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Episode 179 :: Drag is the New Spandex :: Ginger Minj & the All Stars 3 Tea

Drag is the New Spandex is back to kick off 2018 with a very special episode! All Stars 3 is about to kick off on VH1, so it's time to welcome back Orlando's own Ginger Minj to our studios to sip the sweet tea! Before we dive into the newest crop of All Stars, we talk to Ginger about her latest adventures including Drag Con NYC, her wedding to CeeJay, Christmas Queens 3 (the album and tour), and we even get a hint as to the direction of her second studio album! From there we grab our glasses...

Duration: 02:09:48

Episode 178 :: New Year, New Movie Reivews

It's a New Year and Flame ON! is back to kick off the year with more nerdy queer in your ear! This time Bryan and Erik are here to give you three mini movie reviews! The first movie to be reviewed is The Disaster Artist starring James Franco. You'll hear about Bryan's introduction to the cult classic, The Room, as well as his thoughts on this behind the scenes look at the making of The Room. From there we move on to Erik's review of The Greatest Showman starring Hugh Jackman! He talks music,...

Duration: 00:38:27

Episode 167 :: A Spark Of Hope For A New Jedi

The holidays are here and the boys of Flame ON! are ready to ring in the new year, but first it's time to talk pop culture! We start the discussion with an in depth, spoiler heavy discussion of Star Wars Episode VII: The Last Jedi (if you haven't seen the movie and want to remain spoiler free, skip ahead to 38:45). From there we discuss the Disney/Fox merger, the potential impact of repealing Net Neutrality, how our favorite TV shows are doing so far this season, and of course, some fun...

Duration: 02:12:06

Episode 166 :: Thor: Ragnarok Movie Review

The boys of Flame ON! are back with another movie review! This time Bryan, Erik, and Pat are ready to discuss Thor: Ragnarok and let you know if it Ragnarok-ed their worlds! From director Taika Waititi, the third entry to the Thor cinematic franchise takes a dramatic cosmic and comedic turn! With bright vibrant Kirby inspired colors and sets, a fantastic ensemble cast of characters, and one FIERCE villain, Ragnarok is set to be one of the best films of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic...

Duration: 01:10:19

Episode 165 :: Super Justice League Odyssey

It's time! It's time! It's Flame ON! time! The boys of Flame ON! are back to discuss the month in pop culture! First up, we dive deep into the newest entry to the DCEU, Justice League, and give our review on the movie, from there we dish on the current crop of television shows and give our picks for best and worst of the season (so far)! After that we discuss video games including the EA Battlefront II controversy, Cuphead, and of course, Super Mario Odyssey! We don't talk about comics much...

Duration: 02:17:30

Episode 164 :: It & Happy Death Day Reviews

Halloween may be over, but Pat, BeeJay, and Erik are here to discuss two totally different horror movies for you! First up is the 2017 retelling of the Stephen King classic, IT! We discuss the original source material, the 1990 miniseries featuring Tim Curry, and how this version stacks up! From there we turn our attention to Scott Lobdell's Happy Death Day a.k.a. Groundhog Day, but you die! You'll get to hear our take on the themes, tone, and campy comedy horror that fuels this film. Plus,...

Duration: 01:18:47

Episode 163 :: Take AIM and Show Your Pride

It's time for the boys of Flame ON! to gather to discuss the month in pop culture! We kick it off with a (brief) moment of silence for the death of America Online Instant Messenger by introducing ourselves by our AIM handles before diving into Orlando's Come Out With Pride festivities, Universal's Halloween Horror Nights, and the many adventures around New York Comic Con including our live show at RockBar NYC (one episode previous to this in our feed)! From there we chat about some recent...

Duration: 02:29:12

Episode 162 :: Flame ON! Live at RockBar 2017

It's that time of year again... New York Comic Con! Ok, well technically it's after that time, but Bryan and Pat are back from New York Comic Con and want to share the experience with you! For the third year, Flame ON! has been a part of the programming leading into New York Comic Con and we were very excited to bring our show to New York for one night only. If you weren't in New York on October 3rd, here is your chance to relive the fun we had! We did face some technical challenges, so...

Duration: 01:18:20

Episode 159 :: Marvel's The Defenders

Defenders Assem... wait! Something doesn't quite sound right there. Welcome back for another episode of Flame ON! as Bryan, BeeJay, Jeff, and Pat gather around the table to discuss the newest installment of Marvel's Netflix series', Marvel's The Defenders! Does the promise of bringing street level "heroes" Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, together to form the oft dysfunctional team to life live up to the hype? Does the series make up for the critically maligned Iron...

Duration: 00:39:48

Episode 158 :: Dreaming of Rainbow Daddies

It's time for another edition of FLAME ON! The boys are back for their monthly round table discussion of all things pop culture led by Pat the Talking Bear Skin Rug who is in the host chair while Bryan is out of town! They start off with movie news including a chat about the new IT and Thor: Ragnarok trailers and their thoughts on our first look at Cable and Domino from Deadpool 2! Then the conversation switches to television where they chat about the rebooted Ducktales, the new season of...

