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E41: Mariah Hinds - "Proofing and Building Ring Reliability"

SUMMARY: Mariah Hinds’ love affair with dogs and fascination with their behavior began young. She’s wanted to be a dog trainer since she was eight years old. She’s now been training dogs and teaching people for more than 14 years and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. Mariah has broad practical experience in the dog world, volunteering and working in kennels, shelters and veterinary hospitals, dog sitting and walking, fostering rescue dogs, and two years of veterinary technician...

Duration: 00:25:20

E40: Nancy Gigliardi Little - "Start Line Stays"

SUMMARY: Nancy Gagliardi Little comes back on the podcast — Nancy has been training dogs since the early 1980's when she put an OTCH on her Novice A dog, a Labrador Retriever. Since then she has put many advanced obedience titles on her dogs, including 4 AKC OTCH titles, 6 UD titles, 3 UDX titles, and multiple championships in herding and agility. Today, she joins me to talk startline stays in agility. Links Nancy Gigliardi Little's Website Next Episode: To be released 12/15/2017,...

Duration: 00:29:37

E39: Julie Symons - "Handler Discrimination & AKC Scentwork"

SUMMARY: Julie Symons has been involved in dog sports for over 20 years. She’s competed in flyball, conformation, agility, obedience, herding, tracking and nosework. One of Julie’s favorite things is a versatile team! Her first Belgian Tervuren, Rival, was the first of his breed to finish his championship in conformation, obedience, and agility. Julie truly believes that participating in multiple sports is enriching to both person and dog and builds on that mutual partnership and...

Duration: 00:33:48

E38: Hannah Branigan - "Talking Tuck Sits and Fold Back Downs"

SUMMARY: Self-proclaimed taining nerd, Hannah Branigan is back to talk about training those clean, precision behaviors that get obedience competitors everywhere drooling... tuck sits and fold back downs. Hannah has been training dogs and teaching people for more than 10 years. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP). Hannah is the owner of Wonderpups, LLC, and teaches workshops nationwide, as well as conducting...

Duration: 00:43:10

E37: Sarah Stremming - "Effective Behavior Change"

SUMMARY: Sarah Stremming is a dog trainer, a dog agility and obedience competitor, and a dog behavior consultant. Her credentials include a bachelors of science degree in psychology from Colorado State University, and more than a decade in the field of dog training and behavior. Her special interest area is problem solving for performance dogs. Links The Cognitive Canine Effective Behavior Change Part 1: Replacement Behaviors Effective Behavior Change Part 2: Antecedent Arrangements...

Duration: 00:31:41

E36: Dr. Patricia McConnell - "Dog Behavior & Training"

SUMMARY: Dr. Patricia McConnell is a Zoologist and Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist who has made a lifelong commitment to improving the relationship between people and animals. She is known worldwide as an expert on canine and feline behavior and dog training, and for her engaging and knowledgeable dog training books, DVDs and seminars. Patricia has seen clients for serious behavioral problems since 1988, and taught "The Biology and Philosophy of Human/Animal Relationships” for...

Duration: 00:34:26

E35: Shade Whitesel - "Toys in Dog Training"

SUMMARY: The Fenzi TEAM program is a progression-oriented titling program that emphasizes excellence in training. Each TEAM level adds complexity for the dog-handler team in four areas: the difficulty of the skills being assessed, the potential challenges in the form of food and toy distractions, the challenge of the actual testing location, and finally the quantity of reinforcement allowed during the test. We invited Denise Fenzi, one of the founders of the program, onto the podcast to...

Duration: 00:23:20

E34: Denise Fenzi - "Talking TEAM Training"

SUMMARY: The Fenzi TEAM program is a progression-oriented titling program that emphasizes excellence in training. Each TEAM level adds complexity for the dog-handler team in four areas: the difficulty of the skills being assessed, the potential challenges in the form of food and toy distractions, the challenge of the actual testing location, and finally the quantity of reinforcement allowed during the test. We invited Denise Fenzi, one of the founders of the program, onto the podcast to...

Duration: 00:46:29

E33: Laura VanArendonk Baugh - "Social, Civil, and Savvy"

SUMMARY: Laura began training professionally in 1999, and is author of the best-selling book Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out: Training Crazy Dogs from Over-the-top to Under Control and her newest book, released earlier this year, Social, Civil and Savvy: Training and Socializing puppies to become the best possible dogs. She owns Canines In Action, Inc. in Indianapolis, speaks at workshops and seminars, and is also a Karen Pryor Academy faculty member. Links Fired Up, Frantic, and...

Duration: 00:26:36

E32: Loretta Mueller - "Managing a Multi-dog Household"

Summary: Loretta Mueller returns to talk about her upcoming class, Managing Multi-Dog Mayhem and we talk about the skills it takes to manage a multi-dog household, choosing your next dog, training several dogs at once and how she does it with 6 sports dogs. Links Managing Multi-Dog Mayhem: Description & Registration Next Episode: To be released 10/13/2017, featuring Loretta Mueller to talk about managing a multi-dog household. TRANSCRIPTION: Melissa Breau: This is Melissa Breau,...

