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12. The West Wing

In this Election Day special, the Finale Rally Sallies watch the election obsessed show The West Wing for the first time. That's right: They'd never seen a single episode, but then they watched the finale! WACKY! THEN! They watched the pilot! What the what??? We also talk about the latest trends in pornography, and we do NOT talk about the dates Gaby and Ben were eating, with the exception of immediately at the beginning. Here's the link to the supercut of all of Aaron Sorkin's recycled...

Duration: 01:17:19

11. The Hills

The Finale Rally Sallies watch psuedo-reality show The Hills for the very first time in their very full lives. Or at least the (CONTROVERSIAL) finale and the (STANDARD) pilot. We also hear about Gaby's near-stardom: when she filmed a never-aired reality tv show about internet celebrities. Ben and Garrett's collective mind is blown when they discover Kim Kardashian has The Hills partially to thank for her rise to stardom. Bananas! All this and more on a very special FINALE RALLY!!! Special...

Duration: 01:11:05

10. Naruto

This week, the Finale Rally Sallies watch the finale of the anime classic, Naruto, then guess the pilot and watch that, too. Mostly they discuss how they think the lil Naruto boy appears to be in the XMen, or maybe he's Harry Potter. Theme song is by the very skilled Nick Von Kaenel.

Duration: 01:09:04

09. Nurse Jackie

The Finale Rally Sallies (which officially includes you listeners now, congratulations!) this week watch the series finale of Nurse Jackie, even though they'd never seen any episodes of it prior! Then they guess the pilot and watch that too, effectively ruining the show for themselves forever! In this religion-heavy episode, the Sallies discuss how confessionals work, as well as America's homegrown religion: Mormonism. Ben and Gaby reveal they don't know anything about doctors or nurses....

Duration: 01:21:40

08. That's So Raven

That's So Finale Rally Sallies. None of us had seen a single episode of That's So Raven. In fact, none of us realized in the theme song, she says, "It's the future she can see." Or at least she says something like that. It was a Disney Channel show just a litttttle bit after our time, plus none of us had Disney Channel. So listen along as the Finale Rally Sallies watch the final TWO episodes of That's So Raven, guess the pilot, and then watch the pilot. Here's a real jankity bootleg video...

Duration: 01:11:02

07. Downton Abbey

This week, the Sallies watch the series finale of Downton Abbey and try to juggle one thousand plot lines. They then lock up their most ambitious Pilot Guesses™ yet and watch find out who was closest. Also the debut of a new FavoSegme: Abby(-ie? -ey?) Roll Call! A very good segment that we'll be seeing a lot of. We compare it to Another Period a lot, since that's a show we've seen, and not the prestige television show Downton Abbey. Garrett also calls out our cousins 'cross the pond for...

02. Desperate Housewives

In the second ever episode of the runaway podcast success Finale Rally, the Finale Rally Sallies watch the last and first episodes of the show Desperate Housewives. Here's the catch: We've never seen the thing before. What a catch! Theme song and mastering by Sacramento king Nick von Kaenel.

Duration: 00:51:26