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Fintech is super hot with massive investments and big interest with constant news and change. There is lots of written content and events but there isn’t enough time to read everything in the day, and content is difficult to differentiate or boring! We have pulled together a team with experience, audience, and format who can deliver a podcast to the masses from the home of FinTech and Banking in London.

Fintech is super hot with massive investments and big interest with constant news and change. There is lots of written content and events but there isn’t enough time to read everything in the day, and content is difficult to differentiate or boring! We have pulled together a team with experience, audience, and format who can deliver a podcast to the masses from the home of FinTech and Banking in London.
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Fintech is super hot with massive investments and big interest with constant news and change. There is lots of written content and events but there isn’t enough time to read everything in the day, and content is difficult to differentiate or boring! We have pulled together a team with experience, audience, and format who can deliver a podcast to the masses from the home of FinTech and Banking in London.




Ep. 192. News: Everyone and their grandmother is buying into it

Cruxy&Co's Alexandra Cheung and Capco's Charlie Wood joined David, Jason and Ross to go through this week's top stories in UK fintech and banking and around the world. We kick off with a slew of UK fintech stories, including Starling's launch of cross border payments, and also highlighting their research into "everyday sexism" into financial services marketing which was picked up by the mainstream media. Are we blind to everyday sexism? David says yes, Alexandra says no. We move on to a...


Ep.191. Interview: Aneesh Varma, CEO - Aire

Aneesh founded Aire in January 2014, inspired by his inability to access credit as a migrant in London. Aneesh has a background in risk (Morgan Stanley), analytics (Credit Suisse) and M&A (J.P. Morgan). In 2008, Aneesh founded FabriQate, a mobile customer experience engine helping clients to predict user behaviour. Aire are researching and building a new credit algorithm that helps customers to access an alternative credit score. The app tackles financial inclusion by aiming to provide...


Ep. 190. News: Imagine if the Kardashians could code

Kicking off with the biggest news, we talked about the gender pay gap, who has 'fessed up and who hasn't, why the disparity in earnings is no great surprise, and what can be done to improve diversity in all its forms across the industry. We also discuss why women are put off tech careers before they even leave school (and why Reddit isn't the most scientific way to collect data), why female tech role models are desperately needed, why enthusiasm for app-only banks is on the wane, Monzo's...


Ep. 189. Insights: Women in Fintech

First up, Laura talked to Rachel Kent about her background and how she's got the position she's in. How has she overcome any restricting factors in a typically male dominated industry? Why is it so important to highlight the contributions for women in this industry? What's the future for women in this industry? Next up, Wendy Jephson joins to talk through what makes Sybenetix so special and why she decided to create this company. What gap did she look to fill in the market? We also talked...


Ep.188. News: Pump that Money

With Ross Gallagher in the host's seat for the very first time, he led co-host Simon Taylor, Nina Mohanty, Doug Bobenhouse and Valentina Kristensen to take a look at the week's top stories. We kicked off with news that research from Cedr and Trustpilot discovered a way for open banking to pump £1bn into the UK economy. This is obviously great news but is dependent on customers fully adopting the opportunities Open Banking offers and begin sharing their data. The next three stories surround...


Ep. 187. Interview: Interview with Stefan Ebner, CEO of BrainTribe

In the next 5 years we're going to see Data commoditised and in an era where data sovereignty is going to be come more prominent, how to large companies use this to create more customer centric products. Many would say data is going to become digital oil, but should it be seen as digital water? Something everyone (should) have access to? BrainTribe aim to create an open source operating system for data and Stefan Ebner explains how their clients use said data to improve their business...


Ep. 186. News: Fist bumps over the Atlantic

We kicked off the show with a double whammy of Starling stories. Luckily we had Megan Caywood to tell us more. Firstly this one in CityAM announcing Starling's 4 new partners in their marketplace: Pensionbee, Wealthsimple, Habito and Kasko. Next we move onto Starling’s Settle Up feature which Megan explains as “A really easy way to make payments between friends”. Ross said he struggled to find the use case for this at first but now he properly gets it, and its design is excellent “I...


Ep. 185. Insights: Fintech for All

Today we’re bringing you an insights show with a difference. A couple of months ago our 11:FS CEO David Brear was invited to be a judge of Tech City UK’s Fintech for All competition. This was a nationwide competition in 2017 to find fintech startups that make financial services work for everyone. As well as some fantastic entrants and eventual winners, this event got us thinking about the wider implications of financial inclusion. Therefore we felt we really needed to do a podcast to delve...


Ep. 184. Fintech Insider After IV - The Valentine's Day Edition

Walking on to Barry White blaring out over the sound system, Jason and Simon kicked off After Dark IV, the Valentine's Day special - our biggest ever live After Dark show at WeWork Moorgate. With over 300 fintech fans in attendance, the guys introduced a fantastic panel of guests including Valentina Kristensen, Head of Marketing at Oak North; 11:FS Pulse and Research Director, Ross Gallagher; our most prolific podcast guest, co-host of InsurTech Insider, Business Insider analyst and...