Duration: 02:05:35

Episode157 :: Spiderman: Homecoming

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can! The boys of Flame ON! are back to discuss the first joint Marvel Studios and Sony venture, SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING! Tom Holland is the newest wall crawler under the mask, and we all thought he did a great job in Captain America: Civil War, but does he have what it takes to carry a movie that many feel is a turning point for two studios working together? Listen in as we discuss this, what we thought of a younger and sexier AUNT May, and if...

Duration: 01:06:31

Episode 156 :: Elvira, Seafood, and Keyblades, OH MY!

Welcome to another episode of Flame ON! The boys are back to chat about the world of pop culture from a gay and geeky perspective and boy is there a lot to talk about! They kick it off with movie chatter including mention of Spiderman: Homecoming (a full review is on the way) before talking about Zygote. Then it's time to discuss D23, Disney's annual conference where they revealed plans to bring the Tron coaster to Orlando, an immersive Star Wars hotel, and when you'll be able to swing...

Duration: 01:50:02

Episode 155 :: Wonder Woman Review

The time has finally arrived! The episode we know that you have been waiting a score of years for (or at least it felt like it) us to do! The boys of Flame ON!, Bryan, Oral, and Pat are joined by the long missing Muscle Daddy Eric and special guest Erik, sit down around the table to discuss Diana Prince's arrival to the DCEU proper with her first solo movie! Did Gal Gadot prove that she was worthy of the mantle of Wonder Woman? (Spoiler alert: ABSOLUTELY!) Did Eric spin around for hours...

Duration: 01:15:26

Episode 154 :: What Have You Done Today To Feel Pride?

Welcome to another episode of Flame ON! This month we're missing a few familiar voices, but that won't stop us from bringing you our take on the world of pop culture! Pat is in the host chair while Bryan is out of town and he is joined by cast regulars, B.J. and Jarrod, and in the fourth chair this month is our good friend, Erik! We celebrate Pride Month here by talking about our Gay Days and Tidal Wave adventures before digging deep into the controversy that surrounds the modified pride...

Duration: 01:51:17

Drag is the New Spandex :: Addison Taylor

Drag Is The New Spandex is back with a brand new episode! Oral and Pat welcome THE comedy queen of Orlando, Miss Addison Taylor, to the podcasting studio and invite her to dish the dirt with us! We start the show with Oral gushing about FINALLY getting to see Addison perform her Call Me Maybe mix during one of his trips to the Sawmill Campground, Resort, and Spa before we move into learning how this legendary Orlando comedy queen began her career in drag, and her journey to winning the...

Duration: 01:07:32

Episode 152 :: American Gods of the Galaxy

The boys of Flame ON! are ready to blast off into space to become GODS... or at least Guardians of the Galaxy! In our monthly round table discussion we dive DEEP into the world of television! First, we dish on some upcoming shows that have been presented at Upfonts including Gifted, Midnight Texas, Star Trek Discovery and the upcoming Dark Crystal prequel, Age of Resistance! Then we go all out on a spoilerific review of TV currently on running or that has recently wrapped including Agents...

Duration: 02:27:42

Episode 151 :: Quest for the Crown - Professional

The Quest for the Crown of Narcissus is back! Jarrod leads the boys of Flame ON! on a journey of self discovery and enlightenment as we dive deep into social media app profiles that seek out the elusive "professional/educated" men of the world. What does it mean to be professional? The boys seem to have an idea, but does it line up for everyone? Can you be professional without an education? Can you be educated, but not professional? Plus, we tackle the age old question of, "Can money buy...

Duration: 00:39:46

Episode 150 :: Go Go Flame ON! Rangers

The boys unleash film reviews of Power Rangers and Ghost In The Shell and discuss the first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok and all of its trippy and amazing Kirby-ness! Then it's onto television talk where we discuss Iron Fist, 13 Reasons Why, Doctor Who, a deep delve into season 9 of RuPaul's Drag Race, and more! BeeJay fills the boys in on his adventures at Frolicon and all of the interesting and awesome things he took part in. And, of course, comic books: there's a ton to talk about so the...

Duration: 01:58:24

Episode 149 :: Logan Review Microsode

SNIKT! The boys of Flame ON! are back and they're here to talk all about Hugh Jackman's final installment as the clawed mutant, Wolverine, in Logan! Logan is the third and final installment in the Wolverine movie trilogy from director, James Mangold and Bryan, Jarrod, B.J., Jeff, and special guest Erik gather around the table to discuss their thoughts on how this film stacks up against the rest. BE WARNED! This episode is a very SPOILER HEAVY review of the movie so if you haven't seen the...

Duration: 00:32:47

Episode 148 :: Sina Grace Is Self Obsessed

It's time for another microsode and Bryan and BeeJay are back with a fantastic interview! You've known his work on Burn the Orphanage and Not My Bag, and you may have even heard that he is the writer behind the first ever Iceman solo going series, but did you know that our guest, Sina Grace, is Self Obsessed? His new web series, Self Obsessed, is out now and he's here to talk all about it and you can watch all five episodes on his YouTube channel! Before we dig into Self Obsessed, Sina...

Duration: 01:26:34

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