorer, Bruce Kirkby. Bruce’s adventures span many decades and include the first descent of the Blue Nile River, the first crossing of the Empty Quarter on Camels, vast Mongolia horse travels, 22 summers guiding in the Yukon and taking his young family from BC to India via every method, but planes. The latter was...

Duration: 00:50:48

E31 - Julie Hiner - Personal Growth Through Biking

Mountain Obsession is pleased to announce a partner episode with the Eco Not Ego podcast produced by Eco Not Ego International! During this episode, ENE co-founders, Spence (of Mountain Obsession) and Josie chat in depth with Julie Hiner of Just a Girl and A Bike notoriety! Julie has had an amazing journey of personal growth through intense, Tour De France style mountain biking; she started in her late 30s with no athletic ability and has pushed herself to new heights (literally)....

Duration: 00:54:37

E30 - GMTMs Speak - Fallon Rowe

During this episode of Feed Your Mountain Obsession, we are stoked to present another round of GMTMs Speak; this is where Global Mountain Tribe Members answer your questions to inspire you, challenge you and amped you up! For this round, we invited Fallon Rowe of Utah onto the podcast. Fallon is a kickass female climber who has been pushing her limits in the mountains for quite some time now; from Fitz Roy in Patagonia to high-pointing 49 of the 50 states! Enjoy her wisdom and THINK...

Duration: 00:29:48

E29 - Banff National Park Bison - Jason Walchuck

In this episode, live from Jason’s Jeep, Jason Walchuck returns to chat about his adventure to see the recently reintroduced Banff Bison deep within Banff National Park. His crew were the first to observe the bison other than park rangers. The adventure involved grizzlies, eagles, lots of tracks, post-holing with snowshoes and some awesome information. Always a pleasure to have Mister Waterfall back on the podcast sharing his mountain stoke. Jason can be followed on Instagram...

Duration: 00:19:26

E28 - Spirit Animal Explorer - Laura Lassiter

Welcome to our special edition series, Spirit Animal Explorer, 21st Century Personal Development Through Animal Energies, Interactions and Awarenesses, presented on the Feed Your Mountain Obsession podcast channel. On each episode of Spirit Animal Explorer, Mountain Obsession founder Spence chats with world renowned experts, guides, scientists, conservationists, shamans, adventurers and explorers to give you the tips, tools and tactics to integrate the power of animals into your life....

Duration: 01:06:30

E26 - GMTMs SPEAK - Julie Hiner - Just A Girl & A Bike

This is the second episode of GMTMs SPEAK, a unique format where Global Mountain Tribe Members (GMTMs) self-record answers to your questions! On this episode of Feed Your Mountain Obsession, the legendary Julie Hiner returns! She answers everything from her inspirations to her toughest challenges. Choked full of applicable life lessons, you are sure to find some wisdom! Check out her answers and apply them for yourself if you so choose! You can find out more about Julie at...

Duration: 00:34:17

E25 - GMTMs Speak w/ Juliana Lavell - Artist, Aerial Yogi, Guide & Nature Lover

In this episode of Feed Your Mountain Obsession we have mixed up the format: we’ve started to invite inspiring GMTMs (Global Mountain Tribe Members) onto the podcast to self-record answers to your questions! The purpose is to showcase how inspiring GMTMS are taking charge of their dreams and getting after it! In the first episode of GMTMs Speak, we are joined by artist and yogi Juliana Lavell! Juliana is an accomplished aerial yogi, 700 RYT yoga teacher, co-founder of Returning Home...

Duration: 00:20:14

E23 - How to Attract Wildlife!

In this episode of Feed Your Mountain Obsession, the legendary animal “attracter”, Mike “The Man” Walchuck returns to discuss how to see amazing wildlife on your mountain adventures. Discussions include spirit animals, pine martens, lots of owl stuff, staying safe in bear country and of course, how Knievel managed to spray himself with bear-spray. Some great laughs with an amazing mountain man and a fantastic friend. For more info, email us at spencer@mountainobsession.com. Stay safe out...

