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Fintech is super hot with massive investments and big interest with constant news and change. There is lots of written content and events but there isn’t enough time to read everything in the day, and content is difficult to differentiate or boring! We have pulled together a team with experience, audience, and format who can deliver a podcast to the masses from the home of FinTech and Banking in London.

Fintech is super hot with massive investments and big interest with constant news and change. There is lots of written content and events but there isn’t enough time to read everything in the day, and content is difficult to differentiate or boring! We have pulled together a team with experience, audience, and format who can deliver a podcast to the masses from the home of FinTech and Banking in London.
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Fintech is super hot with massive investments and big interest with constant news and change. There is lots of written content and events but there isn’t enough time to read everything in the day, and content is difficult to differentiate or boring! We have pulled together a team with experience, audience, and format who can deliver a podcast to the masses from the home of FinTech and Banking in London.




Ep. 143. News: O Canada!

In a special news show this week, Sam Maule hosts all the way from Toronto, Canada, where the team have been covering the Sibos conference. The guys have another chance to discuss open banking and APIs, hot topics at Sibos this year; why value generation is seen as one of the biggest challenges posed; and how partnerships with fintech firms will help banks to find those important new sources of revenue. Sam also covers the complicated relationship between Swift, the Sibos organisers, and...

Duration: 01:02:15

Insurtech Insider - Ep. 4: InsureTech Connect, Las Vegas

This week, Nigel’s fresh off the back of InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas – the largest gathering of the insurance technology world on the planet! This year, attendance jumped to 3,800 - congratulations, guys, we look forward to next time. While there, Nigel caught up with Darin Reffitt, Vice President of Marketing at Splice Software, which combines art and science to create stronger customer connections. Nigel and Darin explore the rise of voice and speech-to-speech technologies and...

Duration: 01:23:34

Ep. 142. Insights: PSD2 Round Table

On this episode, Jason talks to: Gavin Littlejohn, Chair of the Financial Data and Technology Association that led the campaign for open banking; Mike Kelly, founder and CEO of Curl; Anita Kimber, Head of Open Banking and Innovation at Nationwide; and Matt Cox, Head of Insight and Innovation at Nationwide. We get under the skin of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) to ask where did it come from? Our team of experts takes us back to the beginning to explore the genesis of PSD2 in...

Duration: 01:08:37

Ep. 141. The future will be tokenised

What a show we have for you this week and it's a week of firsts - MJ's first time in the hot seat to host the show - on her own, no less - and our very own Benedict Shegog from the 11:FS Pulse team makes his Fintech Insider debut. So what's coming up on the show? David Cameron's back in business! US payments business, that is. The guys discuss his credentials for the job and why he might be acting like a Kardashian. Have we seen the end of the banking heyday? And why might ex-Barclays boss...

Duration: 00:54:01

Ep. 140. Interview: Niall Cameron, HSBC

We hear about Niall's journey to Head of Institutional and Digital at one of the world's biggest banks, including his career highlight, how to stay productive (make lists!) and the best career advice he's ever received. David asks how to find focus and prioritise in a growing digital landscape and we hear why equipping employees with the right digital skills is crucial. Niall tells us about the exciting developments in Utility Settlement Coin (USC), a fiat-backed digital currency, and how...

Duration: 00:24:10

Ep. 139. Interview: Ron Herman, Sionic Mobile & Michael Crawford, Fifth Third

First up on this week's episode, Sam talks to Ron Herman, founder and CEO at Sionic Mobile, an Atlanta cloud-based connected commerce platform company. Sam explores their work on a connected in-car gateway, beacons and how brands can leverage their presence. Next, Sam talks to Michael Crawford from Fifth Third Bank. Michael explains Momentum, Fifth Third's new app to tackle student loan debt, and why the regional bank chose to get into fintech. They also explore Fifth Third's 'skateboard'...

Duration: 00:41:34

Ep. 138. News: The Brexit Blame Game

David's representing 11:FS without the other guys this week, but he's not alone as he's joined by Bianca Lopes, Sarah Kocianski, and Jamie Campbell to power through another packed show. First up, and straight off the back of our appearance at XeroCon, we cover Curve's partnership with Xero. Hit or miss? Let us know what you think. The team discusses Starling's launch of Business Accounts - yet another string to their bow - and has the Brexit vote hit Tandem's ability to raise money? The...

Duration: 00:56:00

Ep. 137. Interview: Rod Drury, Founder & CEO, Xero

In this episode, Jason Bates interviews Rod Drury, finding out about his multi-skilled and impressive background which ultimately led to him founding Xero in 2006. We asked about how in his view, Xero is transforming the space for SMBs and accountants, and whether he sees Xero as a disrupter in the space. They also discuss Xero's platform, data and partnership, opportunities post PSD2 and their relationships with banks. All this comes ahead of Xero's flagship event, Xerocon, the London leg...

Duration: 00:30:29

Ep. 136. Hacks, hacks and more hacks

In this episode: We talk hacks, hacks and more hacks as the team take on the fallout from the Deloitte hack, the Equifax boss steps down after their hack, and CBS' Showtime gets hacked with code making user's computers mine cryptocurrency in the background as they watched their favourite shows... Phew! They also discuss more traditional Fintech Insider news stories including: Starling's latest funding round, Monzo's new integrations and Alipay's latest partnerships, this time in...

