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024 | 2 Lees in a Pod - Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness

Today I met up with Lee Tracey (Awesome First Name lol) to talk about Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness. We met in a great wee coffee shop in Dublin called Joe's and had a sneaky brownie and chocolate ball while recording this lol. After our conversation I went to one of Lee's classes in the Yoga Hub which was fantastic as it really set me up for the remainder of the day - I was buzzing afterwards - It was so busy but peaceful. Check out Lee's Links below and if you are in the area I...


023 | Sarah Doyle - Be Your Own Best Friend

Today I caught with with Sarah Doyle of The Better Life Project (for the second time on the Podcast) and boy does she have a very busy time of it at the minute. She has a massive Seminar, a book launch and she is also getting married, all in the space of 3 weeks. We had a little dander along the canal in Dublin and chatted about all of the above including how it has affected her Mental Health - Good and Bad. Check out our conversation and if you would like to purchase her book - Be Your...


022 | AWARE NI - Patrick Anderson

This morning I met up with Patrick Anderson who is an Education and Training Officer for AWARE NI - A Northern Ireland Charity who deliver mental health and well being programmes into communities, schools, colleges, universities and workplaces. These programmes include programmes such as Mood Matters, Living Life to the Full, Mental Health First Aid and Mindfulness. Enjoy our conversation as we dander around Queen's University Belfast Campus. Check out AWARE NI Website and Contact info...


021 | Fionnula McHale - Fitness and Mental Health

In May this year I was at SportsMind 2017 in Dublin which was a fantastic event based on Mental Health in the Health/Fitness/Sport Industry. Dr Fionnula McHale was one of the speakers and I knew straight away I wanted to have her on the Podcast and was delighted when she said Yes, she was so passionate about this subject. This Podcast is quite short (totally my fault as I was stuck in lovely Dublin traffic lol and Fionnula had to catch a train) Normally we record this Podcast outdoors in...


020 | Lisa Hughes - Mindfulness into Every Day Life

Today's Guest is Lisa Hughes who is an Executive Coach Facilitator and a Mindfulness Teacher who is looking to take Mindfulness in to everyday life. We had a great chat about all of life's challenges and also why Mindfulness and Meditation are a big part of her own life. I really enjoyed chatting with Lisa who is an awesome lady and if you would like to know more about what she offers check out her website at Thanks for listening. Health and Happiness Lee...


019 | Sarah Doyle - The Better Life Project

I had an Awesome time today recording this Podcast with Sarah Doyle of the Better Life Project. Sarah is a Life Coach, Mentor and Public Speaker who provides Confidence Coaching, Clarity Sessions and Mentorship programmes for women, based in Dublin and also via Skype. Sarah also set up L-School which is an online learning community exclusively created for women by women. I was really interested to hear Sarah's thoughts on her TEDx talk (Check it out) -...


018 | A Range of Topics with Keith Anderson

It has been a couple of months since Keith - - and I recorded a Podcast purely down to how busy it has been for me over the past few months. Moving house, moving office and also I have been completely floored with my energy levels. Once the dark nights and mornings came in I have been a disaster. Lack of energy, no real desire to do anything and basically all I want to do is sleep. S.A.D. otherwise known as Seasonal Affective Disorder was definitely something I decided...


017 | No Energy

It's been a couple of months since my last Podcast so today I decided to record my first solo one. A short episode just touching on this time of year, low energy, lack of motivation and what we should do to help ourselves shake out of this low mood. I recorded today in Skerries just outside of Dublin which is one of my favourite places to go to. I feel so at home by the sea, I often think I was a dolphin in a past life lol. Plenty of Podcasts lined up over this next few months so stay...


016 | Keith Anderson - Venting

Keith Anderson (Worth Living) and Myself chatted about his career as a lawyer and how not being able to share his day meant that he was keeping a lot inside. Being unable to vent is one of the major no no's when it comes to taking care of your Mental Health. Hope you enjoy this conversation. Check out Keith's Website/Blog at Keith is also on Twitter @WorthLivingKA Health and Happiness Lee Fit Mind Matters


015 | Will Foster

Today's chat was with Will Foster. I have been looking forward to this for some time now as I have been a big fan of Will's for almost 4 years now. I originally chatted to him over the phone for a Coaching session and immediately believed in his message. Will is a very busy guy with Coaching, Mentoring, Seminars, TV appearances and also a book coming out this November (link below) Have a listen to our chat and check out Will's Wellness Warrior Facebook Group for some inspiring and...


