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EP56: Sacred Work & Sacred Rebels

In our traditional mainstream culture, we are told we have to build our careers, work hard, and climb to the top - which is why we all feel so overwhelmed and over it, and why we never seem to 'get there.' We pressure ourselves to be there now. Or we lack the courage to go for what our heart's begging us to do. At this time on the planet, we are being called to DO THIS DIFFERENTLY- to take our power back from outdated ways of thinking about work and career which limit our freedom and...


Ep55: SELF LOVE: The Most Powerful Medicine in the World

At the root of almost every struggle we face is a lack of self love most people are just totally unaware of this. Unfulfilling and toxic relationships, stuck or overbearing careers, money and health challenges, chronic overwhelm, worry and stress - signs of a weak self love. Our mainstream culture does not teach us self-love, instead it focuses on the surface solutions - find a soulmate, get a new job, lose 10lbs, stop overspending, find balance, etc. These may provide a short term...


POWER PAUSE: What Support Do YOU Need this Year?

This Wisdom Inquiry: What is the Support I Need this Year? can alone determine if you will feel more stressed and stretched this year OR more supported and sustained. Think of it like putting your order into the Universe, so that you can receive what you need to support you as you do your work, lead your teams and families, take care of all that needs tending, and achieve your dreams... but this year, you FEEL supported physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. This month at...


POWER PAUSE: What Matters Most to You This Year?

There are SO many ways that you can spend your energy, time, money and resources this coming year - many that will distract you, fragment your energy, or keep you so busy in the day to day grind you never get the space to do what truly matters. Instead of having the space to focus on the projects & people and your own personal wellbeing that mean alot to you this year, you end up giving your time and energy to what is most urgent, demanding, productive or profitable. We are programmed to...


SALON - A Different Way to Dream: Vision, Plan & Focus Your Year, The Feminine Way

There is a misunderstanding in our culture about visioning, dreaming and goals setting that stems from the go,go, go,work hard, stay busy, mindset we've been trained to operate from in the distorted versions of masculine and feminine power in our mainstream systems. Even big misunderstandings about manifesting, the law of attraction, and vision boards of baseline spiritual teaching that lead to self criticism & stress later in the year. The good news is this....There is another way, a...


Ep54: Prepare for 2018: Feminine Wisdom for What's Coming

Stay out of the fray. Step into feminine wisdom to illuminate how you can best navigate the path ahead for 2018. As we cross the threshold into a new year - after a very intense 2017, I'm inviting you to take a PAUSE to feel into what is true, what is coming, what is needed to navigate the waters ahead, and how and who you want to be this coming year. In the wisdom traditions, Jan is the dreaming month - a time for listening to our hearts and souls, to divine guidance and to what is...


POWER PRACTICE: The Holiday Harmonizer

How you complete the year directly impacts how you feel and start the coming year. So how do you want to FEEL when you wake up in the new year? So that you can start the new year ready, at a full tank, clear and strong on the inside? This is a question I ask every year as the holiday swirl starts so that I make sure I don't get caught up in the over consuming, over eating, over spending, over scheduling, over shopping...a set up for starting the new year depleted and already feeling...


EP53: SPACIOUSNESS - Cultivate it. Claim it.

SPACIOUSNESS... we all desire it. But we have not been taught how to cultivate it. We've been told to "find time," "Make time for self care", "meditate and be mindful" ... but time can't be found, self care is a way of life not something to add to your to do list, and WHY are we meditating and being so mindful? Feeling Spacious on the inside is not just some nice self care strategy... cultivating spaciousness is fundamental part of our ability to be powerful, courageous leaders......


POWER PAUSE: Get Wise & Clear On How to Complete Your Year

When you pause in November to get clear about how you COULD spend your energy, time and resources and then mindfully choose where to focus in your work, relationships, and personal health ... you are so much more likely to end the year feeling good about your choices, and so start the year ready and regenerated for what is to come. This practice is called POWER PAUSING. Wise leaders do it 4-8 times a year at key points that harmonize us with the natural cycles. Specifically we do it in...


SALON- Accessing Feminine Wisdom to Fuel & Focus Our Sacred Work

"Our women's wombs are not only for birthing children, but also for birthing new worlds" - Gaia Codex. There lives within the heart and body and spirit of every woman a deep wisdom... that goes beyond the intellect, beyond this time and way of thinking... some call it a 'codex' ... others call it a 'sacred web'... most of us were not taught how to access this deeper well and web of wisdom in our conventional school, families or on-the job trainings. Yet knowing how to access and work...


