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Collin Saint-Onge previews Finlandia Preview Day

This week on Finlandia Fridays, Finlandia alumnus and admissions officer Collin Saint-Onge talks about Finlandia Preview Day. Starting at 10 a.m. on October 7, Finlandia Preview Day will take prospective students around the campus to see what life is like at Finlandia. The day will start in the Jutila Center, where students will have the chance to talk to financial aid and admissions. Students will have the opportunity to view the International School of Art and Design, before being shuttled...

Duration: 00:08:16

Episode 29: Charles Patch kicks off Season 2

This week Finlandia Fridays is joined by Student Senate President Charles Patch. The university was introduced to Patch at opening convocation, which took place on August 27, the Sunday before classes started. As president, Patch explained that senate is a club that is a voice for students on campus, saying that senate is “here for you.” Highly encouraged to take on the mantle of president by previous senate members, Charles is excited to make a difference on campus and encourages students...

Duration: 00:08:47

Episode 28: Featuring Jim Kurtti

Jim Kurtti discusses what Juhannus a Mid-Summer Festival has to offer in 2017. This is a special summer edition of Finlandia Fridays. Finlandia University: Finlandia Fridays: Juhannus:

Duration: 00:10:26

Episode 27: Featuring Augustine Brutus

Augustine Brutus discusses the Summer Bridge program for incoming freshmen has to offer in 2017. This is a special summer edition of Finlandia Fridays. Finlandia University Summer Bridge Program: Finlandia University: Finlandia Fridays:

Duration: 00:10:44

Episode 26: Featuring Matt McLaughlin

Student Rep, ROTC, and summa cum laude Matt McLaughlin does it all! Catch his wonderful Finlandia University here on this seasons final installment of Finlandia Fridays! Finlandia University: Finlandia Fridays:

Duration: 00:10:34

Episode 25: Featuring Claudia Youakim and Hailee Johnson

Join Finlandia Fridays this week as we are excited to sit down with two very special guests, Claudia Youakim and Hailee Johnson. These two ladies walk us through an exciting SCAS capstone project also when and where to come see the presentations. Finlandia University: Finlandia Fridays: Finlandia SCAS:

Duration: 00:11:57

Christopher Dennis talks criminal justice and his internship with government

Chris Dennis brings you along as he details his exciting path to Finlandia University and what opportunities the criminal justice program has offered him. Dennis is a decorated student at Finlandia University working in tutoring, founding clubs and even a member of the Finlandia Honor Society. He recently accepted an internship position with the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Finlandia Criminal Justice: Finlandia...

Duration: 00:10:13

Coach Mo talks basketball and U.P. life

Finlandia University is proud to have coach John Motherwell AKA Coach Mo join the Finlandia athletics team as he hops on board to coach women's basketball. Coach Mo's experience is astounding as he has seen time at nearly every level including division 1. We are looking forward to Coach Mo making a positive impact on the upcoming season. Good luck Coach Mo and let's go lions! Finlandia Athletics: Finlandia University: Finlandia Fridays:...

Duration: 00:10:15

Women Playing Hamlet with DJ Skinner

Grab your tickets now and join lead actress DJ Skinner and the rest of the Finlandia University cast as they put on a play entitled "Women Playing Hamlet." Seats are limited so be sure to get out to the Health and Sciences building at Finlandia to catch this unique spin on a Shakespeare classic. The first performance is Friday, April 7 at 7 p.m., and the second is Saturday, April 8 at 3 p.m. Women Playing Hamlet: Finlandia University:...

Duration: 00:07:43

Lights, camera, action with Finnish actor Antti Holma

On this episode of Finlandia Fridays we feature international superstar Antti Holma. Holma, a comedian, actor, and author, outlines why he is in the Keweenaw and what his experiences have been like. He can now add "Appeared on Finlandia Fridays" to his lengthy resume. Catch all the weekly action of Finlandia University here on Finlandia Fridays. Finlandia University: Finlandia Fridays:

Duration: 00:09:56

Swing for the fences with Kassandra Avila and Emily Nguyen

Kassandra Avila and Emily Nguyen sit down with Finlandia Friday’s host, Michael H. Babcock and hit on everything softball. Avila and Nguyen are both freshmen at Finlandia University and come from the Southern California area. Both Avila and Nguyen touch on their experience at Finlandia University as freshmen. Living in the dorms allowed them to get to know everyone better and find the campus to be a tight knit community. “If there is ever a need for something it is almost always just two...

