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The Girls Want to Take a Luxurious Bath

The girls have a guest this week! Mallory wasn't around, so the lovely Rachel filled in for her. Without Mallory around, Amy and Steph had to fill her shoes and take over the Tyra gushing. There's also a quick round of Who Wore It Best: Shannon Or Prince Edition, plenty of talk about how to be rich in Paris, and how mayonnaise is only a condiment for the most wealthy. There's a desperate need for Missy Elliott to start making horror movies, and the Dark Side now includes diamonds and...


The Girls Turn to a Life of Crime

If you're a cop, please don't let this be the first episode you listen to. The girls reveal a lot of hypothetical criminal activity. Theft, arson, voter fraud, nothing is off-limits. In fact, there was even some talk about keeping people trapped in a doorless room. Don't worry, there is also plenty of exciting talk about legal things, as well. We gush about our heroes: Tyra Banks, Taylor Swift, and Blurry-Face Man. There's plenty of talk about twerking by both girls and squirrels, we...


The Girls Who Can't Sing

The girls dive deep into the second episode and find out just how many times someone can sound like they're making a murder video diary. Mallory reveals what she wants on her tombstone, and Steph tells us all about how to be a fashion ho. Learn all about creating a bandana fashion empire, living the Deal or No Deal Dream, how to smoke with shade, and discover the timeless Legacy of The Pretzel


The Girls Who Want a Bikini Wax

Amy, Steph, and Mallory have gone all the way back to the very first episode of America's Next Top Model and they're here to tell you all about it. Hot topics include Blurry Face Man, pencil-thin eyebrows, freezing cold rooftops, Carrot-Top photographers, cow-tipping, forgotten sisters, being late on your first day, murder stares, $5 bikini waxes, and an endless love for Tyra Banks. There is no level of shade that these girls will not reach. We do apologize for the audio quality in this...