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Film Loop Now: Black Panther

SHOW NOTES Wakanda Forever! Welcome to Film Loop NOW where we loop FORWARD in time to talk about the movies we love right now! In this episode, we’re journeying to East Africa with “Black Panther” as Darian and Victor release a war cry, sharing their thoughts and reactions on the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spoilers abound… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! REFERENCES AND LINKS Kids’ reactions to “Black Panther”! ...


012: The Apartment, Bridget Jones's Diary, Hitch

SHOW NOTES Doctors, dates, and diaries! Valentine’s Day is upon us! Darian and Victor invite their good friend (and official rom-com expert) Laura Freeman to join them as they break down THREE favorite films from the romance genre. Snuggle up with your S.O. and listen as Victor breaks the ice with 1960’s Academy Award winning “The Apartment,” Laura takes us on a stroll with 2001’s “Bridget Jones’s Diary,” and Darian invites us in for coffee with 2005’s “Hitch.” ANNOUNCEMENTS Follow...


011: Fists of the White Lotus & Master of the Flying Guillotine

SHOW NOTES Flying Guillotines and Vital Nerves! Welcome to Kung Fu Theater! In this episode, Darian and Victor loop back to the golden age of martial arts cinema and cover two classics in the genre. Darian kicks things off with the Shaw Brothers’ 1980 flick, “Fists of the White Lotus,” and Victor delivers a roundhouse with a personal favorite of Mr. Tarantino himself, 1976’s “Master of the Flying Guillotine.” ANNOUNCEMENTS Follow Us! Find us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram...


010: The Man Who Fell to Earth & Labyrinth

SHOW NOTES Aliens and goblin kings! In this episode, Darian and Victor pay tribute to the Thin White Duke himself, David Bowie. Together they share their favorite songs and moments in Bowie history, then dive straight into the films that helped make Davey Jones an icon. Victor begins with Bowie’s first film role, 1976’s “The Man Who Fell to Earth.” Darian follows up with a childhood classic that introduced Bowie to a new generation, 1985’s “Labyrinth.” ANNOUNCEMENTS Follow Us! Find...


Episode 009

SHOW NOTES Murder-mysteries and marionettes! Darian and Victor ring in 2018 by catching up after the holidays and sharing their New Year’s resolutions! Then they dive into this toy-centric episode of Film Loop as Darian starts with a bonafide cult classic, 1985’s “Clue,” and Victor follows with Walt Disney’s seminal animated classic, 1940’s “Pinocchio.” ANNOUNCEMENTS Follow Us! Find us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram @filmloopshow! We’ve got a lot of great surprises and exclusive...


Film Loop Now: The Last Jedi

SHOW NOTES Surprise! Our first bonus episode has just arrived, perfectly packaged and ready for the holidays! Welcome to Film Loop NOW where we loop FORWARD in time to talk about the movies we love right now! We’re kicking this bonus show off with “The Last Jedi” as Darian and Victor sound off, sharing their thoughts and reactions on the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga. It’s an episode you don’t wanna miss! Spoilers abound… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! REFERENCES AND LINKS Some great...


Jingle All The Way & Brazil

SHOW NOTES Happy Holidays! Ahhnuuld and dystopian society make a great Christmas pairing! Darian's pick this episode is the Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy "Jingle All The Way," while Victor ventures into dark humor with Terry Gilliam's "Brazil." REFERENCES AND LINKS Jingle All The Way trailer: Brazil trailer: Top Ten Arnold movies: Terry Gilliam...


Episode 007: The Empire Strikes Back & The Phantom Menace

SHOW NOTES Carbonite and pod racers! With Star Wars: Episode 8 upon us, Darian and Victor jump to hyperdrive and prep for the latest installment by revisiting two others from the franchise. Victor starts off with 1980’s “Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back”, while Darian dares to engage 1999’s “Episode I: The Phantom Menace.” REFERENCES AND LINKS Deleted Wampa scene from Empire Strikes Back - ...


Episode 006: Addams Family Values & Broadway Danny Rose

SHOW NOTES Eat me! It’s a Film Loop Thanksgiving! Gather ‘round the dinner table as your hosts serve up some holiday fun discussing their favorite things about Turkey Day! Darian graduates from the kids table with a festive favorite, 1993’s Addams Family Values, and Victor carves it up with 1984’s Broadway Danny Rose. REFERENCES AND LINKS Charles Addams’ Cartoons - Addams Family Thanksgiving...


Episode 005: Thunderbirds Are Go! & Thunderbirds (2004)

SHOW NOTES Puppets and Paxton! It’s Film Loop’s first franchise feature (say that five times fast!) Victor gets to go first this time, launching right into the first motion picture based off the original series, 1966’s Thunderbirds Are Go! Darian follows, rocketing toward the franchise’s bombed 2004 reboot, Thunderbirds. REFERENCES AND LINKS Supermarionation and Solenoids! - The Shadows (Band) and Cliff Richard Jr. -...


Episode 004: Hocus Pocus & Dawn of the Dead

SHOW NOTES Cabaret witches and Pittsburgh zombies! It’s the first themed episode of Film Loop! In this Halloween edition, Victor and Darian reminisce on their favorite trick-or-treating memories, and then get straight to work digging up a few skeletons; Darian unearthing “Hocus Pocus” and Victor dusting off “Dawn of the Dead.” REFERENCES AND LINKS CLIP: “I Put A Spell On You” - Sarah Jessica Parker discovers her witching lineage -...


Episode 003: LXG & Excalibur

SHOW NOTES Connery, Comics, and Clive Swift! In episode 3 of Film Loop, Victor and Darian break down their impatience on having to wait so long to talk about their film selections. Then, Darian goes first with 2003’s “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and Victor follows with 1981’s “Excalibur.” REFERENCES AND LINKS League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Graphic Novel - Double Feature Alert: Van Helsing (2004) -...


Episode 002: Heavyweights & Flash Gordon

SHOW NOTES Fat camp and adventures in space! In episode 2 of Film Loop, Victor and Darian express their excitement for getting the podcast off the ground. Then, Darian starts with 1995’s “Heavyweights” and Victor follows with 1980’s “Flash Gordon”. REFERENCES AND LINKS The Ben Stiller Show - Tony Bobbins - Buster Crabbe & Flash Gordon Serial (1936) - Sam Jones in “Ted” -...


Episode 001: Good Burger & Xanadu

SHOW NOTES Burger buddies and roller rinks! It’s the inaugural episode of Film Loop! Victor and Darian explain what drove them to start a podcast in the first place, and then jump right into sharing their first film picks: The millennial selecting “Good Burger” and the GenXer choosing “Xanadu.” REFERENCES AND LINKS All That- Good Burger Skit - ELO and Xanadu Soundtrack - ...