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Film Snuff is a podcast where we tear apart supposedly great movies that actually suck. Hosted by comedians Keating Thomas & James Hunt. Contact:

Film Snuff is a podcast where we tear apart supposedly great movies that actually suck. Hosted by comedians Keating Thomas & James Hunt. Contact:
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Film Snuff is a podcast where we tear apart supposedly great movies that actually suck. Hosted by comedians Keating Thomas & James Hunt. Contact:






Episode 61 - Edward Scissorhands

The 1990 fairytale "Edward Scissorhands" about an artificial man named Edward—an unfinished creation who has scissor blades instead of hands—is in and of itself a movie that's an artificial and unfinished creation. Tim Burton lathers the film with his usual coating of visual flair, but adds no substance beneath it. The picture leans hard on Danny Elfman's fantastic original score to try to convince the audience that there's some meaning behind all the pastel houses and forced romance. There...

Duration: 01:49:49

Episode 60 - Pretty Woman

Garry Marshall's 1990 blockbuster film, "Pretty Woman," is a Cinderella story, if Cinderella were a $100-per-hour call girl and Prince Charming were a Wall Street douche with daddy issues. The movie can't seem to decide if money is the root of all evil or if having a bunch of it solves everyone's problems. Julia Roberts plays Vivian Ward, your quintessential hooker with a heart of gold who is sometimes a naive Southern bumpkin but then randomly also a savvy, capable businesswoman who shuns...

Duration: 01:56:56

Episode 59 - Jurassic World

"Your [filmmakers] were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn't stop to think if they should." –Dr. Ian Malcolm The fourth installment of the "Jurassic Park" franchise from 2015, "Jurassic World," is yet another mediocre sequel to the original 1993 masterpiece. The story is unoriginal, the characters are annoying cartoons and the special effects aren't even as realistic as the first one, despite 22 years of CGI advancement. Chris Pratt plays Owen Grady, a former Navy dude who...

Duration: 01:57:34

Episode 58 - Scream

Happy Halloween! Back in the year 1996, famed horror director Wes Craven and the dude who made "Dawson’s Creek," Kevin Williamson, got together to produce an ultra-self-referential stabfest called "Scream." It led to three sequels as well as a TV series, and it launched the careers of some of the most annoying people the '90s had to offer. Neve Campbell plays Sidney Prescott, a virginal 23-year-old high school student who can inexplicably kick the ass of accomplished murderers twice her...

Duration: 01:49:15

Episode 57 - Field of Dreams

If you build it (a baseball field for ghosts who were banned from the major leagues for cheating) and you kidnap a civil rights activist, he (the ghost of your estranged dad) will come. As a fringe benefit, a bunch of sightseers will also show up so you can turn your home into a profitable tourist trap. The elaborate 1989 séance/time travel film, "Field of Dreams," was nominated for three Oscars, including Best Picture, and is said to make grown men cry. It certainly made us cry, but for...

Duration: 01:42:40

Episode 56 - The Cider House Rules

Lasse Hallström's 1999 Oscar darling "The Cider House Rules" is crafted to seem like a heartwarming coming-of-age story about leaving childhood behind, falling in love for the first time and accepting adult responsibilities. However, under the schmaltzy score and eccentric characters, it's really just an incoherent pro-choice diatribe that ends up having nothing to say on the issue. Tobey Maguire plays Homer Wells, an orphan who was taught how to perform abortions against his will and...

Duration: 01:59:15

Episode 55 - Crocodile Dundee

G'day, mates! The 1986 Aussie-American comedy "Crocodile Dundee" takes us deep into the Outback on a harrowin’ journey with poisonous snakes, gun-totin’ roos and giant rubber crocs. It also takes us to New York City where the hero of the story goes around Manhattan while casually assaulting newspaper editors, pimps, cross-dressers and small-knife-wielding, would-be muggers. Paul Hogan plays Michael J. "Crocodile" Dundee, a possibly magical, fun-lovin’ big-knife-wielding bloke who enjoys...

Duration: 01:49:46

Episode 54 - What Women Want

Back in the year 2000, Nancy Meyers made "What Women Want," another installment in her series of battle of the sexes films that purport to be pro-women but are anything but. She seems to believe that the only thing women want is to find a bad boy and make him want to change his ways just for her. Mel Gibson plays Nick Marshall, a Don Draperesque old-school chauvinist advertising executive who exploits women until he is electrocuted and granted the magical power to read women's...

Duration: 01:52:00

Episode 51 - Rudy

The 1993 inspirational (to idiots) sports drama, "Rudy," is based on a true story—meaning that it’s mostly made up. Most of the characters never existed, and all the events are misconstrued to make it seem like this little manipulative weasel actually accomplished something special. He didn't. Sean Astin plays Rudy, a mediocre high school football player who wouldn't give up until he schemed his way into the University of Notre Dame and onto the football team. Like any true heroic...

Duration: 01:38:12

Episode 50 - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

The 1989 megahit Disney flick, "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" is allegedly a fun comedic science fiction movie for children. In fact, it's actually a disturbing horror film. During their harrowing journey, the shrunken kids narrowly escape getting crushed to death by falling debris, drowning in a flood, getting attacked by giant insects, being chopped to bits by a lawnmower and being eaten alive. Despite the kids' ability to defy death, they still have to witness their beloved pet ant get...

