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FIR 35: Give Me a DOUBLE!! When Does It MAKE SENSE to Double Down??

One time when I was in high school a friend of mine and I were climbing the cliffs in western Colorado. We got to a certain point and determined we could see the view better if we dropped down what appeared to be a small cliff. And, we were right, the view was much better as we looked over the valley below. Immediately below us was a cliff of about 500 feet. In time we determined to start heading back as the sun was getting low in the sky. The way out was to go up the cliff we had just...


FIR 34: Learn to LOSE so you can WIN!! 28% Bitcoin Drop!!

Today Bitcoin shed 28% of its value...that is a lot of volatility! But in any market you need it to be a two-sided market; so this kind of adjustment is somewhat expected...albeit 28% is a big adjustment. When I saw this it prompted me to talk about the ability to handle a loss. My comments are targeted to markets with liquidity where there is some level of confidence you can exit the market with little slippage. Years ago I read a book from a trader who said that the common thread he...


FIR 33: What is YOUR Decision Making Process To Invest or Trade!!? Get A LIST!

One night coming out of the mountains in a two-wheel drive truck it was raining hard. My father was driving the truck and the road was totally muddy and slippery. As we looked off to the side of the road we could see the side of the mountain dropped off steep. It had our full attention! Looking back at that situation I wonder if we did enough homework to decide if we should go down that road given the conditions and the fact that we were in a two-wheel drive truck. Perhaps we can relate...


FIR 32: Long Live Bar Charts!!! Do Charts Really Help or Hurt?

As a kid we used maps to find our way around the mountains. Trading charts are a bit like maps...there are points on the chart where probabilities can be visualized. One of my early mentors told me: buy the probable and sell the improbable. Charts can help us to do that...but they are not the only thing. They can help us to see probable and improbable opportunities. What kind of charts do you use to make investment or trading decisions? Are they charts based on time, or do you use charts...



One night while hiking to get back to my camp in Colorado, there was a small moon out, not too much light. I had my backpack, my compass, plenty of batteries for my light, and a GPS system. However, as I proceeded through the dark I could see the outline of the mountain ridge. The way in which the land was contoured told my eyes, and my brain, that I wanted to go to the left to get down. But my GPS system was saying I needed to go to the right; although everything I could discern in the...


FIR 30: Algorithms for MULTIPLE Timeframes!!!

Picking the right stock and the timeframes for investing is driven by several factors including: - personality - appetite for monitoring My investment strategy ranges from looking for opportunities during the day, to finding those longer-term investments that don't require much hand holding. The level of information in the market can be daunting; and you can spend a significant portion of your time looking for those situations. I have found myself in that category; and while I love to...


FIR 29: Taking a BITE of Bitcoin!!!!!

When I was a kid my mother had made something called Swiss Chard, a dark green leafy vegetable. To me, as a kid, it was disgusting, I could barely swallow it without initiating a gag reflex. One night while we were eating dinner I was attempting to gag down another mouthful of that and my dad, who was tired of watching me wrench in pain said, "Ok, enough, you don't have to eat anymore of it!". And with that I promptly spit out what was in my mouth. To which my dad retorted, "I didn't mean...


FIR 28: What do Algorithms & BlockChain mean to MY INVESTING??

Some years ago I was backpacking with my sons in Colorado. In our party was a young man who was preparing for a mountain race; he was in particularly good shape. As we hiked I noticed his walk was casual and non-strenuous; often times walking with his hands in his pockets. At the end of a particularly long day of hiking on this trip I asked him about his apparent ease of walking while the rest of us were gasping for air. He stated that part of his "secret" was the weight of his pack. I...


FIR 27: Algorithms!!!! Can Humans Invest Anymore!??

I was doing some math homework the other night with one of my children and was showing how we did math in the old days. "That's not the way my teacher showed me how to do it!", was the response. It's funny how things change over time, and yet, how other things seem to be constant. In my previous podcast I spoke with Jeff Crystal regarding how the world of investing and trading can be impacted by technologies such as BlockChain. As you may know, this is a technology that provides a...


FIR 26: Blockhead!!! Or...BlockChain Changing Trading!!! Pro Trader Jeff Crystall

Jeff Crystal discusses how trading is changing and gives tips to traders to operate in the new world of BlockChain and other technologies.


FIR 25: Do YOU Know The Way To SAN JOSE!!!