Ep51: Why We Hide & Hold Back

Why is it that we hide and hold back? When our inner wisdom whispers, or screams, at us to step forward, be more visible, speak up, be a force for change, give our great work, be seen in new ways that can feel vulnerable... why can even the most courageous confident woman hold back, procrastinate, distract herself with busyness, and any other of a myriad of strategies we employ that keeps us smaller than we are and less seen that we need to be? There are real reasons we distract and...


EP50: Cultivating Sisterhood:

We need sisterhood more than ever. Not just one friend or one group of women we relate to - but multiple 'circles' of women with different levels of intimacy, relationship, and connection that can be there with us and for us as we navigate through the intense and uncertain world we live in. Cultivating strong circles of sisterhood are our life saving devices during these intense and uncertain times. With strong circles and connection to circles of other women - that we are part of...


Ep: 49: Relationships: Men & Women in Partnership... What Is Up?

On the eve of my 12th wedding anniversary, I invited my life partner Noah Martin to join us for an intimate, real and illuminating conversation on what the heck is going on in the dynamics between women and men who are in partnership? I've been talking with so many of the women I work with and hearing the same things... * Strong women exhausted from being the major money maker or care taker and tired of holding this role, but don't see another way * Men who are good men but who can't...


POWER PAUSE: Creating Sacred Space + Equinox Meditation

In intense times, we need "sacred space" to tap into our own inner wisdom more than ever... or else we run the risk of getting swept into the swirl of the world. But what is sacred space? How do you create it? What does it give us? And how can you make it part of the rhythm of your life without needing to find more time. Taped here at the Fall Equinox - a super power time of the year for taking a power pause - sacred space to rebalance and reharmonize and reset your focus for the second...


47: Dealing with the Intensity of the World

How do you stay connected with compassion and courage to the world around you and all that is occurring during these intense times without getting overwhelmed by it? Or distracted by it? Or just pulling the covers over your head and forgetting all about it. Between the natural disasters of floods and fires, and the human disasters of man made missles launching over countries, and man made missles of frustation and anger being launched daily through Facebook, in the streets, in the...


Ep18: Trusting or Sabotaging Yourself? Working with the Two Forces Within

When a woman or girl knows how to tell the difference between the inner force that reacts from fear, shame and judgment and sabotages her and the inner force that guides her from loving truth, to respond in accordance to her truth, she gains 'super power'. Super power to make the choices both small (in her daily live) and big (like who she will marry or if she will marry, what career she will choose, where she will live). In my dream world, girls would be taught about their "Feminine...


SALON- Feminine Wisdom for Staying Strong & True to Yourself During Intense & Uncertain Times

If you could trust your Inner Wisdom more, what would you be doing differently right now? And just how do you tell the difference between the smart guidance of your Inner Wisdom and the fear or blind faith of that 'other' self-sabotaging inner voice? How do you gain access to that deep wisdom within to guide your choices, and then conjure up the courage to follow it's guidance... no matter what?? There is no question most of us are feeling stressed, stretched and affected by the...



It can be really challenging to discern between your inner voice of fear and the guidance of your inner wisdom - which is why I am sharing this Self Trust Meditation with you, which is from the Self Love Meditation Album I created ( It's a short but mighty way to connect with your Inner Wisdom about a situation, challenge, or choice you might be facing - to help you presence the doubt or fear and potential self sabotage to cut through to the wisdom and truth in...


Ep45: SUPPORTED: Are You Getting the Support You Need?

YOU DESERVE TO BE AND FEEL SUPPORTED... press pause on the outside world and let's get you the support you need (it's not weak to need support, it's stupid not to know what you need and ask for it and then use your Feminine Power to co-create it.) Reality: Women operate like banks who only give withdrawls -we give and give support but we don't RECEIVE the support we need, in our work and families to keep us healthy and well taken care of. Then we get sick or frustrated, feel exhausted and...


EP 44 Love Blocks

Our beautiful, loving, open hearts have at one time or another been tromped on, broken or betrayed and so our normal, and probably necessary action at the time, was to build walls, force "elds, layers of protection around our hearts… resulting in us creating stories and sabotaging patterns that make us work harder than needed, make us feel lonely, disconnected and like the world is on our shoulders, and keep us from the loving, respectful vibrant partnerships, friendships, families...


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