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A critical comedy chat show about MOVIES and how they age. (Explicit language)

A critical comedy chat show about MOVIES and how they age. (Explicit language)
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A critical comedy chat show about MOVIES and how they age. (Explicit language)




Ep 10: Black Christmas (1974)

Dylan and Ryan watched the first slasher movie ever maybe?? Break up the Christmas monotony as we talk about a holiday horror film that isn't completely dumb.

Duration: 00:56:00

Ep 9: The Santa Clause Trilogy (1994-2006)

This week Dylan loses his mind and makes himself sick talking about the Santa Clause trilogy(1994-2006). REMINDER: Film Burn has that explicit content tag for a reason!! :) Jack Frost thaw scene: The joke that worked:

Duration: 01:24:17

Ep 8: Fire (1996)

Dylan goes solo again with Deepa Mehta's film Fire (1996), a beautifully-rendered family drama and bittersweet lesbian romance. Should it be more widely considered a queer classic? SPOILER SKIP TIMECODE = 38:32. Here's a link that explains its cultural significance better than I ever could: This is a re-upload because of technical problems!!! That said feel...

Duration: 00:50:37

Ep 7: House (1977)

Dylan has guest Ryan C. Barton on to discuss 1977 horror cult-classic House! It sure is a thing we both watched!! Watch the trailer for it on youtube, it might actually be better than the movie itself:

Duration: 01:04:50

Ep 6: Boyz n the Hood

Dylan finally watches Boyz n the Hood (1991). How has it aged? Does it deserve to be a canonized classic? (It does). Does it make some artistic choices that haven't aged that well? (Also kind of yes). SKIP TO 31:40 TO AVOID SPOILERS!

Duration: 00:57:19

Ep 5: The Craft (1996)

Dylan gets into The Craft (1996), a nostalgic Halloween """"cult"""" classic. How does it land on someone who is watching it for the first time? TW for sexual assault and suicide in both the film and the discussion.

Duration: 00:39:13

Ep 4: Child's Play (1988)

This episode, Dylan Gauche talks to Jaime Woods about the 1988 horror classic Child's Play, and how it is shockingly way less annoying than they thought it'd be! Also discussed: the original plot, comparisons with Angel Heart, the surprising other writing gig Don Mancini got, and terrible ugly merch. Something that should have been linked in Angel Heart's description (but was posted on our twitter, @filmburncast), and is relevant again:...

Duration: 00:57:46

Ep 3: Angel Heart (1987)

In this solo-episode, Dylan Gauche talks about the 1987 film noir / horror hybrid Angel Heart. The timecode to skip to in order to avoid spoilers is: 26:28. I wanted to find a good article on the racist ways in which Vodou has been depicted, but couldn't find a good one. Here is the dailymail article on Mickey Rourke that I referenced:

Duration: 00:38:49

Film Burn 2: Murder by Death

In this episode, Dylan Gauche talks with Kim B about the 1976 film Murder by Death. Spoiler alert! It's super racist! Here is a link to a good roundtable discussion on yellowface in film:

Duration: 00:48:21

Film Burn 1: The Mighty Ducks

In this episode, Dylan Gauche speaks with Jaime Woods about everyone's favourite hockey movie -- The Mighty Ducks!

Duration: 01:01:51