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FirstFramesFirst 26: Big News about new Muay Thai DocuSeries and FY18 Goals

Episode 26: Big News about new Muay Thai DocuSeries and FY18 Goals The guys start off quickly talking about a snag designing film credits, they reveal big news about their partnership with Bell on a new Muay Thai docu-series, then get into the Goals episode for the year! Was a lot of fun to recap...


FirstFramesFirst 25: Live at the Apollo!

Episode 25: Live at the Apollo! After a private screening of their new short film My Huntsville Muse and an encore presentation of Bickerman’s Grove, the lads sit down and podcast in front of their largest audience yet! The Desert Island Movies from tonight’s show!


FirstFramesFirst 24: DMAN is back and is Never Gonna To Give You Up!

Episode 24: DMAN is back and is Never Gonna To Give You Up! Derek Lackenbauer returns to the show and the team continues to walk through the story and character development of the upcoming horror feature film Winter Wonderland! Discussed in this episode: – The guys have posted for character auditions for upcoming feature Winter...


FirstFramesFirst 23: Rolling in the New Year - Post Production Workflow! My Huntsville Muse!

Episode 23: Rolling in the New Year – Post Production Workflow! My Huntsville Muse! Adrian and Jason kick off the year with the shortest show ever! Adrian showcases his post production editing techniques. Discussed in this episode: – Upcoming screening of Bickerman’s Grove and My Huntsville Muse as well as a live taping of First...


FirstFramesFirst 22: Fable Forest Holiday Spectacular with Actor Zach Parsons!

Episode 22: Fable Forest Holiday Spectacular with Actor Zach Parsons! Adrian and Jason sit down with actor extraordinaire Zach Parsons to reminisce about I Was a Greenhouse, Bickerman’s Grove, and Postmen! We find out what Zach has been up to these days and then get in to discussing The Fable Forest’s Top 10 Christmas Movies!...


FirstFramesFirst 21: Building a World with the Mountain Man Winter himself!

Episode 21: Building a World with the Mountain Man Winter himself! The lads sit down with their good buddy Mike Wurtz, who will play the Mountain Man in ‘Winter Wonderland’, to continue building out the story, world, monster. All of this development work is so important to the process! Mike had the idea to have...


FirstFramesFirst 20: Creating the Monster for Winter Wonderland - Working with a Concept Artist!

Episode 20: Creating the Monster for Winter Wonderland – Working with a Concept Artist! The lads sit down with epic artist Juozas Zenkevicius the 6th! We walk Joe, as we were given permission to address him, through the concept for our new Horror / Murder Mystery. We discuss the nature of our monster and ask for...


Episode 19: Talking Indie Film with the RCMP!

** Special Note ** On this show we break down and SPOIL the movie ‘Cube’, by Canadian director Vincenzo Natali. Before diving into the show, or if you really enjoyed listening to us blabber on, and want to help us out, consider picking up this Canadian Classic!! Episode 19: Talking Indie Film with the...


FirstFramesFirst 18: Winter Wonderland

Episode 18: Winter Wonderland A quick update on the short film My Huntsville Muse, Round 2 of Trivia and Actor Derek Lackenbauer is back at the brainstorming table to help the guys talk through a new improv flick concept Winter Wonderland! Can the guys make a monster movie? Discussed in the Show: Lot42 has opened...


FirstFramesFirst 17: Kings to You

Episode 17: Kings to You The lads discuss their golfing prowess, talk about the My Huntsville Muse short film shoot day, engage in their first film trivia session and talk about an upcoming Winter Wonderland semi improv project. Kings to You! A Great Scene from “The Count of Monte Cristo” Behind the scenes stills...


FirstFramesFirst 16: Mother! We hated you and then changed our minds

Episode 16: Mother! We hated you and then changed our minds In this episode we had a rough start, but the show must have went on… and on… and on… 😀 Discussed in the show: #MyHuntsvilleMuse our new short film David Mamet’s Book “On Directing” Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Mother!’


FirstFramesFirst 15: My Huntsville Muse

Episode 15: My Huntsville Muse After wrapping up a production meeting with great actor and our Co-Producer, the guys walk through the logistics of a short film The Fable Forest is planning to shoot in October. Discussed in the show: Netflix Shakespeare in the Park Stephen King’s Dollar Babies! A new improv film concept we’re...


FirstFramesFirst 14: Puddles Pity Party has an appointment on our Social Calendar!

In this episode Adrian and J talk about designing a Social Calendar, the importance of sharing, quickly discuss the great screenplay breakdown artist Blake Snyder, give quick updates on scripts and dive a bit into “The Couple” for their segment Son of a Pitch! Lastly the guys talk about potentially creating a Writer’s Room to...


FirstFramesFirst 13: I believe I can A.I., I believe I can touch the sky!

In this episode the guys give an update on their scripts in development, they talk about AI at length, the scariness and the dream, and then they pitch a few more ideas at each other before they talk about screenwriting software!! Enjoy! Referenced in the Show: Microsoft deletes ‘teen girl’ AI after it became...


FirstFramesFirst 12: Comrade Masurkevitch in the Groin Panther Lounge

A special episode! The guys break from their usual every other week schedule to talk to Michael Masurkevitch, a local Kitchener actor/filmmaker who is launched the KW Film Network and is starting a monthly indie film showcase! Hang on tight, things get a little weird! Discussed on this show! This Month’s Local Filmmaker: Danute...


FirstFramesFirst 11: The case of the stolen Canon!

Have you ever had a piece of your indie film equipment stolen?? Well we did! Enjoy the retelling of how everything went down and the frustrations dealing with the police. SPOILER ALERT – We never got the camera back! Discussed on this show! Crime runs rampant! Application to the NSI Totally Television Program Short...


FirstFramesFirst 10: Postmen Power Trio Reunion Tour

The Fable Forest celebrates their 10th episode of First Frames First by taking a bit of a break from talking about film progress… and from drinking beers! Our special guest host Mike, comes on board for a 2 hour drive through the country, drinking coffee, recording every bump in the road and discussing all manner...


FirstFramesFirst 9: Heather And The Moth

Discussed on this show! We talk about a short film strategy for getting out into the world and continuing to build the brand. Oh god we can’t wait to shoot! Adrian’s wife calls in a panic! This may be the greatest moment of our show to this point! Continued work on our Son of A...


FirstFramesFirst 8: Emergency Pod!

After a memory card crash and the loss of a great show, the lads swoop into the office to record an Emergency Session! Discussed on this show! Losing our amazing Podcast that we recorded at Derek’s trailer in front of a campfire! Look how much fun we had! Checked in on our 2017...


FirstFramesFirst 7: Actor Derek Lackenbauer is DMan!

Special show with guest star, amazing actor, our friend Derek Lackenbauer! We discuss his film experience as an actor working with us on “I Was A Greenhouse“, “Bickerman’s Grove” and “Postmen“! We also get into his experiences before we were even in the picture! Watch Derek act his ass off...


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