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The Financial Wellness Show is here to help improve the health and wealth of your money. This show is for anyone wanting to take simple, actionable steps towards making their money go farther and to accumulate more wealth for their future. The most respected Financial Coaches and subject-matter guests discuss various topics from spending, saving, retirement, and making wise purchases. Oh, and we show you how to get out of debt too.




Wise Wedding Decisions and the Chocolate Fountain Fail - FWS038

Are you picking the RIGHT services for your wedding, ones that will help build memories and not regret? Coach Hal and I discuss spending money on the RIGHT things for a wedding, not things that don't really matter to the success of your big day (or your child's big day). For more details, including online wedding budget tools, visit

Duration: 01:12:18

How To Live On The Draw - Making The Most Of a Salesman's Payday

What is it like to live on a draw? Coach Carl explains how it works and how to be prepared for dry spells when a salesperson won't make enough to cover their draw on commission. For more information, visit

Remarried With Kids: How 4 Become 1

How does a house divided join forces with new spouses and new extended family members? Justin and Jessica tell their story of bringing 4 adults together for the good of their children. For an example of the spreadsheet, visit

Duration: 00:18:59

When and Where to go for Scholarships - FWS035

Teens should be applying for scholarships from 9th grade through college, according to Coach Christine. In this episode she brings us a wealth of knowledge for where to find scholarships and how to win them.For more information or one-on-one coaching, visit

Should I Escrow My Own Mortgage Insurance and Taxes?

Would you be better off earning interest than letting the bank hold your money? Today we speak with Financial Wellness Coach Bill to discuss: What is Escrow? Are escrow accounts mandatory? What are the advantages of having an escrow account through your mortgage lender? Is it more financially efficient to escrow my taxes and insurance than to not? Can I create an escrow account with someone other than my lender? What are the disadvantages or things we need to be aware of if we don’t hold...

TSP Retirement Plans for U.S. Miliatry and Federal Employees

What is a TSP? Thrift Savings Plan, the Federal Government’s Retirement Plan available to Federal Employees and members of the military It consists of few options but has extremely low costs: G Fund = Government SecuritiesF Fund = Fixed IncomeC Fund = Common Stock S Fund = Small Capitalization StockI Fund = InternationalL Funds = Lifecycle Funds (adjusts automatically into safer investments based on the date you plan to retire) Coach Carl explains the benefits and differences of a TSP for...

Duration: 00:07:38

FAILURE TO LAUNCH: Dealing with adult children

Coach Kim recently encountered a situation that is no longer considered uncommon: Adult children who are dependent on their parents. In this conversation he shares: The parents level of frustration with the dependency of their adult childrenAre the adult children perceptive to the realization that they are dependent upon their parentsWhose fault is it: The children’s or the parent’sHis tip to help parents say “no” to their adult children without being the bad guyWe also discuss ways to...

100% Debt Free - NOW WHAT? - FWS031

Listen in on a real coaching conversation with Coach Christine. She is helping Coach Steve transition to the next stage: Living without a house payment! Jump into the conversation and ask the questions you want answered Reach out to a Financial Wellness Coach at

What You Need To Know About RENTING - FWS030

Residential Liquidity: Everything you need to know before renting a house or apartmentwith Coach Jeremy Moving can be stressful, especially when you are moving into an apartment. There are a number of things you need to be aware of to make your move the smoothest transition possible. Things we need to know before renting a house or apartment: Weigh out the pros and cons before deciding between renting an apartment or house: Is it located near your place of work or family?What utilities are...

Duration: 00:17:54

From Rags to Riches - FWS029

To win with money you need to: Be born into a family where wealth abounds Be talented, beautiful, and live in a good neighborhood to get ahead in life Earn a 4-year degree in finance or you’ll never have financial wellness These statements, of course, are not true. One of our Financial Wellness Coaches came from a background of poverty. He knows well enough what it’s like to live on food stamps and today he shares his story of rags to riches, well - at least riches in a “no longer living...

Duration: 00:21:55

When Do I Use My Emergency Fund?

Did you know the cheapest and safest insurance policy for your financial plan is not an actual insurance policy? In our previous episode we heard from Kisha. She was a listener who reached out to us for help. In just a few short months she paid off three payday loans and had money in savings. Two things I took away from her testimony: 1) She never had an emergency fund before 2) Said she never knew what an emergency fund was I take it for granted that everyone understands what the term...