Duration: 00:50:08

E31: Barbara Currier - "Agility Handling"

Summary: In 2004 Barbara Currier and her husband Michael were relocated to Richmond, VA, where she began teaching agility at All Dog Adventures. It was there that Barbara was introduced to Susan Garrett and her amazing foundation-based training, centered around impulse control and relationship building with your dog. She continues to train with some of the best handlers in the world and has implemented what she has learned from each of them into her training program. She became heavily...

Duration: 00:34:15

E30: Donna Hill - "Training Service Dog Skills"

Summary: Donna Hill has had a lifelong love affair with dogs and is fascinated with dog behavior. She has broad practical experience in the dog world, volunteering in working in kennels and shelters, dog sitting and walking, fostering rescue dogs, teaching behavior modification privately, and teaching reactive dog classes. She also has a background in zoology and teaching. She stays current in dog behavior in learning by regularly attending seminars by top trainers and researchers,...

Duration: 00:44:05

E29: Cassia Turcotte - "Channeling Instinct & Drive"

Summary: Cassia Turcotte has been involved with the dog training world for nearly two decades and has been training professionally since 1999. She has a background in private behavior modification, and has worked as a kennel manager, volunteer shelter staff, veterinary technician, Search And Rescue training officer, and taught classes for both reactive and fearful dogs. She completed her first professional certification in 2003. Midway through her career, Cassia decided to combine her...

Duration: 00:28:16

E28: Sue Yanoff - "Canine Sports Medicine for Performance Dogs"

Summary: Sue Yanoff graduated from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine in Ithaca, New York in 1980. After three years in private practice she joined the US Army Veterinary Corps. While on active duty she completed a three-year residency in small animal surgery at Texas A&M University, and became board certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. She retired from the Army in 2004, after almost 21 years on active duty. After working for a year on a horse farm in...

Duration: 00:31:07

E27: Chrissi Schranz - "Finding Time to Train"

Summary: Chrissi Schranz is based in Vienna and lower Austria. She has been fond of dogs of all sizes, shapes, and personalities for as long as she’s been able to think, especially the so-called difficult ones. After training the dachshund of her early teenage years in traditional ways at her local obedience club, she learned about clicker training and got hooked on force-free motivational methods. Her workdays are spent doing the things she loves most, thinking about languages, writing,...

Duration: 00:30:16

E26: Nancy Tucker - "Behavior training"

Summary: Nancy Tucker is a full-time pet dog trainer and behavior consultant in Sherbrooke, Quebec. She regularly teaches seminars, webinars, and workshops on dog training, dog behavior, and the business end of training to dog owners, trainers, and veterinary staff in Canada, the US, and in Europe. Most of her time is spent doing private in-home behavior consultations with clients. She specializes in common behaviour issues that affect the family dog, and is skilled and experienced in...

Duration: 00:23:47

E25: Heather Lawson - "Life skills and Training Concepts"

Summary: Heather Lawson is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA-CTP), a CGN Evaluator and a Free-style judge. She has been training dogs and their humans for more than 20 years after deciding that the corporate world just wasn't cutting it anymore. She is the owner of dogWISE Training & Behaviour Center Inc., where she teaches group classes for companion pets, competitive obedience, and rally in addition to providing behaviour...

Duration: 00:39:51

E24: Melissa Chandler - "Nosework, Parkour, and Training Soft Dogs"

Summary: Melissa Chandler has competed in conformation, agility, obedience, hunt tests, nose work, and rally. She’s also successfully trained and handled non-owned dogs to many titles and championships. Today her focus is on nose work and parkour, both of which she teaches here at FDSA. Melissa’s strengths are problem solving, by looking outside the box, and working with soft dogs. Owning and working with soft dogs has given her the ability to coach others to help build confidence, and...

Duration: 00:39:18

E23: Kamal Fernandez - "Motivation & Control"

Summary: Kamal Fernandez is an internationally renowned dog trainer and seminar instructor, Championship Obedience Judge, Crufts competitor and the head trainer and owner of East London Dog Training. He has over 25 years of practical dog training experience, based on a combination of science and hands on work that have led him to establish a reputation for positive training and to champion reward-based methods all over the world. Kamal has made a study of psychology and began his career...

Duration: 00:35:28

E22: Amy Johnson - "A Snapshot At A Time"

Summary: Amy is the owner of Great Dane Photos and teaches the dog photography classes offered through FDSA. She is the also official show photographer for many of the premier agility events in the United States, including the AKC National Agility Championships, AKC Agility Invitational, USDAA Cynosport World Games, and NADAC Championships, as well as numerous local trials, regional events, and breed national specialties. She has photographed a wide variety of dog sports, including...

Duration: 00:46:17

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