Duration: 01:01:19

Ep. 135. Insights: Assets Management

Simon is joined by Pete Townsend founder and CEO of Norio Ventures, and Chris Mills from KPMG's Investment Management team. Today's show aims to shine a light onto Asset Management, an industry that is ripe for disruption and yet it is slightly overlooked. Simon starts from the very beginning: what is asset management? How does it work? And who are Asset Managers' clients? The guys rattle through the very basics to make asset management real and accessible before taking a look at topical...

Duration: 00:35:01

Ep. 134. Fintech Insider: After Dark I

In this episode: We have a live audience, a later start than usual and plenty to drink as we dive into the week's most topical stories. First up: digital technology making financial struggles more manageable, how are the underserved or the financially unstable being catered to with fintech?, Is cash still king? And which countries are leading the race to go cashless first? We have shoutouts to our sister podcasts, InsurTech Insider - as we hear from Nigel Walsh on the top 5 changes...

Duration: 00:45:20

Ep. 133. State of the Union

In this episode, Sam Maule hosts a roundtable discussion about the state of fintech, banking and financial services in America right now. He is joined by special guests: Matt Harris, MD of Bain Venture Capital, Margaux Avedisian, EVP at Transform Group, Robert Barba, Senior Banking and Fintech Writer and Analyst at Bankrate, Inc., and Laura Spiekerman, co-fouder of Alloy. Between them they cover: The state of VC, is it a bubble? Will it burst? The state of crypto currency and ICOs The...

Duration: 00:52:36

Ep. 132 News: iPhone Ex

In this episode: David and Simon are joined by the FT Alphaville's Kadhim Shubber, Fidor's Sophie Guibaud and Pete Townsend of Norio Ventures to discuss the top news stories of the last week. First up we discuss THAT Apple launch, how Apple's P2P capabilities are a little underwhelming, how Venmo's attempt to fight back against Apple Pay involves a very ugly debit card, and sticking with the theme we discuss Zelle's P2P mobile payments app that recently launched and what it means when...

Duration: 01:08:28

Ep. 131. Interview: Stephen Barclay, MP

In this episode: Jason asks Stephen about his financial services and legal background, how that adds to his current role, and what the Treasury do. He also asks him what his views are on fintech in general and UK fintech in particular, and what it means to the man on the street to enable them with their financial management and give them better services. He also highlights how fintech is changing the reputation of banking for the better. He also discusses the government's role in assisting...

Duration: 00:15:41

Ep. 130. News: How big is the Shadow Economy?

In this episode, Author, speaker and fintech guru Dave Birch joins David, Jason and Simon for the news, alongside Richard Davies, formerly of HSBC, about to start at TSB. This week they discuss what Google's banking app might look like; First Direct repositioning itself because great customer service is no longer a differentiator; is India really overtaking China in fintech adoption? What's the truth behind the "big number" Deutsche Bank staff being replaced by robots, according to their...

Duration: 01:03:57

InsurTech Insider - Ep 3. The data economy and new business models

In this episode: David and Nigel are joined by three fantastic guests: Jean-Stephane Gourevich, professional advisor and InsurTech guru, Luca Schnettler founder of Healthy-Health and Erik Abrahamsson, CEO and founder of Digital Fineprint. We kick things off with a debate about how the data economy disrupting the insurance sector and creating new product/business models and what that means for InsurTech and both our guests' companies. They discuss: the importance of collaboration and the...

Duration: 00:47:40

Ep. 129. News: Double Ether and Cheese

In this episode: Monty Mumford and Sarah Kocianski join Jason Bates, Simon Taylor and David Brear for this week's news show. They discuss how cultural fit might be hurting Fintech Companies and how banks should be working with Fintechs. Whether phone keyboards the gateway to smoother payments or should we also just be using Amazon Cash instead? Canadians get into the personalised banking game and the podcast crew take on Whoppercoin. All this and healthy dose of stories from Monty on this...

Duration: 01:00:10

Ep. 128. Interviews - Start up Spotlight

In today’s episode we’re shining a light on new, smaller startups in the fintech industry as Meaghan Johnson interviews Caroline Plumb, founder of Fluidly, a new fintech startup - transforming the way businesses plan and manage their money, launching this October. Later on she also speak to Jonathan Lister and Jasper Martens, CTO and VP of Marketing at PensionBee, which aims to make pensions simpler and accessible to all by easily combining all your old pensions into one new online plan....

Duration: 00:33:37

Ep. 127. News: Mauled

In this episode: Sam Maule is joined by David Brear, Jason Bates and Simon Taylor for this week's news show. They discuss: the possibility of US banks making a massive profit if deregulation goes ahead, and at what cost to the consumers?; Co-op Bank's stake falls to just 1%, what happens to the 4M loyal customers who buy into Co-op's ideals if only 1% is still managed by them?; As Barclays allowed customers to make payments via Siri is this actual innovation from them? And is this a huge...

Duration: 00:52:43

Ep. 126 Interview - Beth Knickerbocker, CIO, OCC

In this episode: Beth tells Simon what the OCC is and what it does, with particular reference to the American dual-banking system and how she became a part of it. We also find out what the OCC is doing to embrace and promote financial innovation and the challenge of balancing that with regulation. To find out more about Beth and the work of the OCC, visit, or email We hope you're enjoying the show - don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode,...

Duration: 00:19:54

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