Duration: 00:09:50

Erin Barnett and the Summer Bridge Program

This week Finlandia Fridays speaks with Director of Academic Success and Student Life Erin Barnett as they dive into the Summer Bridge Program offered here at Finlandia University. The Sumer Bridge Program allows incoming students to earn up to six credits before the fall semester starts, focusing on English, Communications and "Sisu." "Taking these classes early gives you a strong foundation heading into the fall semester," said Barnett. This program is focused on education and...

Duration: 00:08:28

Opportunity knocked and Keith Arnold answered

For this week’s guest Keith Arnold, Finlandia University was all about opportunity. Opportunities such as campus leadership with Student Senate and Black Student Union, athletics with the university’s NCAA Division III basketball team and eventually he came back for the opportunity to advance his career as an admissions officer. Check out the show notes at

Duration: 00:09:44

Sandra Turnquist provides advice on how to best navigate Financial Aid

On this installment of Finlandia Fridays Director of Student Financial Services Sandra Turnquist speaks all things financial aid. Turnquist outlines a two new financial aid opportunities to Finlandia students, the U.P. Commitment Grant and Service Scholarship. She also touches on Finlandia's frozen tuition for the upcoming year. Outside of the announcement, Turnquist highlights that the priority deadline that is quickly approaching. Michigan recommends that all financial aid forms be...

Duration: 00:08:22

Life as a nursing student featuring Laura Kent

This week Finlandia Fridays is joined by senior nursing student Laura Kent, who was featured in the fall 2016 edition of the Bridge. Finlandia University has long been known for its nursing program, and Kent found it to live up to the reputation. As a nursing student with a full-time job Kent has faced some difficulties, but will be graduating this May in excellent standings. The promise of a meaningful career after school motivated her to continue with the challenging program. Check out...

Duration: 00:10:14

Finlandia Fridays studies abroad with Schwartzen Jarmond

This week on Finlandia Fridays host Michael H. Babcock is taken on a reminiscent adventure as management and entrepreneurship student Schwartzen Jarmond looks back on international study opportunities presented through Finlandia University. Jarmond also discusses his involvement with the Black Student Union. As president, Jarmond welcomes everyone "Just come out and share your culture, that's what it's all about." The Black Student Union is centered around support and that's what Jarmond...

Duration: 00:10:33

Finlandia Fridays with Board of Trustees President

This week Finlandia Fridays sits down with Board of Trustees President Julie Badel. Badel was in town, from Chicago, for the annual winter Board of Trustees meeting. She explains her joy of coming to the Upper Peninsula every year as it is where her mother grew up. It is a place she has grown to love and she "never complains about coming up here. It feels like home." Badel became interested in Finlandia University while attending the Finnish American Lawyers Association meeting. She was...

Duration: 00:09:22

Abigail Tembreull highlights FinnU's Art and Design program

On this week's episode of Finlandia Fridays we are joined by guest Abigail Tembreull. Tembreull discusses an upcoming event, an art competition scholarship she was awarded that included free tuition in Italy, the fact that she was awarded the Brule Scholarship to attend FinnU and other experiences she has encountered during her three years in Finlandia's International School of Art and Design. View show notes at

Duration: 00:09:23

Finlandia Fridays discusses MLK Day of Service with René Johnson

This week on Finlandia Fridays host Michael H. Babcock speaks with Rene Johnson highlighting Finlandia University's community involvement on MLK Day (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day). She briefly touches on the history of the holiday and how it came to be as well as Finlandia's service throughout the day. Learn more about MLK Day of Service at Learn more about Finlandia Fridays, including a full archive of past episodes, at

Duration: 00:10:21

Chef Mark highlights community and Winter Welcome

Chef Mark from Finlandia University Dining Services talks about the tight-knit community he’s grown to love in his two years at the university and previews upcoming events at the university, including Winter Welcome, MLK Day of Service and Diversity Dinner. Finlandia Fridays is a weekly interview series from Finlandia University telling the unique stories of the liberal arts-based university in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Learn more, see a full archive of past shows and see show notes from...

Duration: 00:10:08

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