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Fitter Radio Episode 196 - Lucy Gossage

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (00:17:10) Nutrition periodisation. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – LUCY GOSSAGE: (00:35:56) Since we last spoke to the inspirational Lucy Gossage she’s returned to work as a cancer doctor and completed her PHD but continued with her triathlon career. She’s had a great 2017 winning Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire, Ironman UK, Ironman Wales and Ironman Italy! We bring Lucy back to find out how she’s transitioning back into work again, how she manages the balance and her plans going...

Duration: 01:58:46

Fitter Radio Episode 195 - Helle Frederiksen

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (00:22:42) Fuelling for strength training. ONE STEP AHEAD: (00:34:42) Protein and older athletes. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – HELLE FREDERIKSEN (00:49:20) We bring back Helle Frederiksen to talk about her journey from injury, false starts and 18 months of not competing to racing her first iron distance at Ironman Arizona and coming second! SID TALKS: (01:36:00) Sid’s back in NZ after a brief trip to the UK for Christmas and we catch up on all the tri goss including the...

Duration: 02:08:47

Fitter Radio Episode 194 - Fredrik Croneborg

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (00:15:07) The off season. Do we need one? HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – FREDRIK CRONEBORG (00:31:55) Swedish pro triathlete Fredrik Croneborg has had a great couple of years. Based out of Asia and one of the Bahrain Endurance team Freddy has won both Challenge Thailand and Challenge Taiwan this year and raced to the win at Ironman Malaysia the previous year. We talk to Freddy about his career to date, his plans for the future and being a new dad! ONE STEP AHEAD:...

Duration: 01:20:34

Fitter Radio Episode 193 - Terenzo Bozzone

SID TALKS: (00:13:11) We talk the latest tri goss with Laura ‘Sid’ Siddall. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – TERENZO BOZZONE: (00:46:00) Currently the hottest property on the triathlon circuit, Kiwi pro triathlete Terenzo Bozzone. 5 MIN FOCUS: (01:25:54) We talk to Keith Rieger creator of the Kona Five Ultra-Triathlon, an annual event consisting of 5 Iron Distance Triathlons (on the Kona Ironman World Championship Course) in 5 Days (120 Hour Cut Off) all Self Supported (No Crew for 120...

Duration: 02:02:05

Fitter Radio Episode 192 - Magali Tisseyre

COMPETITION TIME: We have a couple of entries to giveaway to the Mount Festival of Multisport AquaBike race on 20 January 2018! To enter email us at with the name of the sponsor for the AquaBike race. Entries close 5pm on Friday 22 December. WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (00:21:30) Run Cadence HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – MAGALI TISSEYRE: (00:36:16) Canadian pro triathlete Magali Tisseyre has an incredible resume in 70.3 racing to date including 17 x Ironman 70.3 wins and 2 x 70.3...

Duration: 01:25:11

Fitter Radio Episode 191 - Ironman Taupo 70.3

We talk to Callum Millward and Alise Selsmark before the race about their seasons to date and their new and exciting initiative ‘The Cup Cake Cartel’: (00:08:34) MIKE PHILLIPS – TAUPO 70.3 WINNER: (00:30:54) AMELIA WATKINSON – TAUPO 70.3 WINNER: (00:34:17) BRADEN CURRIE – TAUPO 70.3 RUNNER UP: (00:40:37) JOCELYN MCCAULEY – TAUPO 70.3 RUNNER UP: (00:45:52) SID TALKS: (01:06:27) We talk to Sid post-race about how it all unfolded. LINKS: Alise Selsmark at...

Duration: 01:35:30

Fitter Radio Episode 190 - Eric Lagerstrom

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK/ONE STEP AHEAD: (0:16:48) We continue our discussion about the issues around Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – ERIC LAGERSTROM: (0:42:16) From Oregon in the U.S. Professional Triathlete Eric Lagerstrom races the ITU circuit but is also a past winner of the Escape from Alcatraz race. He talks to us about his career to date, his love of videography and his plans for the future. SID TALKS: (1:10:57) We catch up with Laura ‘Sid’ Siddall for a...

Duration: 01:49:57

Fitter Radio Episode 189 - Timothy O'Donnell

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK & ONE STEP AHEAD: (0:19:03) Bevan feeds back from the recent Female Athlete Health Symposium here in NZ and we talk about the issues around Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW - TIM O’DONNELL: (0:42:16) We are delighted this week to bring you an interview with America’s top triathlete Timothy O’Donnell. Tim talks to us about his season to date, his Kona race and where he sees the future of the sport. SID TALKS: (1:22:50) Laura ‘Sid’ Siddall’s...

Duration: 02:04:15

Fitter Radio Episode 188 - James Cunnama

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (0:21:34) Bevan talks to Lou Davey, Psychologist with High Performance Sport New Zealand, about the challenges that age group athletes can face and strategies for dealing with them. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – JAMES CUNNAMA: (1:07:20) We bring James Cunnama back to the show to talk about his recent 5th place in Kona and the imminent birth of his baby. (The interview was conducted before his recent bike crash and we wish him all the best for his recovery). LINKS: More...