Duration: 01:47:58

Episode 49 - La La Land

Damien Chazelle's 2016 musical "La La Land” follows an age-old tradition of blatantly making movies for the sole purpose of licking Hollywood's balls in order to win Oscars. It’s right on par with other transparently pandering piles of garbage like 2014’s “Birdman,” 2012’s “Argo” and 2011’s “The Artist.” The only way these filmmakers could have tried harder to win would have been to go door-to-door and give head to each and every member of the Academy. Only they and their therapists will...

Duration: 01:46:00

Episode 48 - Police Academy

Get your head out of a horse's ass and join us as we discuss former President William Jefferson Clinton's favorite film, the 1984 classic, "Police Academy." The movie made $146M at the box office and spawned six sequels as well as a short-lived TV series. It's only a matter of time before J.J. Abrams or one of the Nolan brothers makes a gritty reboot or prequel. Steve Guttenberg plays Cadet Carey Mahoney, a smart aleck who's forced to join the police academy rather than face jail time for...

Duration: 01:30:25

Episode 47 - Slumdog Millionaire

The 2008 Best Picture winner, "Slumdog Millionaire," is a fake episode of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” set in India with an evil version of Regis Philbin. Despite the fact that the questions they ask are extremely easy, Evil Reege suspects the winning contestant of cheating and turns him over to corrupt cops who attempt to torture a confession out of him. This is the actual plot of this movie. Dev Patel plays 18-year-old Jamal Malik, a clean-cut charismatic young man who speaks both...

Duration: 01:49:51

Episode 46 - Footloose

"Ecclesiastes assures us... that there is a time for every purpose under heaven. A time to laugh... and a time to weep. A time to mourn... and there is a time to dance.” - Ren McCormack The 1984 musical drama, “Footloose,” makes viewers laugh at its afterschool special-caliber plot…and weep about the fact Kenny Loggins was nominated for both an Oscar and a Grammy for the title song. It makes us mourn the 110 minutes we wasted watching it…and it makes us want to dance directly into an...

Duration: 01:33:13

Episode 45 - My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Opa! The 2002 Nia Vardalos one-woman-show-turned-movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” seems like it should have been a Lifetime channel original. However, it somehow became the highest grossing romantic comedy film of all time, and it still retains that distinction by a significant margin over 15 years later. Watching the film did feel like being at a wedding, but that’s only because it was super cheesy, it felt like you were forced to be there and it would have been a lot easier to get...

Duration: 01:47:58

Episode 44 - The Goonies

Hey, you guys! We all loved Richard Donner’s 1985 adventure comedy, “The Goonies,” as kids, but do we really have to spend the rest of our lives pretending that it is a quality film? Sure, Jeff Cohen’s portrayal of Chunk is brilliant, but the rest of the movie smells like Phys Ed. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Sean Astin plays Mikey, a greedy bracefaced dunce who leads his friends into enormous peril so that he can bail out his deadbeat parents who haven’t been making their mortgage...

Duration: 01:47:48

Episode 43 - Breakfast at Tiffany's

Blake Edwards' 1961 classic, "Breakfast at Tiffany's," is a madcap romantic romp about an extraordinarily well-dressed New York City courtesan and her dapper male prostitute neighbor. This movie has it all: call girls, gigolos, yellow face, cat abuse, statutory rape, the mafia, and even O.J. (Berman, not Simpson). Audrey Hepburn plays Holly Golightly, a quirky victim of child molestation who re-enacts her victimhood over and over again by prostituting herself to older men who provide her...

Duration: 01:30:52

Episode 42 - Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, everybody! If world events are making you feel less than celebratory, you can always take solace in the fact that there aren't currently any giant spaceships filled with genocidal aliens hovering over the world's major cities like in Roland Emmerich's 1996 megablockbuster, "Independence Day.” Be warned that although "Independence Day" contains a large ensemble cast of mostly A-List actors, the unoriginal script and horrid directing produced some of the worst...

Duration: 01:46:19

Episode 41 - Jerry Maguire

Hello, Did you know that a freshly severed human head weighs 8 pounds? The overly-quoted 1996 Cameron Crowe film, "Jerry Maguire," informs us of this fact along with a bunch of schmaltzy nonsense. The film's cornball dialogue and maudlin characters gave moviegoers a worse toothache than the giant container of Milk Duds they bought at the concession stand ever could. The last time we checked, needing someone to complete oneself was codependency and not a romantic notion. This episode...

Duration: 02:03:13

Episode 40 - Sixteen Candles

John Hughes’ 1984 motion picture "Sixteen Candles" was a seminal point in film history—meaning, this is when movies started to get much worse. Way too many flicks have emulated this garbage heap’s style and essence over the years, and somehow people look past its gigantic flaws and consider it a classic comedy that’s both romantic and realistic at showing the awkwardness of high school. Um, no. None of those things are true. It’s widely known for its blatant racism with the whole Long Duk...

Duration: 01:37:35

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