Duration: 00:30:10

E22 - Just a Girl and a Bike

In this mini-episode of Feed Your Mountain Obsession, Spence chats with Julie Hiner, a lady who discovered her true self on her bike. She is releasing her first book - Just a Girl and a Bike in a week. Mountain Obsession is thrilled with the content and highly recommends you check out the book! It is truly is a journey of discovery and proves that it is never too late to find your passion and FEED YOUR MOUNTAIN OBSESSION! spencer@mountainobsession.com www.justagirlandabike.com

Duration: 00:29:37

E22 - Death By Quickmud - Podcast Takeover

In this episode of Feed Your Mountain Obsession, the podcast hosting duties are taken over by Julie Hiner. Julie is a friend of Mountain Obsession founder, Spence, and like many Global Mountain Tribe members, she was curious about his adventures. Discussions include nearly dying at the end of the earth, South America, spirit animals, depression in cities and the philosophy of Mountain Obsession. A big thank you to Julie! spencer@mountainobsession.com

Duration: 03:58:54

E21 - City Induced Depression - Part 1

In this episode of Feed Your Mountain Obsession, the first in a few months, Spence discusses what occurred in 2016 for Mountain Obsession and his life. A large focus is placed on how Spence, the founder of Mountain Obsession, has been struggling with what he has coined ‘city stress’ and how this stress has led to ‘city induced depression’. Discussions include: how this has affected his life, his plans for conquering depression, admitting that yes, it can happen to you, how mountains and...

Duration: 02:17:22

E20 - Mountain Obsession Update for Q4

In this mini episode, Spence briefly updates the Global Mountain Tribe on the direction of Mountain Obsession for the rest of the year. Please subscribe and stay tuned for more awesome podcasts!

Duration: 00:07:38

E19 - Norman Goh - Greenland / Canprev / Adventurer & Ultra-lighter

During this episode, Spence chats with Norman Goh. Norman is an adventurer from Toronto, Canada who prides himself on getting outside in order to decompress from the city life. While balancing a full time career as Canprev Natural Health Product’s VP of Marketing, Norman can be found cutting out the tags from his pants to save weight. In addition to being an amazing human-being, Norm chats candidly about nutrition on the trail, ultra-lighting and his adventures in Greenland.

Duration: 00:46:59

E18 - Chic Scott - Thee Canadian Mountaineering Historian / First Ascents / Old School Climber / 1967

During this episode, Spence chats with Chic Scott. Chic is the foremost authority on Canadian Mountaineering history. He spent 8 years writing his masterpiece - Pushing the Limits - which details the history of Canadian mountains and mountaineering. in 1967, he was on the team that claimed the first winter ascent of Mount Assiniboine, which is the crown jewel of the Canadian Rockies. He has climbed Mount Logan, gone on dozens of expeditions, guided in the Alps and has written numerous...

Duration: 01:13:20

E15 - Eric Norrie

During this episode, Spence chats with an old high school buddy from Spanish Class: Eric Norrie. Eric is a wonderful human-being who is doing a lot of positive work in both his personal life and for those around him. In addition to working with refugees, he has undertaken quite a lot of travel. Discussions include refugees uniting together despite being world’s apart, going after your first solo adventure, growing up backpacking, hanging out in Egypt during Ramadan, what it means to grow...

Duration: 01:06:27

E14 - Colin Snyder

During this episode, Spence chats with an old university buddy, Colin Snyder. A dedicated editor for the Global Mountain Tribe, Colin loves sharing his love of the outdoors with those he meets. Discussions include Frolfing, why you need to start long-boarding, dying in rip-tides, outdoor inventions and why your university days were out of control.

Duration: 00:52:09

E13 - Tom Kitta


Duration: 01:07:33

E12 - Chase Van De Brand


Duration: 01:06:43

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