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Figure Drawing Online provides free video podcasts on figure drawing. The 13 episodes dealing with the body parts follow the release of 13 paid lectures with same name at These 13 paid lectures are the complete Beginners Figure Drawing Course. These lectures provide the knowledge of anatomy while teach how to go about massing, planes, plane breaks, how to find and observe landmarks, how to use simple devices like contour lines and so on. They help to build a visual library of the human body one can then use to create, to use figure drawing as a tool of expression rather than a device to copy what we see. To help along with your studies I am also releasing free videos on the subject of the most common mistakes everyone makes. These videos help with spotting the problems and suggest ways to avoid them. Another series – Work In Progress, gives an insight into the creative process showing what is possible once the basics of figure drawing are absorbed. Enjoy!



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