014 | Social Media and Mental Health

Today Myself and Keith Anderson of Worth Living had a great chat about Social Media and Mental Health - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. Check out our conversation and below are a few links that were mentioned throughout our chat. You can also check out Keith's Worth Living Page - Enjoy Health and Happiness, Lee Ruairi McEnroe - 'My Social Media Break' Chloe Shadbolt - 'Is Social Media Bad for Our Mental Health?'...


013 | Unapologetically Angie - Mental Health and Lifestyle Blogger

Today I chatted with Angela, also known as Unapologetically Angie. She is a Mental Health and Lifestyle Blogger who has also wrote a Poetry Book called 'Tired Eyes'. On Twitter she host #MHChatHour on Monday evening's from 7-8pm. Have a listen to our chat and check out Angela's Book and Social Media links below. Health and Happiness Lee Angela's book can be bought from Amazon in Kindle form:...


012 | Miss Anxiety - Beth And Her Inspiring YouTube Channel

Beth Allen is a Mental Health Advocate, and an active video blogger, check out her YouTube channel - Miss Anxiety that aims to be and fun and truthful whilst showing life with Mental Illness. Having suffered in silence for 10 years with GAD, Emetophobia, Anorexia and Depression Beth is 100% committed to showing the world that its okay to not be okay. Check out Beth's YouTube Channel - You can also follow her on Twitter...


011 | On Tour With The Stones - Keith Anderson and Depression

On Tour with The Rolling Stones – 6 concerts in 3 countries over 14 years – Keith’s journey through mental illness is mapped out through these concerts, from the darkness of depression to the brightness of a full life. Along the path, he learned that he could have a second chance at a real life. Check out Keith's Awesome work at Enjoy Health and Happiness Lee


010 | Keith Anderson - Worth Living

Worth Living is a global mental health awareness firm founded by Keith Anderson. It’s the culmination of nine years of advocacy by Keith. He is a lawyer who had depression. In the span of five days in 2003, he lost his health and his career due to his depression. In 2008, Keith went public for the first time about his journey in an article he wrote for the National Post newspaper – How I Returned to a Life Worth Living. He welcomes opportunities to discuss mental health awareness. To learn...


Tracy Bell - Her Honest Thoughts on Mental Health in Northern Ireland

Today I got the Honest Thoughts of Tracy Bell (Northern Trust Recovery College) about Mental Health in Northern Ireland. It was great to catch up with her and discuss Health+Fitness and how it can both help/hinder Mental Health. All sorts of topics are brought up in this chat and I have to say it was very interesting as Tracy has had quite a few life changing events in the past. Enjoy. Health and Happiness Lee Check out The Northern Region Recovery College Facebook...


Laughter Yoga with Victoria

Today I met up with Victoria Armstrong from Mindtech Coaching and had a great chat (and laugh) about Laughter Yoga and what its benefits are. It was pretty awesome to meet Victoria and to be honest I laughed from the moment I met her until the minute we finished our chat. I definitely recommend checking out her website to check out everything that she offers. There's nothing like a good ole belly laugh to make you feel good. Health and Happiness Lee


Paul - From Depression to Personal Training

I met up with Paul and his awesome dog Bruce today. We had a walk through Hillsborough Forest and Paul told me about what he has went through in his past (including depression and a suicide attempt)and also why he decided to go down the career path of Personal Training. Check it out Guys Health and Happiness


Ravi - Running and Mental Health

Today myself and Ravi Tohani, one of my best friends for 20 years, met in Faughart Cemetery to have a chat about how he used Running as a catalyst to help his Mental Health state. I can definitely vouch for this as I have seen Ravi turn his year around after losing quite a lot of weight and also completely change his Mentality.


Havening at Hydro-Ease

Today I sat down with Vivian McKinnon of Hydro-Ease in Dundonald - Northern Ireland's only Floatation Centre. We had a chat about the Floatation Method, it's benefits and also something called Havening. I took part in a Case Study for Vivian just before our chat and I have to say I noticed instant benefits after discussing a past experience. Check out what Vivian offers at Hydro-Ease: Health and Happiness Lee


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