Ep. 183. Insights: FCA Takeover

In this very special FCA Takeover Jason speaks to: Anna Wallace - Innovate Head of Department and Nick Cook - Head of Regtech & Advanced Analytics all about Project Innovate and future plans for the sandbox following Chris Woolard's announcement, interview and paper earlier in the week. (For more info on that, check out Ep 182 of Fintech Insider where Jason got the scoop). Next up he and Simon talk PSD2 and Open Banking with Graeme McLean - head of banking and lending policy; and Val Smith...


Ep. 182. Interview: The FCA's exclusive announcement

Chris Woolard, Strategy and Competition Director, at the FCA speaks exclusively to Jason Bates about an announcement concerning their regulatory sandbox. Without giving the game away, they discuss the FCA;s latest paper about their future plans for the sandbox, how this will help companies and also take advantage of reg tech. Chris tells us about the success of the previous 4 cohorts of the sandbox to date, and what the future looks like. He explains what the Innovate department of the FCA...


Ep. 181. News: [The SME sector is] So Hot Right Now

In this week's news show Simon and Jason are joined by 11:FS NED Chris Skinner, Tanya Andreasyan, Editor at Banking Technology; Kristian Luoma - Head of OP Lab, in town from Helsinki for one night only and Cliff Evans, Head of Digital Banking at Capgemini, to take on the week’s top stories. This week they look at the monumental shifts in both global stock exchanges and crypto markets - what has been going on, can it bounce back and should we be worried?; the US take on Open Banking - what...


Ep. 180. Interview: Mike Kelly, CEO - Curl

Simon Taylor chats to Mike Kelly, CEO and founder of Curl, a new payment network, designed around merchants and consumers. It works via usernames and bank transfers, and is built around Open Banking, and the opportunities that's developed in the market. Simon and Mike dig into what makes the Curl payment network stand out, what the rationale is behind the usernames, and the opportunities available with the arrival of Open Banking. They talk about Curl business model, how it helps both...


Ep. 179. Interview: Scott O'Malia, CEO, ISDA

Simon Taylor speaks to Scott O'Malia, CEO of ISDA, the International Swaps and Derivatives Association. Kicking off: what IS ISDA? Why is standardisation so important? How do companies work with ISDA? Scott tells us all. He also tells us about his unique background and career, from a front row seat to the financial crisis to regulating for the future to avoid future crises. We hope you enjoy the show - spread the word, tell your friends and don't forget to leave us a review on iTunes. If...


Ep. 178. News: Always look on the bright side...

In today's show the team take on: whether Brexit really is more of an opportunity than a threat to fintech, as the MP involved seems to believe, your weekly dose of Open Banking insight, plus special mention of Credit Ladder's new use case for open banking, and the stepping down of Anthony Thomson, Chairman of Atom Bank. They also discuss the Gaurdian's story that 7 in 10 UK workers are “chronically broke”, and why that could be and are people just missing opportunities to save? Opinions...


Ep 177. Insights: Financial Services & Mental Health

Mental health affect us all, not least when we have financial difficulties or worries. Time to Talk Day opens up the conversation around mental health and removes the taboo, asking all of us to be more open about our mental health. Simon Taylor chaired a panel discussing how financial services can be more astute about mental health and how they can improve the relationship between their products, customers and mental health challenges. We invited along subject matter expert James Routledge...


Ep. 176. State of the Union 5

Coming to you from Kabbage offices in Atlanta, where Sam and our wonderful guests delve deep into the Fintech hub over some beverages. San Francisco has Silicon Valley and Atlanta is has 'Transaction Valley'- but why? Well 70% of payment transactions come through a company listed in Atlanta. If there's someone in fintech in the payment space, they're either in Atlanta or have something to do with the area- safe to say Atlanta really does live and breathe payments. The team also talk about...


Ep. 175. News: The War For Talent

Our show begins by discussing why Fintechs and Banks are duelling for talent, as financial technology startups go in hiring overdrive- thus butting heads with the incumbents for the very best candidates. Are banks worried about losing out on top rate talent? Next we explore some pretty damning stats, as the U.S. big four retail banks dealt with almost 20% increase in credit card losses last year. Financial crash anybody? The team get their bear masks on and discuss how growing credit card...


Ep. 174. Interview. Derek Corcoran - Chief Experience Officer, Avoka

Many financial services companies are trying to build from the ground up, creating new banking systems or products that are more in line with creating an efficient and customer centric front end. Avoka on the other hand, are creating acquisition products that work in tandem with core banking systems. Chief Experience Officer Derek Corcoran talks us through how Avoka are creating a platform for better customer experience. Indeed, opening current accounts and signing up for a credit card can...


Ep. 173. Investing's Future - a Platform for Your Future Wealth?

So what is an investment platform? According to our panel it's much like a supermarket- you go in and buy lots of things, however you're also doing all the cooking! We discuss how robo advisors can disrupt investment platforms, by scaling the 'do it for you' investment model through technology, and how this interesting supermarket analogy gets altered due to it. We then move on to Millennial wealth and investment, exploring how newer generations don't have the benefit of buying property...


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