Duration: 00:17:37

I was drowning in debt but paid off 3 Payday loans

Kisha called us for help. We found the perfect coach for her, Coach Parkey, and she says without his help she would be a wreck right now. “I was drowning in debt for a very long time”“I wasn’t good at money management but wanted to get better” Kisha is now caught up on all her bills and working her plan. “I’m so grateful. I’ve paid off three pay-day loans” She didn’t understand budgeting but now plans every dollar that will be spent. Kisha also built an emergency fund, which came in handy...

Duration: 00:11:14

What it's Like to Prepare for Retirement as a Single - FWS025

We take a different look at the #1 financial concern for working Americans, Retirement. We are going to speak with one of our Financial Coaches who Is on the verge of retiring, but in a different way than most - she's doing it single. While her situation may not be the same as the one you think you’ll be in when you decide to stop working and live on your assets, we don’t know what the future holds. So if you are married, divorced, widowed, or single, I think you are going to find today’s...

Duration: 00:10:06

There is no BACK in GIVING - FWS024

Our common language has many incorrect slang terms. One of those is "Giving back to the community". In this episode, Coach Greg turns the tables and becomes the host while Coach Steve becomes the interviewee. Coach Greg asks what's wrong with "Giving Back"? Find out in this episode of The Financial Wellness Show. Contact one of our world-class financial coaches to help you learn how to stretch every dollar, get your money's worth, or gain complete control of your financial...

The 5 Wheels of Successful Goal Setting - FWS023

Each circle in the wheelhouse focuses on one of the five major areas of our lives: Spiritual Family Personal Business/Career Financial These goals are on an annual basis, but you could base them on a 10-day goal as well. Write down your goals inside each circle. This helps to: Focus on what you truly want Stay the course What gets measured gets done Coach Ashley shares her goals and how she uses the 5 Wheels of Goal Setting. For more about Coach Ashley, or to connect with any of our expert...

How and When To Pick An Investment Advisor - FWS022

Many people make investment decisions with their money before sufficiently preparing. Coach Mary has been involved with the investment industry for many years. She now focuses on helping individuals get control of their money while looking forward to the future. Download the 13 Steps To Take Before Investing Your Money

Duration: 00:18:36

Going Back To School As An Adult - FWS021

More and more adults are going back to school. It's a rising trend among professionals and those looking to expand their career field. Our very own Coach Julia is no stranger to going back to school as an adult. She shares her experience and wisdom on the subject. Take-aways from this episode: Coach Julia remembers wanting to quit many times. The reward of finishing and possible opportunities are what keeps her going. Don't worry about being the oldest person in the class.You may be...

Duration: 00:18:24

We need to talk - Having the hard conversations about death and disability

Preparing a loved one for our eventual departure from this planet is never a pleasant conversation - but it is one of great importance. What will the household budget look like if we pass away? Is life insurance necessary and, if so, is it the right kind of insurance? Are the living arrangements condusive for physical disabilities? What about Long Term Care Insurance? Coach Becky has seen some of her clients lose a spouse. She gives the example of a husband with cancer that assured his wife...

Duration: 00:19:02

A Sure-Fire Strategy To Upgrade Cars With Cash - FWS019

How to drive and pay cash for a $15,000 car in 4 years. How rich would we be if we stopped driving? The concept was featured in a recent article on and posed the question “What is a car really costing you?” A car is a necessity to get around on your own schedule instead of waiting for a bus or call Uber to pick you up. The cost of operating a vehicle in the United States, as exemplified in the article, was estimated to be over $7,000 a year - and that does not include car or...

Duration: 00:12:49

Summer Income Ideas for Teachers - FWS018

Public school teachers are often paid twelve months out of the year by stretching out the paychecks. For example: You would get less during the working months but will receive pay during summer break. Others will be paid only for those weeks or months they actively teach. This can wreak havoc on a household budget. How can you be prepared? Coach Julia gives us these valuable takeaways: Be aware of the expenses you won’t have during non-working months Create a robust savings plan during the...

Duration: 00:15:37

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