Duration: 01:53:54

Fitter Radio Episode 187 - Ruedi Wild

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: (00:18:58) The brain and running economy. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – RUEDI WILD: (00:36:14:) Pro Triathlete Ruedi Wild represented Switzerland at the 2012 Olympics but after failing to qualify for Beijing decided to do an Ironman. Now having raced to numerous 70.3 podium finishes, a second at Ironman Switzerland this year and 2 Konas under his belt he’ll take some time out with his new family to decide what’s next. ONE STEP AHEAD: (1:24:55) The impact of an LCHF diet...

Duration: 01:41:24

Fitter Radio Episode 186 - Andrew Starykowicz

COMPETITION TIME: Predict Mikki’s finish time (in hours: minutes: seconds) for the Queenstown Marathon and be in to win FREE access to her Athlete 12 week Nutrition Plan PLUS a tub of Lean Clean Protein! Email us at with your entry before the start of the race. Last entry will be accepted by 8.20am Saturday 18 November 2017. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW – ANDREW STARYKOWICZ: (00:20:00) In August last year, Andrew Starykowicz almost lost his life when he was run over by a truck...

Duration: 02:05:18

Fitter Radio Episode 185 - Lauren Brandon

5 MIN FOCUS: (00:16:55) We talk to Toughman’s Rich Izzo about live streaming, their recent championship event plus the 2 races left to go… Chile and Brazil. (00:28:50) We also talk to Daniel Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer of Major League Triathlon. Major League Triathlon is the world's first and only professional triathlon league in the United States. A mixed team relay that’s already in its 3rd season. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW - LAUREN BRANDON: (1:00:25) Lauren Brandon is a former...

Duration: 01:47:15

Fitter Radio Episode 184 - Ben Kanute

WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Mental sabotage. ONE STEP AHEAD: Sweat rates and tattoos plus the latest on iron deficiency in endurance athletes. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: BEN KANUTE: USA pro triathlete Ben Kanute was the surprise runner up at the recent Ironman 70.3 World Champs in Chattanooga. Ben also won the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon in June 2017 and competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics. At only 24 years of age he’s showing immense talent at a variety of distances. We talk to Ben about his next...

Duration: 01:16:16

Kona Special The Finale

Bevan and The Flea review race day. The Flea hangs with Faris and Norman on the course. JOSH AMBERGER: PATRIK NILSSON: LUCY CHARLES: HEATHER JACKSON: SARAH CROWLEY: JOE GAMBLES: DAVID MCNAMEE:...

Duration: 01:44:16

Kona Special Part 4 2017

IT’S KONA WEEK! Mikki feeds back the latest from the Sports Medicine Conference. WILL CLARKE: Will did qualify for Kona this year but a bike crash put him out of the race. He’s here to watch, support and drink beers! We talk to Will about how he’s going and his top 3 picks for the race. PATRIK NILSSON: At 26 years old Swedish Pro Patrik Nilsson is the youngest pro in Kona. Having already raced to a couple of sub 8 performances he tells us what his hopes are for the race. BART...

Duration: 01:36:44

Kona Special Part 3 2017

IT’S KONA WEEK! THE FLEA (AKA ROSS LOCKEY): The Flea joins us today and reports back on his ride to Hawi and back yesterday. CAMERON BROWN: Awesome to catch up with Cam this morning at the NZ Breakfast. He’s in the midst of training for WA and gives us his thoughts on the race and how it’s evolved. JOCELYN MCCAULEY: IMNZ winner Jocelyn McCauley has just finished a 5 week training block in Texas and feels in the best shape of her life coming into Kona. Despite 3 flats on the...

Duration: 01:43:54

Kona Special Part 2 2017

IT’S KONA WEEK! Mikki feeds back to us from Day 3 of the 2017 Ironman Sports Medicine Conference here in Kona. JOSH AMBERGER: Australian Josh Amberger qualified for the Ironman World Champs after winning Cairns and it’s his first time in Kona. He ran a 2:52 after working with his coach on making some quick fix changes to his running and training. His goal for the race? No expectations other than to execute a good race by getting ready for it as best he can. DAN PLEWS: Dan Plews of the...

Duration: 01:42:26

Kona Special Part 1 2017

IT’S KONA WEEK! A welcome with Sean Watkins of Wattie Ink Mikki’s arrived and she feeds back to us from her first day at the 2017 Ironman Sports Medicine Conference here in Kona. SID TALKS: Laura pops round and we talk about the first few days here in Kona plus our predictions for the race! HEATHER JACKSON: Heather’s had a great season this year and after her 3rd place at Kona last year is looking forward to taking on the challenges of...

Duration: 01:29:31

Fitter Radio Episode 183 - Dirk Bockel and Liz McTernan

IT’S KONA WEEK! WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Pacing strategies for Kona. ONE STEP AHEAD: Update on the best sleep supplements plus a recent study on Carbohydrate Periodisation and Performance. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: DIRK BOCKEL: Dirk Bockel, one of the legends of triathlon, officially retired this year after 27 years in the sport. As an ex Olympian and multiple Ironman winner Dirk has many great achievements to his name, in particular his stellar performance at Challenge Roth in a time of 7hrs...

Duration: 02:22:16

Fitter Radio Episode 182 - Lauren Goss

ONE STEP AHEAD: Savoury snacks for the endurance athlete. HOT PROPERTY INTERVIEW: LAUREN GOSS: Fresh from her win at Lake Geneva, American Lauren Goss, currently living in Boulder, tells us about her triathlon career to...

Duration: 01:58:41

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