Hi Everybody, this is Grant! Since talking recently with one of my mentors it caused me to reflect on the roadmap for my investing journey that I started over five years ago. Some parts of my journey have been intentional, and some have been it fate or whatever you want to meet the right people at the right time. At other points in the journey insights are discovered that add the next piece to the puzzle in your journey. There are 5 simple steps on the roadmap to...


FIR 24: OIL That's NOT Slippery!!!

I've been watching the recent rise in oil futures and thought we should take a look at how the Market Engine and the Market Effectiveness Chart provides signals. Let's take a look at the two charts that I've put on Go down to the Podcast Charts & Video section and open the charts for FIR #24. On each of the charts I have placed corresponding numbers that are mapped to gear shifts. Now, let's take a look at each one of them. GEAR SHIFT 1: Remember, these...


FIR 23: Prop Firm Trader - Anthony Drager: CORRELATED Markets & COMMUNITY!!!

Hi everybody, this is Grant! I am very excited today because I have one of my mentors with me today, his name is Anthony Drager. I met Anthony almost 4 years ago; I was impressed with his ability to read current market conditions. He mentored me through his work with Market Delta...and is a strong, disciplined trader. Anthony runs a trading group still today. I reached out to Anthony and asked him to join me today...thanks for doing that? I have some questions for you!! Is that ok if I...


FIR 22: Picking A MENTOR...Know YOUR PLAN First!!

Hi Everybody this is Grant, it's early July 2017. I will be doing a WebClass on July 8, 2017 @ 12pm Pacific Time - discussing how to get started on the investing & trading journey. You can register at The E-mini futures and also the SPY have been chopping around the last couple weeks after making highs. The Nasdaq futures have retraced and touched the 89 EMA. And Oil futures (CL) did a large bounce up starting about 6 days ago. Meanwhile Apple (AAPL)...


FIR 21: Pro Trader Tim Justice - Tips For Getting Started

Tim, you were a big influence on me with trading when I was getting started. I wanted to re-connect with you and first thank you for the impact you had on my trading. I remember about 5 years ago when I started, I was doing a strangle on an earnings probably don't remember; but I didn't set my positions out far enough, I think it was on NFLX...and I got thumped!! - how long have you been trading - what got you started - what are your tips for someone just getting...


FIR 20: The Technology Engine - NASDAQ!! Wear Your Seatbelt!!

I spent some time living in England many years ago. For a while I drove a was a very small car with excellent handling. You could handle the small country roads quite well and cornering was a was a peppy car!! Sometimes the NASDAQ futures reminds me of that car...zippy! In this podcast we are looking at the NQ futures Market Effectiveness Chart and the price chart. Many of the same characteristics apply as what you see in the E-mini futures charts. We are taking a...


FIR 19: Measuring an EFFECTIVE Michael Jordan!!!

A number of years ago I lived in Chicago, it was during Michael Jordan's NBA reign. We would buy the standing room only tickets in the old Chicago stadium and go watch him play. When he would get into the open court with the ball he'd leave earth at the top of the key and start could see his tongue sticking out all the way up where we were standing!! That was some fun basketball. It was pretty easy to measure his effectiveness, # points made, # assists and passes, # blocks,...


FIR 18: The Movie Moves ;-) - A VOLATILE RIDE!!

My Dad was quite the gardener, he grew many things including some lemon and lime trees. At one point I lived in an area where there were orange trees; one day we pulled along side the road and found some trees, not on anyone's property that we could tell...and they were loaded with oranges. Wow...we thought...there are tons of them just ripe for the picking. We picked a few and got into the car, excited about our discovery. As we took a bite we discovered they were very bitter, and were...


FIR 17: Montana TO Clark...THE CATCH!! Did you THROW an AAPL?

I was on a flight many years ago and noticed the guy sitting next to me had San Francisco 49er paperwork. I was doing my work and finally they brought some food out. I hadn't looked closely at the guy up until that point...but finally I said, "What kind of work do you do?". He said, "I manage the San Francisco 49ers." I turned and looked at him closely and realized it was Dwight Clark, the famous dude who made THE CATCH!! We had an awesome chat about football, including my illustrious...


FIR 16: Ready...Set...HIKE To PEYTON MANNING!!

I weighed in at 66 pounds when I played little league football as a kid. I attempted to play the position called safety. It was a tough career!! It's a good think I didn't try to play Half Back!! WalMart (WMT) has given some Half Back pattern signals over the last several months: Feb 3 Mar 29 May 18 There are three steps for trading high-probability trades on stocks. 1. Market Effectiveness Chart: gear shift 2. Trading Chart: Market Engine Indicator Pattern - Half Back in this...


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